Round 3 Group 12

THAT Anime Blog vs Kuriousity vs Lemmas and Submodalities vs Marth’s Anime Blog

*Vote here*

Since there was a draw for first place, THAT Anime Blog and Lemmas and Submodalities will compete in a tie-breaker match on the 17th June. The match will remain open for only 24 hours. Both blogs will advance to the next round anyway, but the blog that comes first will have an advantage as they will face a runner-up of group 10, while the blog that loses the tie-breaker will face the winner of group 10. Obviously this is slightly different to how we normally approach ties, but our usual method of advancing both blogs for a 3-way match won’t work when they would both advance anyway.


14 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 12

  1. THAT is p. neat. I guess if you like the shows it covers it’s cool. Nothing outrageous, solid episodic layout and writing. Doesn’t really cover any shows this season that makes me want to read it, or for the most part, ever. I suppose it’s the sort of case when your interests lines up with the content coverage, you might want to check them out, but that’s pretty much it.

  2. Lemmas is an instant vote for me. It can come off as pretentious ( but fuck if I care when I’m captivated by the titles alone (who wouldn’t want to read an article titled “Tsuritama’s Alien: On Haru and Becoming a Human”?).

    THAT has instant brand recognition and a legion of fans (I know GotWoot’s leader is in love with it). I don’t understand what makes their site so much better than the others that were in this tournament, but I assume it’s primarily due to the amount of time their blog has been active (seven years is pretty impressive).

    Kuriousity is not really for me. It would take quite a bit for me to be interested in a manga-centric blog, so I don’t really feel like talking about their content when I don’t see myself as part of their target audience at all.

    For Marth’s blog… Marth, seriously, why give up so quickly? This applies to many other blogs that have been participating as well. Round 3 appears to have much less participation than other rounds so a positive message and a compelling reason to vote for you would be likely to motivate your readers and those who are closely following this round. 14 more votes and you’d be #1 right now. To me it’s just another random episodic blog, but 13 people came in and said “Yes, I like this blog”. Those are real fucking people that like what you’re doing to the degree that they put your vote on you instead of 2 or 3 other blogs. So have a little fucking pride in what you’ve accomplished with your time and don’t fucking insult yourself or your readers with shit like “I have basically no chance of making it past the third round and have made it as far I wished”.

    In the end, I only voted for Lemmas.

    Oh, and could some of you other voters give some reasons for why you’re voting the way you do on this shit? I actually browse this tournament when I’m at work and it gets kind of boring when I refresh the page and there hasn’t been anything posted here for four hours.

  3. Voted for THAT because I’m on good terms with a bunch of the writers on twitter. No shame in circlejerking this round. However, I am a bit torn between Klux and Lemmas, as I am quite familiar with both and enjoy both. I’ll abstain here just because I really can’t decide between the two.

  4. I am going to cast an obligatory vote for THAT because they were the first Anime-Blog I visited and you know, they brought me in and stuff (for good or for bad). Some fun posts there, though only if you are interested in the series being covered. 😛

    Kuriousity is a manga blog and that earns my respect, though it is not really my type of manga blog. It has volume based posts, and while I am sure those appeal to many people, they don’t really appeal to me.

    Lemmas and SubZero stuff
    The posts have interesting ideas and are in general well though or at least well reasoned editorials. I think (I am a bad judge of these things). I only read the Tsuritama post and like I said ideas are great, but I think there are a few minor technical hiccups. Minor grammar mistakes (not a problem, just pointing it out) and post flow (whatever that means) could be improved a little. By that I mean, try and stay on topic. Talking about how something makes you feel is perfectly fine but don’t jump around between your thoughts and your observations so much, especially not in the same paragraph. Urr, I don’t know if that made any sense, but you run a good blog! So, don’t worry about it. 😛 Also, you are a comrade in the deep literature analysis of Queen’s Blade group, so props for that to.

    Aww, don’t be sad! You are pretty cool~ More so than your posts themselves, I am quite impressed by the rate you pump those bad boys out. Such frequent updates on a solo blog like yours is a rare fine indeed. As for the posts, for what they are, they are good. Nice and short, just the way super fast episodics should be.


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