69 thoughts on “Last 16 part 1

  1. Wow
    A) Tough round, mainly Baka Raptor vs Listless Ink: Two of my all time favorite blogs. Voted for Carniel’s Ramblings of course.
    B) The new voting method adds a lot of suspense. I can’t wait to see who wins! GAH THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

  2. Star Crossed vs. Baka Laureate
    Star Crossed, ah Star Crossed. The community of sycophants and children he hosts on his site both disturbs and amuses me. I get that most of the blogs in this tourney don’t host the intellectual readership, but I don’t think there’s anyone who bathes in their own stupidity and poor taste as much as gels-kun does ( http://psgels.net/2012/06/24/some-quick-first-impressions-kokoro-connect/ ). I should commend him for his dedication to the art of turning tweets into full “articles”, but his status among other episodic blogs has resulted in the vast majority of the tournament looking like carbon copies of his site. Your influence is most unappreciated, gelly-belly.

    Baka Laureate interests me, but not enough to make me want to read the blog. Krizzles is a good writer, but his voice is not particularly one that I’m interested in hearing. I guess my main issue is the Krizzlemuffin plays the straight man way too much. While reading ( http://bakalaureate.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/this-is-anime-not-grantland/ ) I found myself drifting to thoughts of how my opponent in the coming round, LeijiFan69, would have handled it and numerous ways in which I could have improved the flow myself. These are not good thoughts to have while reading a blog.

    When I moved onto the heart of the blog — the Precure posts — I was hoping I’d find a reason to stay and look around at the other articles more. Unfortunately, I was almost instantly turned away. Beary Krizzle, though I can tell that you have passion for the subjects you write about, you lack the ability to infuse that passion in others. I want to enjoy what I’m reading, but it’s difficult to enjoy your site.

    I ended up voting for Star Crossed on this one.

    • Now a question of etiquette: as I post my text walls, do I reply to myself or create a new one?

      Cara has made her desire to win *very* clear, and I respect that.

      Everyone in this tournament wants to win. But not everyone acknowledges it. This frustrates me.

      You all had to join this tournament of your own volition, so not asking your readers for support is tantamount to looking down on your competition. Don’t even pretend that it isn’t. And if you didn’t want to win, you shouldn’t have fucking joined. I have nothing but respect for those who had enough courage to put their own blogs out there in an attempt to promote themselves. Even if your blog sucks; that takes some self-confidence. Cara put herself out there enough that she gets my vote this round solely for that reason.

      • Now a question of etiquette: as I post my text walls, do I reply to myself or create a new one?

        I don’t think most people care much. I personally think you should just reply to yourself as it might make it easier to follow. Doesn’t matter much either way.

        Everyone in this tournament wants to win. But not everyone acknowledges it. This frustrates me.

        I agree.
        There might be some situations where asking people to vote for your competitor is understandable, situations like:
        “Vote for my foe because he is my bff and he is awesome and I love him so much that I want all of you to love him instead of me”
        “Vote for my foe because while I am enjoying this tourney, my foe’s blog is very new and could really, really use the attention. ”

        Regardless of whether the above are warranted “don’t vote for me” situations, the following is most surely a no-no:
        “Don’t vote for me, I don’t care about this tourney anymore”.
        You noob! Bend your back and put a little effort into it. Even if you don’t really care anymore (which you shouldn’t), you should still try because it reflects better on you.

        Anyway, that is the end of my mini-rant. Have a good day everyone and I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

      • I also noticed Cara’s posts on the tourney. She seems to have a nice, healthy non-conflicted attitude toward the whole thing. I feel the same way.

      • I’ve made it this far (much to my surprise), may as well attempt to stay in a bit longer! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with campaigning, even if I am trading shame & embarrassment for votes~!

    • Well, I am not sure about what you mean by poor taste. Psgels did cover a wide range of anime of any genres, and it is very valuable for many of us. His taste is not really main streams, but again, thanks to him I have discovered many obscure masterpiece that almost every other anime blog dropped due to them not having loli girl, big mechas or awesome animation. So I don;t quite get the thing about the taste here.

