Round 3 Group 5

Baka-Raptor vs Metanorn vs Avvesione’s Anime Blog vs Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity?

Poll Closed

20 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 5

  1. Is Baka-Raptor the seeded entrant? If so then there’s not much to know besides that, LOL. I dig his grading scheme, but yeah. LOL.

  2. All great blogs, but sadly I think I have to go with my friends at META and Baka Raptor is just a funny writer in general.

    The other two blogs are just as good but it actually hurts a bit to only vote for two.

  3. Not exactly thrilled that a blog that basically does nothing except episode reviews is winning.

    Anyway, voted for Baka-Raptor and Avvesione’s.

  4. I was really pulling for AOIA. They’ve had some quality content recently. Well, it came down to 2 votes against the favorite, so a good showing, at least. Keep doing what you do.

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