Round 3 Group 1

Star Crossed Anime Blog vs 8thSin Fansubs Anime Blog vs Amaenbou Dane~ vs Shameful Otaku Secret

Poll Closed


23 thoughts on “Round 3 Group 1

  1. By now we’re all familiar with these blogs, right?

    I guess the new entry here is Star Crossed, where psgels just writes on like a maniac, although in recent years he has cooled down significantly due to having a real job. I suppose it’s just a matter of time he has to step down?

      • Actually I think he used to be better about that. A lot of the time what he writes is sort of just fluffy explanation about how he feels, which doesn’t even always relate to the particular show. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter too much; an opinion is an opinion.

        Which is also to say, after he implemented his cryptic episodic rank system (who uses 1-3 ascii characters + 1 word to rate an episode zomg), reading his blog is a lot less painful because I can just skip most of what he has to write LOL.

  2. Now the third round up, I think I’ll start writing my thoughts about blogs, starting after sleep. I’m afraid many will think I’m harsh, since some seem go crazy over the smallest kind of criticism, hate or even thoughts, but, well, that’s just bad.

    In this match, I voted 8thsin and Otaku Secret. Thoughts later.

  3. voting for 8th sin because of penguindrum and translation reviews.
    voting for psgels ’cause I follow him regularly.

  4. Where is the excitement??!?! You guys need to hire a mascot or two. 😛

    Anyway, they are all good blogs. As much as people like to hate on them here, Star Crossed is good at what they do. 8thsin is an awesome fellow. Shameful Otaku Secret is awesome because Otou-San is awesome. And while I am inexperienced with eroge, Amaenbou folks really like them and cover them in a good amount of detail.

  5. psgels in by far the best ! Sure it is not perfect…and sometime too much details are given when not needed…and yes his tastes are VERY different from mine. BUT:
    its clear
    looks nice
    very much all anime can be found there for his impressions !

  6. Star Crossed
    Another typical episodic blog, one of the most famous ones together with Random Curiosity.
    It features some competent writing and a follows the same format in nearly every post. A few pictures here, some short thoughts there and to round it off there’s an overly positive grading system. I do not follow this blog, so the only negative opinion I have seen on the site was regarding the new Hunter x Hunter, which sadly came off as nostalgia than something valid. Why? Because the lack of opinion.

    This is one of the main problems with many episodic blogs: they just write some positive thoughts and call it a day. That way, no reader gets moody and turned off. It’s very boring to read. Write something deeper. Don’t just say “this is subtle” or whatever it is – flesh it out! Let is into your mind! This is exactly why the Hunter x Hunter posts seemed poor: they lacked any proper thoughts.

    In short: an episodic blog without much content.

    8thSin is primarly a place where you can read about fansubs, but it is also a place where you can read episodic blog posts. The posts about subbing is absolutely marvelous, they are engrossing and very informative to read. They are super, really. You get a new perspective of it all.

    As for the episodic posts, they can seem a bit all over the place at first. There is a lack of “focus”. 8th prefer to talk about random parts about the whole episode, instead of just one thing that stood out. This normally wouldn’t work very well, but here it actually does. 8th saves it by putting in his own thoughts about what the characters say and how to translate it, often pointing out references and the likes. In addition, he mentions how the scenes plays out. All of this really works together well, as a non-Japanese speaker will understand some lines better and as a result help develop the story further.

    So this gets my vote. It’s very interesting to read.

    Amaenbou Dane
    Well, eroges aren’t my thing, as I haven’t played any before. I should really try one sometime… perhaps Katawa Shoujo is a good start.

    For people without interest, there isn’t much to be found here. There are reviews, impressions and thoughts of many eroge, which I don’t find interesting, nor will understand if I’m not well-versed in it. I wouldn’t mind seeing more posts on eroges “overall”, such as introduction posts, discussing aspects of them and so on. Perhaps I just missed these posts ^^’
    The writing style is very personal, with smileys and such. While it doesn’t come off as polished, I can’t say I don’t mind it as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the writing.

    Otaku Secret
    Editorials, ’nuff said. Though sometimes the writing seem to be a bit fluffy, without making the author’s thoughts clear. I remember some old Clannad posts that came off as gibberish, although that was a while back.

    Eh, I could write more about this blog, but I don’t want to write any more than necessary. This blog is better than Amaenbou and Star in both writing and content.

    Gets my vote.

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