Round 3 Group 4

Tenka Seiha vs Reverse Thieves vs Heart of Manga vs Okazu

Poll Closed

12 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 4

  1. Kind of wish if the link would open in a new window, but i guess i just need to remember to middle click…

    Tenka Seiha is a great place to get screen shots! At least that’s been the only reason I’ve been going there lately.

    • I think most people are clicking on that link and going “WTF?” and immediately choose to vote for other blogs when actually, to view the site, you need to type out the URL yourself 😛 Anyone reading this, it’s probs too late cause you’ve already made your votes… oh wells

    • Lots of bloggers have gotten bitter as they got along in their blogging years, but none so much as Aroduc.

      Seriously, remember when he’d follow, blog and enjoy shows like NAITO WIZAADO?

      At least he’s still funny.

  2. Very weird. If I go through google, Tenka Seiha’s site loads fine. But if I click the link here, I’m somehow redirected to youtube.

  3. Reverse Thieves really deserves to win simply for their eclectic originality. Meanwhile, Tenka Seiha is still classin’ it up with their, uh, classy classnesses.

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