Semi final results

Final begins tomorrow.


54 thoughts on “Semi final results

  1. Oh my goodness. Margins like this would demand. recounts in elections. I’m a little awestruck by just how incredibly close it was. Wonder how the outcome would’ve changed if we could have seen results real time

  2. Woo, I’m surprised! Looking forward to the finale.

    But this poll really shows a problem. Look at how many voted in the first match and then look at the second. There’s about 400 votes less in the second one.

    • Yeah, but that’s always going to happen in any bracket-style tournament. Look at the NCAA basketball tourney, for example.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that either Metanorn or Star-Crossed would have beaten either LiA or Whiners – but that’s just the way things fell. I don’t think anyone should have issue when Meta wins, because even if you believe SCAB was the toughest opponent, Meta beat them fair and square (by a whisper) in their heads-up match.

    • I was rooting for Metanorn from the start, but I don’t vote when I don’t have a preference for either blog. Really, the second bracket’s blogs were wildly different and interesting in their own way. If you take into account people who are directed from their favorite blog and don’t care much about the rest, you may partially explain this. And maybe is there a sort of anti-psgel sentiment.

  3. Im fine with the results and all, but the only thing i wonder is why is the vote count so different from usual. Usually there are around 500 votes, but this avereges out to around 1200 o_0

  4. Well, I guess these results dispel the idea of this being a circle-jerk. I don’t think there are 1,400 active anibloggers out there.

    • This round seems to be the exception rather than the rule though. The high numbers are likely due to active campaigning at this stage of the tourney more than anything else.

      • Wait Spiral, don’t you know that every time you contact some external guy to vote the organizers actually toss a 6-face dice and depending on the outcome you may get disqualified or simply investigated? 😛

    • I would be so sure. Firstly, my feedlist has about 300 blogs in it, and I know that I leave vast sections ‘sphere uncovered. I would not be surprised if we have close to 800 blogs in just the English-speaking ‘sphere. Secondly, let’s ask: are active readers and commenters part of the blog team? And finally, who said that the new voter registration is bullet-proof?

      • Author you have a point and well, we all know the main problem with this tourney or any online public poll.

        What happened in this particular episode is that people can just go around asking votes to unrelated people (friends, family, co-workers, or even random facebook people), gather 300-400-500-1000 votes and then what we should say about these WINNERS?
        Also please remember that a single person can vote multiple time from all their network connections (home, phone, work) multiplying the votes and no one can say these votes are not “legit”.

        This is of course without counting VPNs (OpenVPN; PP2P, LP2P), Closed proxies and other cheating ways that the system still doesn’t block or limit.

        They are really the the most popular blog ever? Or simply the guys who spent more time randomly asking for votes? 🙂

          • How should we call it then? Friendjerk?!
            They’re still unrelated people to the actual blog and they shouldn’t be voting in the first place…:P

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