Round 3 Group 9

Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs We Remember Love vs Anime Instrumentality vs

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18 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 9

  1. We Remember Love is a given, but since I’m a bit unsure about Anime Instrumentality vs. Whiners, only voted for one.

  2. I voted for Whiners, because dark_sage is so likable.

    In other news, I believe that the sky is brow, cows can fly, and that I did not vote for Kurogane and We Remember Love.

  3. Kurogane’s blog is probably one of the better reaction blogs out there. By reaction blog I mean it’s more about capturing spontaneous reaction to a particular episode than reviewing it. I think it’s one of the best aspect of episodic blogging and to that end his blog has been doing a good job at that for some time now. At the same time, it’s also sort of getting long in the tooth.

  4. Well scratch whatever I said in the previous match, this is the HARDEST match to choose from. I just so happens that I like all of them. In the end it looks like I’m voting (because I really like that blog even though the author is a big effing ********) and Kurogane because I cannot believe he’s fallen last.

    Just goes to show that the seeding system is completely flawed. You’ll never be able to guess which blogs are more popular. For the next ABT you guys really should just do randomization. It’d be a lot more exciting than what’s happening now.

    • It’s got nothing to do with the seeding, the seeding was fine in this match up. Kurogane is a senior in this round and even went to the semi’s last tournament. By your say, he should be seeded lower? He should be seeded higher if anything.

      The seeding is fine. I just think that with the rapid expansion of blogging, people have moved onto a different kind of preference in terms of what they want to see and read. 2 years ago, anime blogs weren’t anywhere near as common place as now. Kurogane has kept the same format as he has always had, which is fine since that’s what he likes doing, but obviously fans, crowds, readers and what people like changes as well. Most likely, the majority of voters this tourney weren’t there last tourney.

      I’m not sure that randomizing it would be exciting as it would be incredibly predictable. Putting psgels against a new episodic blog from the first round would hardly be exciting.

    • Half the appeal of is that D_S acts like an arsehole, though! The contest is just a bit of fun, and isn’t meant to be taken to be some definitive guide of the most popular anime blogs (if it really were about popularity, the tournament would’ve just taken the site hits and drawn up a ladder). This system is meant to make the competition fair by bundling the more popular sites so that less popular sites get a fighting chance for the first few rounds. As for more exciting? I don’t see some well-established site trouncing newcomers as more exciting than a balanced match.

    • Agree with Aelysium. Different strokes for different folks right? And by the next Aniblog Tourney, new readers will come in and things will change then because times will change. So yeah, no randomization.

    • Just want to point out… For a lot of the higher seed blogs, their reader base consists largely of non-bloggers and anime fans not that well-versed in the anime blogosphere, and would thus not know about this tourney. (Or know which date the blog is up.)

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