How to vote in the Group Stages

During the group stages, you may vote for 2 blogs in each poll. The top 2 blogs in each poll will progress through to each round.

For the new polling system, the picture below is of the current results the poll. To vote in the poll, you have to follow the link, as wordpress is picky about html and javascript. Each blog is linked both here on the tourney website and on the poll itself. You have to visit the poll website from the tourney page though, otherwise you won’t be able to vote.

Blog 1 vs Blog 2 vs Blog 3 vs Blog 4

Vote here

Round 3 will begin (hopefully) on June 1st.


15 thoughts on “How to vote in the Group Stages

  1. WordPress .php script makes it a pain to use anything java so its understandable. I still don’t understand how this is that different though. Surely if you just link people to it, the same issues occur. And this doesn’t look Tor proof.

    Meh, I guess we just need the tourney back on track, I’d nearly forgotten it existed until my feed reminded me.

    • First, in the old system, Tor would actually decrease the odds against free proxy set, since the number of Tor gateway is smaller. The only reason to bring Tor up is the easy discoverability of it. Conversely though, IP-based poll providers have it banned since forever. I think we should give Tor a rest. It’s not a factor and never been a factor.

      Secondly, in the new system, proxies of any kind may be made not relevant, and this includes Tor. However, it shifts the focus of cheating at the identity creation. Current system permits voting as soon as account is created. Now, imagine – purely for the sake of argument – that blogger S. has 1500 co-workers, who are big fans of S’s blog, and also of Google. They all have e-mail accounts. They also vote through the same corporate gateway, naturally. Question to organizers of Tourney: are they allowed to vote? If not, why not?

      P.S. Re-introducing IP into the verification only re-adds proxies right back.

    • It’s got nothing to do with Java, and it’s not WordPress’ fault, its juste because the tourney is hosted on, so I can’t make a PHP plugin to include the polls in the posts and most HTML tags are censored from the posts.

  2. Cool, the game continues.

    One question; Since there will be another link from the tourney blog to the poll, is placing the link directly to the poll prohibited?

    • Using the poll link will send people to the tourney’s blog. Nothing prevents you from using it though.
      However, the picture link will work, you can add the picture version of the poll on your site.

  3. Before anyone asks, I’m the programmer.
    I’ll be monitoring the comments, so post bugs, suggestions, hate, whatever.
    Also, as the title of the vote platform says, it’s in Alpha stage. So it may change, crash, glitch, bug, etc.
    However for now it seems fairly stable.

    • Cool job, Will! You sure challenged yourself with this, even with your RL project in full swing. >>

      Update on facebook, the link share doesn’t ‘get’ the png file associated with the poll. So, maybe you should look into that.

    • “Many techniques are used to detect and prevent fraudulent votes.”

      How about backing this up with technical explanations, even basic ones?. And an About page would help folks get a general idea of who/what we’re dealing with.

  4. yay, it is restarting! Good job people, especially this Will fellow. 😛 Hopefully, this will be fun. I am expecting many, many smack down posts, please do not disappoint me!

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