*Bonus Poll 3*

Danny Choo vs Jimmy Choo

Polls Closing Tomorrow: We Love Maids vs Desu ex Machina and Chikorita157’s Anime Blog vs Anime Princess

Polls Closed

Unmei Kaihen 59%  vs 41% Continuing World

The null set 68% vs 32% bad luck party

Unmei Kaihen and The null set advance to round 2.

A short notice

As you may have noticed, there has often been a difference in the number of votes in the two different polls in the one post. The main reason this happens is when people link to the tourney asking them to vote for someone  (usually themselves), their followers/readers/minions blindly obey and vote in just that poll, never looking at anything else on the tourney whatsoever. So while it’s great that people are at least writing about the tourney, we would like to ask that you perhaps write something more substantial than just ‘VOTE FOR ME!’.

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Unmei Kaihen vs Continuing World and The null set vs bad luck party

Closed Polls

Memories of Eternity 80% vs 20% Oballer’s Blog

Eye Sedso 81% vs 19% Densetsu no Shounen A

Memories of Eternity and Eye Sedso advance to Round 2

*Bonus Poll 2*

Japanator vs Anime Vice

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Memories of Eternity vs Oballer’s Blog and Eye Sedso vs Densetsu no Shounen A

Closed Polls

_____ism 67% vs 33% Shit Storm

Astrobunny 76% vs 24% Anime Void

____ism and Astrobunny advance to the next round

*Bonus Poll*

Anime News Network vs Sankaku Complex

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Kojioe vs Gelotaku9 and ∑Xce7ion vs Baden Baden Lily

Closed Polls

Blue Blue Wave 37% vs 63% Fuzakenna

Metanorn 48% vs 52% Oishii Anime

Fuzakenna and Oishii Anime advance to round 2

Round 1 Match 31 and 32

Polls Closed

We Love Maids 35% vs 65% Desu ex Machina

Chikorita157′s Anime Blog 48% vs 52% Anime Princess

Desu ex Machina and Anime Princess advance to the next round

Polls closing tomorrow: Blue Blue Wave vs Fuzakenna and Metanorn vs Oishii Anime

Closed polls

AstroNerdBoy 68% vs 32% ěk-sěn’trĭk

GAR GAR Stegosaurus 62% vs 38% Project Saber

AstroNerdBoy and GAR GAR Stegosaurus advance to the next round

~End of round 1. Round 2 begins once all the polls in Round 1 have closed~