Round 3 Group 7

Listless Ink vs Moe Fundamentalism vs Sekijitsu vs Anime Viking

Poll Closed


22 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 7

  1. I’d like to humbly ask voters for any feedback they may have for Sekijitsu as we’re interested in knowing how others interpret our site. Whatever type of feedback it is (positive or negative) please do let us know ;D I wish the best of luck to everyone else we’re competing against ^^

    • I went three pages in and tallied up what you write about. 77% of your posts are episode reviews. 13% are meta. That leaves 10% for game/manga reviews. So I’m going to assume you are doubling down on the “ohmigod episode reviews are awesome” crowd. That’s the strangest thing I found about this tournament — nearly every blog is doing the exact same thing. And I have no clue how it’s a sustainable decision.

      But whatever, that’s what you’ve decided to do. So, with all the other episode review blogs out there, what makes yours stand out? It’s not the writing, because yours is the same generic, thoughtless summary-regurgitation bullshit that every other blog has. And it’s not the diverse opinions your blog offers, because many of the blogs here have tons of writers.

      So what is it? What would make me as a reader decide to visit your site instead of another episode review blog? More importantly, what would make someone who’s not currently interested in episode reviews want to read yours?

      I don’t really know your strategy right now, but if you tell me what it is, I can certainly tell you how well you’re executing it.

      • Well like you’ve pointed out, my writing isn’t anything special in particular. I do use a rating system for each episode but that’s hardly anything special to talk about nor would I view it as anything special in the first place. I won’t be speaking on behalf of anyone else since I’m not them and I do believe you’re just talking about me right?

        It’s true our site is made up of mainly episodic reviews and that does look to be the common choice of writing amongst the majority of blogs in this tournament. But weirdly enough, my ‘generic, thoughtless summary-regurgitation bullshit’ does appeal to the readers that frequent our site. I even know of several people who’ve been influenced into watching the shows I’ve reviewed so I guess that’s a plus right? ;D

        Honestly speaking, I don’t have what you call a ‘strategy’. I really don’t. As for why my writing appeals to the readers who have liked what I wrote, I seriously don’t know. When I read other peoples writing, I feel as if my writing isn’t that well written (and it’s probably not) but for the minority who do love what I write and have been influenced by my writing in whatever way, it’s best if you asked them how my writing has done so.

        Sorry I couldn’t give you a straight forward answer but you are right, we are quite generic, but I believe there’s one thing that separates us individuals who write the bullshit you believe it to be and that’s our individual personalities. If that simple difference wasn’t there, we might as well copy and paste each other true?

        It’s fine if you don’t like our site, that’s your opinion and I respect that but I’d really like to hear about what you personally look for in episodic posts or an individuals writing ^^ If there’s any suggestions or feedback you’d like to voice, please do.

        • Take heart Tofu. Never let anyone make you question what you have done. We all get negative feedbacks but the the feedbacks that we should pay special attention to are those that point to our weaknesses in specific and practical way. So that we can use them to improve our works. Generalizing negative feedbacks offers nothing we can use.

          No blogs are generic (even episodic blogs) if one looks carefully enough because everyone of us is unique. Your work will never be perfect but that doesn’t mean that you’ve come the wrong way. Be proud and continue to grow better. Cheers!

          • If you could shove any more useless platitudes into two paragraphs, you’d be a NYT nonfiction best seller.

            I pointed out his major weakness — his blog doesn’t stand out from the crowd. What, you disagree? Well then, what makes his blog better than the rest you read? Why would I go to Sekijitsu over Metanorn? Cart Driver? Star Crossed? Even Tofu doesn’t know what makes him different, so I’m sure your insight would be much appreciated.

        • But your biggest problem *is* post frequency. You get something done maybe once a month, which is not something that’s going to inspire people to constantly check your blog for updates.

          There’s no point in critiquing your writing style or content decisions when the number one thing you can do is simply increase how often you post.

            • Fine.

              My main problem with your site is that you don’t really consider the depth of your subjects. You talk about “Anime Worlds”, but in your Part 1 post, all you do is talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, and Sherlock Holmes. You completely forget about your subject and that there are tons of anime worlds to consider. It’s the equivalent of a Top 10 Anime List made up of the only 10 anime you’ve ever seen… and half of them are live-action westerns. Your audience is anime fans, remember?

              Another example:
              You talk about Video Game Adaptations, but the amount of shows you consider is so miniscule you don’t even begin to do justice to the subject. It really seems like you’re geared toward doing case studies with the subjects you think of. I’d have enjoyed much more if you focused on Persona 4 for the entirety of it, and then mentioned in one paragraph how other video game adaptations fared. Then, you couldn’t be terribly criticized for a lack of knowledge of the subject. Instead, all I thought of was how I could make an article better suited to the subject. Not good.

              Your site isn’t bad, and you actually made it into my bookmarks, but that issue is something you could work on.

            • Don’t have much to say than thank you! It’s great to have someone who dares to tell the truth. It’s funny how the two posts you mentioned are the ones I am least proud over, if that is anything to go by. I’ll think of it in the future!

              Thanks 😀

      • I don’t exactly get the hate around episode review blogs (actually only bloggers themselves hate episode review blogs). People write what they want to write (isn’t that the whole point of having a blog) and if people are just writing to be “different” then isn’t that slightly pathetic?

        I mean if the comments and criticisms in this competition revolves around the type of blog you are rather than the content/style of what you write then this place really is an elitist circlejerk fiesta.

        • So by criticizing that 90% of the blogs in this tournament are the same kind of blog, I am now… circlejerking?

          There are some questions you should be asking yourself with that statement.

          First off, “Am I retarded?”
          Another could be, “Have I ever actually thought about something before I posted about it?”
          And perhaps most importantly, “Would a bridge or a tall building be more suitable?”

  2. This is perhaps the hardest voting poll that I have to go through particularly because I follow all four blogs pretty well. It’s extremely hard, but I’m going to have to go with Moe and Seki

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