Round 3 Group 8

Anime Diet vs Emory Anime Club vs Shinde Iie Anime Blog vs Anime B&B

Poll Closed


22 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 8

  1. No comments because everybody magically transformed into a lurker.

    I have to wonder how many votes come directly from the blogs participating in the match and how many come from regular (?) Aniblog Tourney voters.

  2. What is this! SO CLOSE.
    Quick thoughts (I don’t really have time to read posts, so, yeah, sorry about that):

    Anime Diet
    These guys have been around for quite a while it seems. For some reason, the site design and “feel” makes you think that these guys post several times a day and that they are a boss level blog. But, they don’t actually post thaaat often. Post frequency is still really good though (every 2 or 3 days), just not as great as a 10 second look might suggest.
    They have a category cloud and while that is fine, I’d rather they had a proper list of categories so, I could quickly jump into posts concerning an anime I liked and not fumble around the cloud thingy. (Clouds are probably okay for tags, categories, not so much in my opinion).
    Oh, Moritheil posts stuff here. He is a cool bro. + Points to Diet for hiring him.

    Emory Anime Club
    An interesting blog. Most people said enough stuff about them(last round), so, I won’t say much else. I actually really like the idea of a blog run by school club members.

    Shinde Iie Anime Blog
    I like this place. Mostly because Inu is a buddy (or so I think anyway), but also because his posts are quite well written and he does episodics quite well. I love how he doesn’t necessarily talk about what happened in an episode but instead focuses on one or two interesting things and goes with it. Or something.

    Anime B&B
    Maria makes some interesting and fun posts. She also covers food which is an interesting thing to cover if I do say so. I haven’t read enough of her posts (please forgive me!), but I get the impression that some posts are a bit on the cheesy side while others are a bit on the ‘literary’ side. There is nothing wrong with that per say, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people will like her stuff though.

    So yeah, they are all good blogs. Please forgive the shameless plug, but I think it would be worthwhile to have Shinde be number one. Yeah, it’s a good blog that deserves to get through this round, but I also want to see Inushinde and Baka-Raptor face each other next round. That sounds like a lot of fun.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Reiseng! The category cloud really isn’t the ideal way actually, I agree. There is actually a massive overhaul of the site design going on right now, but it wasn’t ready in time for this tourney round. We have such a large volume of material, browsing through it isn’t always the easiest, and we’re aware of that issue. Rest assured that change is coming on that front soon, and when it does, we really just might be boss level then 🙂

    • I’ll have to agree on your assessment of some of my posts being cheesy :p I winced a bit when reading, and even when I was originally writing, my Birdy post. I will endeavor to cut the cheese count by at least half! Thanks for taking the time to quickly jot out your thoughts~

  3. It was a hard fought battle, everyone did well, and with the results so close I think it’s a sign we are all pretty good blogs. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who voted for us at Anime Diet! We look forward to facing Metanorn on the 20th.

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