Round 3 Group 10

Analog Housou vs Open Your Mind vs Kritik der Animationskraft vs Just as Planned

*Vote here*


6 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 10

  1. In the wasteland of screencap episode rundowns, screaming Mai Waifu and tunnel-vision Weabooness that is Anime blogging, Analog Housou steps it up a notch. It\’s actually about shit, not just anime but Japanese culture and hobbies, and the staff are long term anime fans who are genuinely passionate about animation as an art form. Vote wah and the Analog Housou team!

    • Thanks for the kind words that I fished for like crazy on twitter!!!

      Why isn’t this thread getting any discussion the hottest anime blog of them all is up! (mine)

      • I think you can do well just by pimping your site out man. At least in this case.

        To be honest your blog would do way better if you just wrote more. Or your contributors :p

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