Round 3 Group 15

Sea Slugs Anime Blog vs Silence is Golden vs Unmei Kaihen vs Daifuuku Anime Blog

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10 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 15

  1. Sea slugs is p. neat, if only because I occasionally read it for what it’s for and Namako is pretty nicely done for a mascot. But I think I have to read it in the RSS…

  2. These are all gread blogs, very hard choice for me.

    SeaSlugs has a lot of frequent content. The most impressive thing though is the management that Master Kabitzin puts behind Sea Slugs. It is a well run episodic blog. It used to be my go to place for episodics once upon a time.

    Silence is Golden is not a bad blog. Most of the posts are outside my area of interest though.

    Unmei Kaihen:
    Shinmaru is smart and stuff. He writes good posts. This is a good blog.

    Daifuuku is definitely a very interesting and unique blog. I have also met a few of their bloggers in person. Nice folk, they are.

  3. Silence is golden pull repeated surprises since the first round. I am not entirely familiar with its content but the overall atmosphere including post frequency seem similar to my blog. A blog to watch, to say the least, though I don’t know it well.

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