Round 3 Group 14

Blogsuki vs Ani-Nouto vs Canne’s anime review blog vs WanAbrar

*Vote here*


6 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 14

  1. Blogsuki is as pro as they come, with bonus points coming from Lawson school of design (or did Miao come first? IDK IDC). Just a matter of coverage, again. He could shill way better if he covered Naruto and Bleach manga on top of 10 shows a season!

    • Blogsuki’s writing is good, sure, but the design is terrible. Still, it’s the only site that earned my vote in this round due to Ani/Canne’s being filled with physically repelling writing and Wan’s being another generireview site.

      And no, Blogsuki would not be a better site if he covered Bleach/Naruto. What the fuck are you thinking?

  2. Noticed so many of these blogs don’t have smart phone layouts or “responsive” designs. I bet these bloggers own smart phones or a tablet of some sort.

    • Good point, my dear. I can see it too.

      Some of us have smartphones and is lazy to swipe left and/or right off the screen, and that’s where responsive layouts work.

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