      I read anime blog for a quick updates of what is going on and what should I check, so I like the format of the blog and the sheer volume of what he covered. It is true that many blog have copied his format, but I think none could quite manage half the range he did. After all I read anime blog for updates and quick review, not for long essay about christianity in Evangelion or the like. Because why so serious?

    • Metanorn vs Ogiue Maniax

      Metanorn is an episodic powerhouse with a large cast of writers and a wide breadth of reviewed shows as a result. However, none of these writers has proven to me that episodic reviews blogs are worth my time. I am impressed by what they’ve done, but not intrigued enough to make the blog a daily or weekly or monthly destination (perhaps bi-annually though, if they’re lucky).

      Ogiue talks about old series and American cartoons, both of which I have no interest in. So I suppose I’ll go with Metanorn for this one, simply as a consequence of their ability to stay up-to-date and relevant.

      Listless Ink vs Baka-Raptor

      Lesbians are cool, but I’m not really a lesbian or a guy who gets off on talking to lesbians, so this blog isn’t my style. But kudos for taking that niche and running with it. I’m thoroughly impressed.

      B-Raptor is aight. Gotta say I never expected to see a Maddox-styled anime blog, but the posts grow on you. If this were three years ago, I’d probably be a regular, but B-Rapper’s gotta settle for just my vote for now.

  3. I’ve only started reading anime blogs recently, and stumbled across this tournament. As an outsider, I barely heard of any of the particpating blogs, so I went about checking them out.

    I ended up finding quite a few blogs that I enjoyed reading, but one thing I’m immensely puzzled by is the popularity of this Star Crossed Anime Blog. I figured it must be something outstanding, since it’s the defending champion. But having checked it out, the only thing about it that stands out appear to be the amount of post the blog churns out every month. Pretty much all the blog entries I’d read were generic episodics containing a short synopsis and a few lines of opinions invariably expressing the author liking what he saw. Perhaps he only blogs what he likes, but the problem is that he never raises any points of interest in these posts – I went through several posts a few weeks back and now I can’t recall a single thing he wrote in them (except that he liked the episode he was watcing).

    The reviews are a similar story. They read like expanded versions of the vague episodics. While browsing through them, I had a sense of deja vu, and suddenly realised I’d come across the site before when searching for reviews. But again, I couldn’t remember anything about the reviews I’d read. The only thing I remembered was the scoring system, where he uses a 100 point scale, but scores nearly everything between 70 and 100. What made me laugh is that despite having a 100 point range at his disposal, he’s having to resort to using decimals even though there’s about 70 integers he hasn’t even used yet.

    The writing isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either. The site came across to me like a factory mass produces out rice balls – sure there’s a lot of it, but come on, guys, THEY’RE STILL JUST RICE BALLS! Why is Star Crossed so popular? Is there something I’m missing here?

    • Let’s try to put it in another light Kajia. What if people are crazy about rice balls and the new fad of this modern era is all about eating delicious rice balls (with the same identical taste every single day) continuously?
      I can’t relate with their feeling (I prefer eating different bishoujos every day), but I can somehow understand their behaviour. They’re engrossed with that particular taste of rice ball to the point of ignoring everything else.
      And no, there is nothing you’re missing here.

      • I understand what you’re saying, and I get that a lot of people might like rice balls, but I’m just surprised that *this many* people seems to prefer rice balls over everything else! This blog is on a completely different level to the rest, steamrolling all the opposition it’s coming across, and as far as I can tell there’s nothing distinctive about the writing (apart from the output rate).

        • Please understand that we’re talking about a blog that is 7 (seven) years old created during the gold time of anime blogs (2005) that had plenty of time to create dedicated readers and a strong community regardless of quality of writing/opinions/whatever. (that is anyway something really subjective)

          Whenever we talk about popularity, quality of writing alone doesn’t fit well into the calculations. More important are the blogger’s personality, output rate (Its frustrating to wait a week or two to read a single post from an infrequent blogger…), community feeling (how well the blogger interact with his readers) or even nostalgia.

          If you add to the top that most other blogs partecipating in this tourney (including mine that is one of the last 16 blogs remaining) are less than 2 years old, they simply don’t stand a chance in terms of raw readers count. We knew this from the start when we decided to partecipate.

          Of course, please consider that this is a tourney that don’t express correctly the readership of a particular blog, because everyone can vote without exceptions or rules. What happen if I ask a fellow diablo 3 player with a popular livestream (1000+ viewers) to promote me? I would likely win by landslide against everyone, but would that mean I’m more “popular” than anyone else?

          It just means I have more “friends” than anyone else. yes, that’s what this tourney proves! That a particular blogger has the biggest number of “friends”. 😉

          • I guess it’s starting to make more sense when you put take age into account. I’ve seen other seemingly well respected blogs that are 4-5 years old that have already fallen, but admittedly none that are 7 years old. Even the ones that are remaining does get anywhere near the 300+ votes Star Crossed is getting round after found. Are those couple of years so critical?

            • Dark_Sage, raw hits have almost no meaning in this context. I have around 9-10K daily hits, does that means I have the same number of “dedicated readers” as Star Crossed? Wrong, most of those are one-shot commenters (randomly popping up on very old posts) or simple people who are searching for some particular review/preview/opinion of a random anime series.
              Another half of them (47% judging from my stats atm) come only for the pics through google image search.

              I agree that age is the most important factor in here. More time with frequent content (no less than 4-5 post per week) means more readers on the long run. 🙂

            • Well, I haven’t seen his stats, but I said what I said based off him getting 300+ votes every round and I didn’t even see him promote his own blog until this round. I may have missed something but I didn’t see any other blog hit those kind of heights. Perhaps my declaration that no one else can compete is a bit premature, but it certainly looks that way judging from the competition so far.

    • Isnt it obvious? He is popular exactly because of the amount of content he covers every season… He watches at least the first episode of EVERY SINGLE anime and gives his opinion on it, which helps people have an idea of what is worth watching and what isnt… This is of course really helpful for those that dont have time to watch everything out there (most people)

      Then, there is the fact that he has pretty damn good taste… And by this I mean, he tends to avoid generic moe crap and go for the good, mature shows instead, often reviewing great obscure animes I would have never heard of if it werent for him

      Meanwhile most other bloggers are covering Panty Shots Episode 10 and Nose Bleed Redux etc, which are just pathetic

      Whenever there is a new seasons coming up, I always look forward to his pre-season summary to know what will interest me… If youve been a regular there for a couple years you have a good idea what he likes, so you can compare to your own taste and get really accurate conclusions

      Doesnt get any better than that, really, and thats why he is the “king of anime blogs”

    • Oh, and no one gives a damn about writing ability… The guy is dutch, yet his grammar is better than 95% americans posting stuff online, go figure

      And yeah, the scoring thing is pretty funny, he has this tendency to go for the same scores every time, like 82.5 (thats a classic), for no reason whatsoever, but in the end it just becomes a part of the whole thing… Its not psgels if he doesnt add some random decimal for no reason 😛

    • I definitely understand that my blog isn’t appealing to you, and I agree that I’m just an average writer. But one thing bugs me: why is it so important to have an evenly distributed rating scale? I mean, I often get criticism, but this is by far the comment I hear the most and I can’t seem to figure out why people make such a big deal of it; they’re only ratings, and my reasoning behind it is that it uses the school system, in which 60/100 doesn’t mean average, but baarely passable and I simply don’t want to watch series that are “barely passable”.

      • Ok, I can answer this one. I may only have started reading anime blogs recently, but I’ve actually been reading anime reviews for longer than Star Crossed has existed.

        There are fundamental differences between reviewing something and blogging something. With a blog, you have more freedom to write what you want, but reviews require more critical analysis. I judge reviewers not only by how they write, but also by the points they make and the scores they give out. After all, if a reviewer keeps giving out high marks, then their reviews start to carry less weight, if you know what I mean.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to be true to yourself, so I’m not saying you should go around forcing yourself to try to spot flaws in anime you like and giving them low marks, but this low variation of scoring in your considerable collection of reviews is something that counts against you. It may sound like I’m being picky, but because you’re the stand out favourite in the tourney, I’m judging you against a high standard.

        • I think you missed psgels’ point. He actually does scale shows between 1 and 10 – just look at the Monthly Rankings for the first month of a new season and look at all the low-scoring shows. However, who wants to watch a show that scores 1/10 to completion? Most of the shows below 7/10 he typically drops within weeks, and there’s not much point in doing a full “review” of a show you only watched 1-2 episodes of because it sucked.

          That said, the final series review score is often out of alignment with the scores for all of the individual episodes, so it doesn’t seem like an objective score.

          • No, I get his point, but I think you’re missing mine. My point is that with such a large pool of reviews, people inevitably judge him – whether he likes it or not – as a reviewer. And the expectations for a reviewer is that they have reviews with a reasonable balance of scores. It doesn’t matter what shows he’s dropped or choose not to review, what matters is the reviews he DOES write. Put it this way, if you had a small general electronic store that sells like 3 different brands, then no one’s gonna complain much. But if you have a HUGE electronic store and still just stock the same 3 brands, then people are gonna question why you don’t have a greater range of selection. The defence “well I DID check out other brands, but choose not to stock them” doesn’t hold up well.

            And anyway, the “wider range of scores in his monthly reviews” point doens’t hold up well either, as something like 75% of shows there also makes it past the 7/10 marks with ease, even ones he drops (see my post below).

    • It has to do with a lot more than age and it’s a good question you ask because from someone who doesn’t know pgels’ blog, it’s hard to understand its popularity.

      There are 3 points that make pgels stand out as an anime blogger from… pretty much everyone else out there and none of these have anything to do with his writing abilities.

      1 – He gives a shot to every single anime out there. Yes. If the season has 40 series, he’s gonna watch the first episode (at the very least) of every single one of these. So, his quick reviews of of the first episodes gives people a chance to find out surprise gems that you would never hear of elsewhere and avoid generic crap.

      2 – Just because he doesn’t blog anime doesn’t mean he’s not watching it. Every month, he’s rating every series he’s watching. If he dropped it, he says so. And depending on the amount of series he likes/dislikes, it can go as far as 25-30 series per month. So a lot of people like me love knowing how he rates animes. If something ends up topping the list, or getting a much better ranking that I was expecting, I sometimes give it a shot because I passed over it and most of the time, I like it. This also extends to making huge posts at the end of every year to list what he believes to be the best animes of the year. A lot of people love these too.

      3 – Like myself, he’s a long-time anime viewer who is quick to judge unoriginal animes. This means he’s pretty harsh in his reviews and yes, he’ll slam something really hard if it’s generic and doesn’t have good execution, even if it has redeemable flaws. pgels is many things, but patient is not one of them. Depending on whether you love or not those generic harem/comedy/high school/mecha animes, you might end up hating his blog or loving it to death. But an anime feels fresh or is very good, you can be sure he’ll let you know about it and it being mainstream doesn’t change anything. If it’s good, it’s good.

      My taste is pretty close to his and him being harsh is a very important quality as a blogger to me because you might not realize how hard it is to find blogs that are critical of anime. I’ve visited most of these, and it’s mostly ‘Oh, this episode is all good. Yes. This one too. Gosh! What an excellent episode!’ AKA, fanboyism with little critical thoughts. Someone like pgels is uncommon in anime blogging. He really does judge animes. And he only keeps blogging those he likes, which is why his rating scale is very slanted to the upward scores. But he still talks about the others in his monthly posts, or his weekly posts (he started this recently).

      For me, this is why pgels is the best anime blog out there and this is why I read it diligently.

      • Very informative, thanks.

        So do you use Star Crossed as a springboard to other blogs? I mean, once psgels has convinced you a particular anime show is worth watching, do you check what other blogs that are covering it and might have better quality writing have to say about it?

          • Hmm… is that why I have a response saying ‘Very informative, thanks. So do you use Star Crossed as a springboard to other blogs? I mean, once psgels has convinced you a particular anime show is worth watching, do you check what other blogs that are covering it and might have better quality writing have to say about it?’

            Weird it’s not appearing anywhere else except in my mailbox. Anyway, my response is ‘Yes’. I use StarCrossed as a springboard to other anime blogs that write more details and in-depth posts. He’s a great help to determine early on what is good and what is bad (since his taste is quite similar to mine). From there, I use other blogs for more detailed analyses.

      • SCAB and its author, psgels, oozes humongous amount of charm. Not to mentions psgels innate ability to preserve his sheer modesty over time. I’ve been a reader since he blogged Ride Back in 2008 – and will continue to do so.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply. I think I’m starting to understand the situation now. Seems high output and episodic coverage of a wide range of series carries a lot more weight than I thought. I know this might sound like a no brainer, but I didn’t get it initially because I’m not a big follower of currently airing anime, and also I’m not in the habit of reading about something before I’ve seen it myself, so the significance of episodic blogging has gone over my head completely!

        I have to disagree about your third point though, he’s not harsh in his reviews at all, and in fact the lack of critical analysis in his reviews was one of the things I criticised him for. Take a look at the April summary from this year. I picked this because I decided to watch a bunch of first episodes from this season just for fun, so I can actually do some comparisons. Out of the 46 shows he watched, a massive 38 scored 7 or above, which according to his marking scheme means “good”. I don’t know by what standard you are judging him by, but rating 38/46 anime as good strikes me as generous, not harsh. Out of the shows he watched, I sampled 17, of which 16 he thought was good (Upotte is the only show that wasn’t good apparently). By way of comparison, I would have said 8 of them were worthy of a 7 or above rating, and I don’t consider myself to be unreasonably harsh.

        • I want to add that Star-Crossed also updates really quickly. I’m not a huge fan of his style but I still find myself regularly reading his blog because it’s always updated by the time I’ve seen a new episode of a series I’m following.

  4. Listless Ink or Baka? Yi turns fanservice into the classiest thing ever which is fuckign awesome while Baka is so baka it’s also fucking awesome. Oh god this is too hard!!!!!

  5. I feel that it’s a conflict of interest that the voting system was created and is hosted by one of Metanorn’s staff and their current host….

    • And not the fact that the actual head of the Aniblog Tourney is also a participant? Granted, he *was* eliminated. By EmperorJ no less!

      • It’s not a rumor, it’s 100% true. Willisite hosts Metanorn, the owner is a member of Metanorn’s staff, and is the creator of the polls.
        I find this to be very wrong; especially considering the margin that Metanorn won by in the last round. I don’t believe that they miraculously got that many votes, when blogs who are indeed more popular than they are, did not.

        Metanorn is a fine blog and I have nothing personally against them, but I do not believe they are as popular as they think; or as popular as the poll has made them seem.

          • Wether that may or may not be true, I still find it to be a conflict on interest. Even if it isn’t occurring; it makes it too easy for it to possibly occur.

            The voting should be controlled by a unbiased 3rd party. Not someone who has a vested interest in one of the competitors.

            • Funny how I never got these complaints about Cart Driver.

              Whatever, I trust them. Never had any reason to believe they’d do anything untoward with the polls

            • I think your concern is legit, and I would be right there with you about the conflict of interest if the results of the Aniblog Tourney were meaningful. But as it stands, the tourney has been quite open from the start that it’s run by one of the competitors, so conflict of interest has never been an important issue for it.

            • “Not Someone who has vested interest in one of the competitors”

              It’s ironic you say that now and directly towards Metanorn (you hatin’ for the sake of hatin’?) considering the people who created and hosted the AniBlogTourney are also “competitors”.

            • It’s nothing against Metanorn themselves. I think they are a fine blog, as I said. They do good work.
              I just believe for the sake of fairness, “control” over the outcome of the tournament shouldn’t be in the hands of a competitor. At least not to this extent.

              It is what it is, and I have respect for the decisions that are made. Just being a bit of a devil’s advocate.

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