See you again in two years time?

Aaaaand it’s finally ended.

Over the course of the tourney I’ve seen more than enough evidence that it was worth holding. Whether it was discovering new anime blogs, rediscovering older blogs, generally getting a sense of what styles of anime blogs exist out there, or even some perverse enjoyment from the drama that such an event will inevitably attract, there was plenty to be gained from running the tourney. However learning from the mistakes of this tourney is pointless if they’re never put into practice. So when will the next Aniblog Tourney be held? The current plan is to hold it again in two years time.

There are two reasons for this. The first is because there’s a natural 2-year turnover rate for anime blogs. Running this again next year should conjour up largely the same results with mainly the same people following it. There’s not an awful lot to be gained from that. However 2 years should have a much bigger difference with different people following the tourney. Here’s a stat for you: When the Aniblog Tourney started back in mid-april, exactly half of the blogs competing were under 2 years old. Even with that stat, think of how much a blog will change in two-years time. It might even have entirely different authors.

The second reason is that running this tourney has been a hell of a lot of work and stress. The idea of running all this again next year fills me with dread. Maybe in two years time though I’ll have forgotten how much work it is. Or maybe I’ll be able to rope in some newbie in the sphere, filled to the top with goodwill and eagerness, to run most of the tourney himself.

Either way, we’ll see you then. If you have any suggestions, or any other parting words then do leave a comment on this post. I’ll now hand over the mic to the other tourney staff. Well just RP because Mefloraine is off training in the mountains.

RP: Three months. Three long months. Heck, the aniblog tourney outlasted the World Cup, and it would’ve outlasted the Olympics. I think originally we were skeptical about whether people would even care about it. It could’ve been a massive flop, completely buried under the radar. But Like Scamp mentioned, for the most part, it seems like it was well worth the digital bytes it took up in the Interwebz world. And obviously that’s thanks to all the bloggers and readers that visited, campaigned and supported the tourney. Hopefully, it was fun.  Hopefully, it was interesting to you.

Seeing it unfold firsthand, taking account the feedback we got along the way, I think we have a pretty good idea of what went well and what didn’t, and some ideas for how we can make this better the next time. If you have any additional suggestions or if you want to start placing bets on who’ll still be around in two years, feel free to leave them in the comments.