The Ultimate Post call-out

This idea was brought up by Ghostlightning as something we could run between rounds.

We need two bloggers who have advanced to Round 4 of the tourney. These two bloggers then pick a team of 3 other writers. The 2 teams now make their version of THE ULTIMATE POST. The topic of choice in entirely up to the blogger himself. The only limitation shall be that the post must be kept under 2500 words. These posts will be put up on the Aniblog Tourney website in between Round 4 and the Quarter Finals. Then, in classic Aniblog Tourney style, the readers will vote on which post they prefer.

To apply just leave a comment. The writers you choose don’t have to be in the tourney or even own an anime blog. The bloggers leading the two teams will be chosen come on a first come, first served basis. The date the posts have to be completed by is 23rd June, when Round 4 ends. The winner of the poll has no effect on any of the matches in the Aniblog Tourney proper, it’s just something fun to have between rounds. If we are unable to get 2 bloggers from Round 4 then we will scrap this whole idea, sulk in a corner and put up a bunch of silly polls instead.

Polls closing tomorrow: Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs Mono no aware and Mainichi Anime Yume vs Eye Sedso

Polls closed

Fuzakenna! 57% vs 43% Josh’s Anime Blog

Reverse Thieves 49% vs 51% Hashihime

Fuzakenna and Hashihime advance to face each other in Round 4

Some rule changes

For Round 4 and the quarter finals there will be some changes in voting structures. There will be only one match per day from here on in. Also, each poll closes after 5 days, which was already in place in Round 3 anyway but I thought I should mention it here. This is to prevent the amount of down time between rounds.

Polls closing tomorrow: Random Curiosity vs Listless Ink and Mistakes of Youth vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Poll closed

Major Arcana 54% vs 46% Mecha Guignol

THAT Anime Blog 71% vs 29% Anime Instrumentality

Major Arcana and THAT Anime Blog advance to face each other in Round 4

Round 3 Match 15 and 16

Polls Closed

UNMEI KAIHEN 42% vs 58% The null set

Atarashii Prelude 49% vs 51% Anime Diet

The null set and Anime Diet advance to face each other in Round 4

Poll closing tomorrow: Major Arcane vs Mecha Guignol and THAT Anime Blog vs Anime Instrumentality

Polls closed

Star Crossed Anime Blog 68% vs Rabbit Poets 13% vs JanaiBlog 19%

Canne’s Anime Review Blog 69% vs 31% Beta-Waffle

Star Crossed Anime Blog and Canne’s Anime Review Blog advance to face each other in Round 4

~End of Round 3. Round 4 begins when all matches in Round 3 end~

Round 3 Match 13 and 14

Polls Closed

Kurogane’s Anime Blog 67% vs 33% Mono no aware

Mainichi Anime Yume 51% vs 49% Eye Sedso

Kurogane’s Anime Blog and Mainichi Anime Yume advance to face each other in Round 4

Polls closing tomorrow: Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Rabbit Poets vs JanaiBlog and Canne’s Anime Review Blog vs Beta-Waffle

Polls Closed

Tenka Seiha 55% vs 45% 2-D Teleidoscope

chaostangent 49% vs 51% OGIUE MANIAX

Tenka Seiha and OGIUE MANIAX advance to face each other in Round 4

Tomorrow: UNMEI KAIHEN vs The null set and Atarashii Prelude vs Anime Diet