43 thoughts on “Semi Finals

  1. I’m torn between Metanorn and SCAB. I thoroughly enjoyed Metanorn’s ANTM. Tha twas fun. But I will ultimately vote for psgels because of the sheer content alone.

    Dark Sage vs Guardian Enzo: it’s like an ultimate battle between good and evil. Eventually, like any other anime, good will triumph over evil. So just by the name alone – I will vote for… Dark Sage. Bwahahahaha!

  2. Such tough choices. For the first one, I voted for the Meta-thingy because of personal bias and a them having a greater amount of energy or something.

    As for the second vote, well, that is a much harder choice.

    D_S is very amusing and I am certain that deep down, he is likely a nice guy. Despite having generated quite a bit of controversy with his posts on the tourney, it is hard to deny the additional excitement generated by those posts and quite a few people got useful feedback to. His fansub reviews are also quite useful.

    Having said that, LiA is more of an anime blog (no offense D_S) and I have been reading Enzo’s posts on RandomC for a long time. LiA`s posts are very good.

    You can`t go wrong with either choice at this stage. I still haven`t decided. Maybe I should flip a coin?

    Have a good day, everyone.

  3. Opinion:

    Whiners.pro -> Fansub rating drama and D_S drama.
    LiA -> Anime

    The vote is obvious. Even more if you consider that this tourney, is taken more seriously by the bloggers than the voters. LiA in the finals will show other bloggers what should they aim for.

    As for between Metanorn and Psgels, I’ll pick the former, Psgels should drop the ratings.

    • There is more to the anime fandom than reviewing the last episode of an anime that you saw. If Enzo winning “shows” bloggers they should aim to fill up even more of the internet with generic aniepisodiblogs, then maybe I should actively campaign so that doesn’t happen.

  4. Why vote for an anime blog that doesn’t buck the trend? Go vote for Dark_Sage, who at least brings something new to the table. Simple as that.

  5. Metanorn vs Star Crossed:

    Two blogs that favour quantity over quality. I’m not a fan of either. Going with Metanorn for having greater variety of content (and also Star Crossed has already won this once, so better to give someone else a chance XD)

    Whiners vs Lost in America:

    Lost in American is actually decent for an episodic blog (though that’s not saying much). The writing is pretty good and does a bit more analysis than a typical episodic blog. The site has horrendous loading times though, and it isn’t so good that I’m willing to suffer the painful waiting times in order to read it. Dark_Sage is a bit of an arsehole … but at least he’s an entertaining arsehole. And he’s not afraid to speak his mind, which I like, even if he is a bit excessive. Voting for whiners as it’s the only blog left in this competition that actually has a personality.

  6. Honestly, I understand how episodic blogs lack deep content and thorough analysis that other blogs have, but often times those blogs don’t update very regularly unless the blogger happens to really enjoy a show during it’s airing. Half the time those bloggers don’t even blog about the shows I like, because they generally don’t cover many shows.
    I like SCAB. Its extremely easy to navigate, Psgels covers an insane amount of shows, and he’s the only one blogging on his site. There’s a sense of unity in the blog since he’s the only blogger. It’s not easy to maintain a blog and staying consistent with that amount of content on a regular basis by oneself. People seem to take that for granted. I like my daily fixes of short and to-the-point entries. That’s my personal preference though.
    That’s not to say I enjoy all, or even most episodic blogs, ’cause I don’t.
    Unless I really like the show, I don’t go around reading an analysis on them. Whiners blog is pretty entertaining though.

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