Round 3 Group 16

The Cart Driver vs Lost in America vs World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko vs Lower Mid-Table

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19 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 16

  1. Not so many comments so I thought I’d leave one for a change.

    One quality I think people tend to overlook is update speed. Apart from my few favourites which I’ll read every post, on the whole the only time I get the urge to read an anime review is right after I’ve seen a new episode. At which point I’ll go to animenano and read what’s available. Anything posted later simply won’t get a look in because I’ll have moved on to a different show. I don’t know how representative my experience is of other aniblog readers but I imagine there are quite a few like me. LiA is great for speed. (My other vote went to Cart Driver which is one of my favourites.)

  2. I have to say I’m completely torn between Cart Driver and Lower Mid-Table. I like them both as blogs, but for very very different reasons.

    Cart Driver provides a clear voice and opinion. Scamp is quick to indicate whether he likes a show or not, and efficient at noting the details. That makes his site easy to read and effective. My favorite part is how Scamp projects his personality and taste to the point that I can easily tell by his posts whether I’m likely to enjoy a show or not… even when I will disagree with his conclusions.

    Empror J is far more detailed in his analysis, but his writing is still excellent. He has a great feel for when he’s said enough, and his eye for details of what to include is great. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but his posts just feel right. I enjoy his conceptual and editorial stuff the most, and I appreciate that he has a consistent mix of this kind of content.

    It was easy for me when I cast my vote to choose those two blogs. Not to knock the competition, especially Guardian Enzo, there’s no losers in this group. I think seeing either of them exit the tournament, now that LiA is the clear runaway winner, will be bittersweet. With that said, in the final hours of voting I’m putting my full support behind Emperor J. I think his advancement does more to further the spirit of the tournament in promoting and exposing excellent bloggers.

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