Round 3 begins tomorrow

Polls open and close at the usual time of 20:00 GMT. Dates are up on the sidebar link.

A reminder that during the group stages you may vote for 2 of the blogs in each match up. The top 2 in each match progress to the next round.

Note that there has been one change. Josh’s Anime Blog was the seeded blog in group 10. However there has been no update there since March 11th, so by the time its match comes up, it will have been silent for 3 months. While there isn’t really a precedent set for this, we felt it would be awfully silly to have a blog so clearly not updating anymore still in the tourney. Due to a draw between Those Damned Cartoons vs Baka Laureate, group 2 would have had 5 blogs competing in that match. With this in mind, Josh’s Anime Blog has been replaced with the seeded blog in group 2 Analog Hosou, so there are now 4 blogs in both group 2 and group 10. If there’s any confusion, all the new dates and matches are on the date page.


One thought on “Round 3 begins tomorrow

  1. Good news, good news! Obligatory reminder that aniblog betting (with fake… uh, not really money) is STILL CONTINUING except not really because we haven’t had updates for the past x months.

    Also; how would one prevent mass floods of votes if one really were to push for votes on a popular stream, even specifically instructing its viewers not to read other blogs? That’s contradictory to the spirit of the tourney, but how would one know whether they were or not?

    (Of course, the best option is not caring, since if one side can garner mass votes, the other side can too, and it all honestly doesn’t matter at all.)

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