Round 3 Group 2

Anime Princess vs Draggle’s Anime Blog vs Those Damned Cartoons vs Baka Laureate

Poll Closed


16 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 2

  1. Uhm, the first round in the toruney I couldn’t decide on what to vote for at all, so a random generator chose Anime Princess and Those Damned Cartoons for me.

    Those Damned Cartoons should really change theme, use spacing, have more pictures and use “read more”. It’s a real pain to read. Which is sad, because the content is good.

  2. All the blogs are still really close in this round. It should be fun to see which of the blogs advance as the winner and runner-up from here since, at this point, anyone could take either spot.

    Good luck to all the blogs competing in this round!

  3. Image quality of the banner for Draggle’s Anime Blog is really poor. I can understand an image in a post, but not the blog’s banner. Some of the sidebar widgets could use more structure to be easily read. Some of them just look like a pile of blue links.

    I really enjoyed “the simple fact is that one of the most effective ways to change people is to mock them, mercilessly” bit from the Those Damn Cartoons! blog, but it doesn’t have anime I’m interested in.

    Baka Laureate is an episode blog, so it should die trapped in a burning building.

    Anime Princess could use space between the Twitter button and the bar separating posts and the read more link. Remove the tweet number and instead put an @name when someone tweets a blog posts since most don’t show a number (other than 0). Twitter widget needs to be skinned to match blog.

    • If that happened they should make it sudden-death. Whichever two blogs gets the next two votes (obviously from people who have yet to vote) go on to the next round.

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