Round 3 Group 13

Mainichi Anime Yume vs Conspicuous klux vs Drastic My Anime Blog vs Omonomono

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11 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 13

  1. Yumeka’s blog is pretty much a model citizen…or rather, more like a good example of the average anime blogger and his or her blog. At least one of those blogs that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out after seeing it.

  2. S/he used to be more linkworthy though. At Ani-nouto, for AnimeYume – 2010:3, 2011:1, 2012:0 (thus far). Exactly the same score (3,1,0) as The Big N w/ minions. For comparison, Omo – 2010:6, 2011: 10 (with changeover to Share The Koube), 2012: 8.

    • She’s more of the ‘average anime editorialist’ than a person with really intense, deep ideas. But she’s also been an average anime editorialist for so long

    • Well Author you’re one of those blogs I directly bounce off of so that skews things by a lot.

      Coincidentally though that’s something I do want to see more from all bloggers everywhere: people replying to other people’s blog posts with blog posts of their own thoughts

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