Round 1 Matches 53-56

Lost in America vs She’s Lost Control

World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko vs Anipulse

Lower Mid-Table vs Organisational Anti-Social Geniuses

Otaku Champloo vs YumeState


Round 1 Matches 49-52

WanAbrar vs Behind the Nihon Review

Silence is Golden vs Anime Strip

Anime Evo vs Shades of Grey

Mecha Guignol vs Daifuuku Anime Blog

Round 1 Matches 45-48

A Product of Wasted Time vs Spark Blog

The Untold Story of Altair & Vega vs One Minute of Dusk

The Neighbours Club vs The Otaku HQ

Abandoned Factory Anime Review vs Mon0r

Round 1 Matches 41-44

Lemmas and Submodalities vs Interests of a Psychopath

Riyoga’s Ramblings vs Marth’s Anime Blog

Oishii Anime vs Seventh Style

In the event of a draw, both blogs advance to the next round to compete in a 3-way tie

All About Manga vs Illogicalzen

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Round 1 Matches 37-40

Continuing World vs Ashita no Anime

Manga Widget vs Yaranakya

Empty Blue vs Otakuness Anime Reviews

Kuriousity vs The Anime/Manga Harem Brigade

Round 1 Matches 33-36

Kritik der Animationskraft vs New Anime Thursday

The Manga Critic vs Prede’s Anime Reviews

Forty-Four Fennecs vs Just as Planned

Yuri no Boke vs Terminal Anime

Round 1 Matches 29-32

Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations

Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine vs Angry Anime Bitches

Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog