Final 32 – Blue Bracket vs The null set

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Kritik der Animationskraft vs THAT Anime Blog

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Empty Blue vs Anime Instrumentality

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Lemmas and Submodalities vs Analog Housou

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14 thoughts on “Final 32 – Blue Bracket

  1. My name is Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson. As the strongest baller in the NFL, I endorse Analog Housou as the greatest blog in existence.

    • Hi, I’m New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. My two Superbowl rings makes me much more credible than this sorry sack of crap commenting above me. Vote for Snippettee, as her posts helped me win more Superbowl MVPs than my brother.

  2. Full marks for Analog Housou because wah demonstrates a constant awareness of his intermittent pretentions and subjective elitism in the most entertainingly self-deprecating ways where others would get defensive. (Or: “sometimes he hates on himself and it’s funny”.) Good man.

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