65 thoughts on “Last 16 part 2

  1. The site keeps rejecting my votes saying I’m behind a proxy, but I’m not (unless my ISP has some sort of proxy but that would be very bad). I would have loved to vote for this round since really good blogs are left.

  2. What’s with this #YESWECANPERORJ thing?? I checked out the Best of LMT section, and apparently the best that LMT has to offer is extended episodic synoposis of LoGH. At first I tried to read these thinking they were more analytical pieces of writing, and found it to be second-by-second description of each episode! After I read 10 paragraphs, I got bored and stopped reading. I have seen the series, and would rather have just watched the episode again than reading detailed description of what happened. The Giant Killing articles is pretty good, but if extended episodic synopsis of LoGH is what the author as well as his readers consider the best this blog to offer, then this doesn’t bode well for the blog. Why is there a campaign to support this blog?

    • Because #YESWECANSTARCROSSED doesn’t roll off the tongue, and is absolutely unnecessary. If you think about it, wouldn’t blogs who /don’t/ have a large readership benefit the most from a campaign? At the very least, there’s awareness being spread about the blog, which all blogs could use from time to time, no matter how recognized it is.

      (ffs, wordpress wouldn’t let me comment on my regular account. could someone delete the previous two comments?)

        • He might also fare better if he replaced the catalogue of LoGH synopsis in his “best of” selection with articles on a wider range of topics.

    • I read LMT, and that started before the tourney. The Best of LMT page was a reaction to the tourney rather than an ongoing thing, and it’s not something he had a lot of input on. I feel like his more recent articles are a better representation of the blog, and I don’t think he goes into minute detail recapping episodes. Rather, he picks details to focus on while providing commentary, and I believe he has a good eye for what is important.

      As for the campaign, I’m sure there’s people doing it just for kicks but some of us really want to see him get his shine. If nothing else, it’s good to see a blog without a huge team behind it, that doesn’t churn out short episodics, make it this far. Plus, Emperor J is a good guy so even if he’s not winning the popularity contest it’s nice to think maybe a few more people will notice him.

      Finally, I’d like to point out that this is a positive and jovial get out the vote campaign. It’s not underhanded. It doesn’t involve trashing his competitors. So why not have a campaign to support this blog?

      • Fair enough, I was just under the impression that perhaps there were some inside info/jokes that I’m missing. I did read one of his recent posts, and quite liked it, which is why I don’t think he’s doing himself any favours with his “best of” selection.

  3. Well, your reasons would have been obvious had their been a wide campaign to promote all the underdog blogs in the other matchups, but I don’t see that happening. Why LMT alone over all the other small blogs?

  4. Another tourney that has the blogs that need more attention advance would be an interesting idea. After all, when so many people say that the true point of the tourney is to promote new blogs and not so much to find the ‘best’ blog anymore, why don’t we make a tourney that does just that…

        • Loll. Functionally and realistically, how is your suggestion that much different from this tourney? “Vote for the blog you would most want to read?”

          • Functionally equivalent, but this way, a large blog that everyone wants to read may not advance, letting a smaller blog (with less quality content, but which deserves more recognition than it currently has) gain more publicity.

            • No. I disagree. You’re suggesting that a mediocre blog “deserves” to get more publicity from here (or anywhere) than a good blog simply because the mediocre blog has less traffic. That I cannot agree with. I would rather see a blog I like more get publicity than a blog I could care less about get promoted just so that the lesser blog can feel better.

              Consider this. Blog X is better than Blog Y. Blog X has much much more traffic than Blog Y, so Blog Y gets the nod. Someone unfamiliar with either blog visits the tourney is then denied the opportunity to get to know blog X (the better blog) because there are other people already reading blog X. Instead, he is only exposed to blog Y. That does not seem fair to me.

              A tourney should not be an equalizer of traffic. It should simply direct reader’s attention to where it deserves, regardless of how many other readers are already there.

            • That’s a valid point. However, the mediocre blog has far less chances to get traffic than the popular blog, and most readers have already knowledge of the popular blog’s existence.

              Since this tournament runs once every two years anyways, it’d be interesting to that another type of tournament run between those two years. It may not be fair to the popular blogs, but they would have their limelight shine during the actual tournament.

