Final 32 – Green Bracket

Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Beneath the Tangles

*Vote here*

Baka Laureate vs Reverse Thieves

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Caraniel’s Ramblings vs 8thSin Fansubs Anime Blog

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::Note:: There were 91 fraud votes for 8thsin Fansubs Anime Blog that were removed after the voter IPs were checked.

Okazu vs Those Damned Cartoons

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28 thoughts on “Final 32 – Green Bracket

  1. Next time maybe he should step to the sidelines and be a spectator/blogger instead… Of course voted for psgels. And should there be a third tourney and he’s participating: I’d still vote for him.

  2. Always cool to see psgels steamrolling the competition, though it makes these kinda boring since we already know the winner

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