52 thoughts on “The Winner of the Second Aniblog Tourney is…

  1. Congratulations to the three most popular, interesting and exciting blogs of the anime blogosphere. Metanorn, Whiners and Star Crossed distinguished themselves from the rest of the pityful barbarian tribes by sheer and absolute superiority!

    This day shall remain in our memories for centuries to come…

    Thanks for making our days brighter Metanorn, Whiners and Star Crossed!

    P.S. http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/14884000/ngbbs476623b64b38d.jpg


    P.P.S. Will you forgive me for the drama Kyokai? ;P

  2. Quick note: There will be a post-mortem up in a few days time, so save the debates about the pros and cons and general criticisms of the tourney until then

      • Very classy. Gotta give them props for being open about cheating, admitting it, and encouraging it multiple times…

        wait what?!

        Anyhow, the drama should be dying down, and people can get back to providing content. For anybody that received criticism over the course of the tourney—however it was worded—hopefully you got something useful out of it all.

    • He may have won but the evil has not been vanquished.

      The enemy is cunning and sly and to his pride and envy, a thousand votes is but a blink of an eye. In his dark lair, the evil Sorcerer Dark_Sage is hatching more plans. And all of them with the goal of enslaving the anisphere.

      The battle is over.
      The War has just begun. All hail our Evil Overlord!

  3. It feels great to win and I have to give a huge shout for all the support! It was a lot of fun to campaign, but I hope everyone at least discovered new blogs and bloggers to support in the future! I know I managed to find a few interesting blogs to follow.

    Now we can all sleep! Wuahahaha

  4. Grats, impressive campaigning and now the bar is set high for next year! Looking forward to those post-tourney thoughts because this year’s contest had some real rough patches.

    • If you think any blog of value is willing to participate in a tournament where the organizers so blatantly cheat and look the other way for their desired blog to attain victory, you must be insane. With this, the Aniblog Tournament is for all intents and purposes dead. This is a pretty pathetic way for it to go, but I got what I wanted in the end.

      If all people want is for a chance to be noticed, blogs who don’t have at least 200 real readers already built-in or lack all concept of fair play would be much better suited to asking me for a multi-blog write-up sometime. For at least the early stages of the tournament (when I cared about critiquing other sites), my blog redirected more hits to the others than the tournament itself did, even when I savaged the sites, and actually encouraged people to visit the sites more than a link and an “I hope the voters are fair and check everybody out” message.

        • I did skip a good number sites depending on what kind of workload I was hit with on certain days so I’m sorry for that.

          By the time I had free time, the matches came and left, meaning there was no point in writing about them other than for completion’s sake, and many of my regular visitors were yelling at me to do fansub reviews instead. If you want a special write-up, I can toss it in my upcoming post on some of the blogs that participated.

          • I’ll admit one of the reasons I kept voting for you was my amusement at the winner’s curse. My readers got tired of my tourney posts by the third one in both tourneys. To your credit, it shows that your readers care enough about your content to see tourney posts as a step down.

  5. The problem I have with Whiners.pro is their troll reviews a la encyclopedia dramatica since those make the blog seem like a troll infested mess in par with the likes of 4chan. For example their Haganai review, if a first time reader goes there and read that first instead of their informative and educative entries about fansub and translation reviews like the ones made by Rekyu the reader could think that the WHOLE blog is about that. While I understand that trolling is on vogue right now on the Western anime fandom, I wish the blog focused more on the fansub and translation reviews aspect of it. One can dream, right?

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