              Of course, there’d need to be organizers and all sorts of things, so I doubt such an idea can come to fruition. But if it could…

        • That’s what this tournament asks: “Which would you prefer to read?” == “[T]he blog that most deserves more readers.” It’s is rare for someone to put their own preferences and ego aside to separate those two.

          • There’s a difference. A good blog may have many readers, but it may not deserve more than the ten million readers it currently has. Meanwhile, a mediocre blog may have mediocre posts, but it may deserve more than the zero readers it currently has.

            • Yes but you’re asking a subjective party to separate out their preferences and make an objective choice and you think slightly changing the wording of the voting question would do anything to help that? Psychology isn’t that simple.

            • It doesn’t need to be objective; I’m pointing out that it would be more objective than this question. Furthermore, what I’m looking for isn’t objectivity per se; I just want some sort of reversed tournament where quality matters, but blog size matters too. I’m fairly positive readers of large blogs will vote for less popular blogs given this question.

    • The way you implement that is not as a tournament, but as an award. Awards are just another type of circle jerking popularity contest, but they allow finer categorization and a better expression of subjective criteria. The problem is that they’re much more work. Also, since awards require some sort of limited voting body they’re also more prone to complaints of bias.

      There’s ways to tweak the tourney to draw more attention to certain types of blogs. Some are easy, like introducing popular blogs later (as they did). Some require a lot of work. For instance, they could create some broad categorizations instead of random brackets. Ultimately, the winner of a vote-driven tournament like this will always be among both the most popular and most motivated.

      • No, I wasn’t talking about a panel-based system. I was talking about a system /exactly like/ the one we’re currently using, but with the question changed; not ‘Which blog would you more rather read’, but ‘Which blog more deserves more readers?’

        That’s actually more objective than this tournament, because when voting, voters won’t think ‘OHMIGAWD I LOVE [insert name of large blog here]!!!111’, they’ll think, ‘OHMIGAWD I LOVE [insert name of large blog here]!!!11, but [insert name of small blog here] has some good articles, and I don’t think it has enough publicity…’

      • The tourney was originally set up as a hopeful improvement on the Anime Blog Awards, which did exactly what you suggest. But I’ll talk more about that in the tourney post-mortem

        • To wit: I don’t want the tournament to change that much, I’m only saying that it would need to in order to get rid of some of the aspects that drive complaints. It’s fine how it is but people need to realize that the format drives certain results.

        • That said, this suggested implementation of the tourney should definitely not eclipse a ‘best-blog’ tournament if it’s ever implemented, because those types of tournaments are always more intense.

    • “Which blog more deserves more readers?”

      What you’re proposing would essentially reward underachievers based on pity votes. (“It’s a shame this site doesn’t have more readership, so here’s a vote!”) I understand your good intentions, but the concept cannot possibly work.

      Sure, I think some blogs are underrated and wonder why they aren’t more popular. But all of them get exactly what they ‘deserve’ based on effort, writing quality, networking, blog exposure, participation in the community, and so on.

      Aniblog Tourney already provides increased exposure for these sites. Granted, AT does not provide the kind of exposure that we normally associate the word with, but that’s another discussion…

      • Right. I may be thinking of this the wrong way about the bloggers wanting more readers; the readers wanting to read better blogs may be a larger point. In which case, such a concept definitely won’t work (unless readers already read the large blogs, but there aren’t many of those).

    • This is why I thought a double-elimination format would work better. Every blog would get a second chance and therefore a second look from all the readers. There will still be plenty knocked out quickly, but having a loser’s bracket would keep less known blogs in it longer.

  5. Thank you everyone for your support!
    This is much farther than I thought I could. And though my presence felt out of place among these small but great company, it is a delight to be here.

    ps. I suppose it’s probably time to let the Titans fight each other after this.(-_-)

  6. I guess I should comment here. I suppose I really didn’t belong in this round. I don’t necessarily think my writing earned me a spot here either. I just had a small group of dedicated supporters who got me this far. I thank them for their support even if I can’t quite understand why the supported me. To the rest of the blogs, good luck over the next week. For me, I shall go back to mediocre blogging that gets little attention.

  7. Well, no one is more surprised than me that I’m still around in this thing – but I’m grateful to everyone who’s participating. Good luck to everyone in the next round – let’s see what happens…

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