4 years ago, a group of anime bloggers set up the Anime Blog Awards. They were a sort of anime blog oscars, where bloggers submit blogs for various categories and vote for the best. There was some initial interest in the nomination stage, but the actual award stage came under heavy criticism for being just an excuse for the big boys to pat each other on the back, along with many people barely even noticing that the final results had been posted. There were plans to run the awards again next year, but that never came to pass. Two years later, a discussion on twitter about the pros and cons of the ABAs led to the creation of the Aniblog Tourney. The idea was to make something like the ABAs except more fun and engaging.

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Last 16 begins tomorrow

Note there will be a change in how the polling works (again). The results of each match will be hidden until the match ends. While this may take away from the experience of watching tight matches run to a close, it also prevents the results from having an influence on which one you vote and this makes it easier to deal with fraud voting.

Round 3 begins tomorrow

Polls open and close at the usual time of 20:00 GMT. Dates are up on the sidebar link.

A reminder that during the group stages you may vote for 2 of the blogs in each match up. The top 2 in each match progress to the next round.

Note that there has been one change. Josh’s Anime Blog was the seeded blog in group 10. However there has been no update there since March 11th, so by the time its match comes up, it will have been silent for 3 months. While there isn’t really a precedent set for this, we felt it would be awfully silly to have a blog so clearly not updating anymore still in the tourney. Due to a draw between Those Damned Cartoons vs Baka Laureate, group 2 would have had 5 blogs competing in that match. With this in mind, Josh’s Anime Blog has been replaced with the seeded blog in group 2 Analog Hosou, so there are now 4 blogs in both group 2 and group 10. If there’s any confusion, all the new dates and matches are on the date page.

How to vote in the Group Stages

During the group stages, you may vote for 2 blogs in each poll. The top 2 blogs in each poll will progress through to each round.

For the new polling system, the picture below is of the current results the poll. To vote in the poll, you have to follow the link, as wordpress is picky about html and javascript. Each blog is linked both here on the tourney website and on the poll itself. You have to visit the poll website from the tourney page though, otherwise you won’t be able to vote.

Blog 1 vs Blog 2 vs Blog 3 vs Blog 4

Vote here

Round 3 will begin (hopefully) on June 1st.

Round 3 delayed

We are in the process of procuring a more secure voting system. We’re not quite sure how long it will take as of yet. Somewhere between a week and the end of the month. Until then, Round 3 will be delayed.

Dates, Replacement and Polls

The dates for the tourney are now available. Each poll will open at 20:00 GMT and remain open for 48 hours. There will be a 2 day break between rounds to wait for each poll from the previous round to close.

A quick change in competitors. Due to technical difficulties, Daifuuku Anime Blog have had to pull out of the tourney. They have been replaced by Anipages. The updated bracket

Each poll run like this.

Amazing Anime Blog vs Marvelous Manga Blog

Vote for whichever of the two blogs you would prefer to read. As in, if you could only read one or the other, which one would you choose.

Final bracket and FAQ

Hopefully this bracket should be self-explanatory, but in order to clear things up:

The first rounds are the matches on the far left and far right. The winners go on to face those one layer in. The winners in Round 2 then get placed into 16 groups along with the top 16 seeds. The seeding system is done to prevent a newcomer facing off against last year’s quarter finalists too early on in the competition. In the group stages, 4 blogs face each other in a single poll. Each voter gets to vote for 2 blogs in each poll. This is done so those who vote in the tourney as a fan of one of the big name blogs have an incentive to check out the other blogs. The winner and runner-up in each group proceed through to the next round, and from there on it’s a straight knock out.


Q: Am I allowed to write a post asking my readers to vote for me in the competition?

A: Yes. In fact, we encourage it, as it helps drive more traffic to the tourney as well.

Q: Where is [x] Blog?

A: There are a few reasons a blog might not be in the tourney. They might not have passed the criteria to be included, such as not updating in the months of January, February or March. We may have contacted them but they asked not to participate (there were 7 bloggers we contacted who asked not to take part). Finally, we may not have known their blog existed. They did not place their blog on Anime Nano, nor did they contact us asking to take part.

Q: Can I add my blog to the tourney now?

A: Sorry, but no.

Q: How are the top seeds decided?

A: Primarily on age and previous tourney performance, along with a few other smaller considerations such as number of comments. The seeding isn’t perfect, but it does the job of ensuring the biggest name blogs won’t be competing too early on.

Q: I don’t like what people are saying about my blog. Please shut them up.

A: The comment section will operate under normal forum rules of no trolling, no flaming and no spamming. However criticism of each blog from the comment section in the tourney can be constructive and it’s something we really want to keep. A lot of drama can erupt from these debates, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

The first match should hopefully begin on the 15th April

All participants have been contacted

We have finished contacting every blog that is participating in the tourney.

If you think you are eligible but haven’t been contacted yet, please check the e-mail account for the one listed on your blog and your twitter @-replies. That’s how we contacted most people. If you haven’t been contacted, check the rules to see if your blog is eligible. Please note that if you did not have a post related to anime that was your own written content for the months of January or February, then you are not eligible. Posts about news or photography of figurines do not count, neither do posts about games.

If haven’t been contacted, have read the rules and still think your blog is eligible, and want to participate, contact us at Submissions close on 1st April. Please note that if your blog was contacted but you don’t have an eligible post in March then your blog will be taken off the tourney roster.

The final bracket and tourney seedings will be posted up in early April, with a tentative date for the tourney beginning on the 15th April 2012.