Round 3 delayed

We are in the process of procuring a more secure voting system. We’re not quite sure how long it will take as of yet. Somewhere between a week and the end of the month. Until then, Round 3 will be delayed.


113 thoughts on “Round 3 delayed

    • It was completely unfair to remove my comment where I pointed out that AstroNerdBoy is only asking these questions so he can spin the pathetic nose dive of his so-called review blog as some horrendous criminal act by me. Everyone knows it’s impossible to force a low vote count with Polldaddy. AstroNerdBoy lost fair and square and wouldn’t have won in any of the Round 2 matches with his lousy 80 votes.

      • Well, in any subsequent rematches, we can be assured that you will win again, correct? If so, quite your whining. Whether you would have won or not, there were a couple things that caused the organizers distrust the system. Keep your bad vibes out, man.

      • You don’t get it. It’s obvious AstroNerdBoy will lose again if the match is kept fair and I have no fears about a potential rematch. I don’t see a reason for one, considering AstroNerdBoy‘s pathetic result and Shinde Iie’s consistently superior performance in both rounds, but if it’s held I don’t have an issue with it, I’ll just campaign against AstroNerdBoy‘s little propaganda and promo blog again like I have so far.

        What I’m saying is AstroNerdBoy is trying to find a way to spin his loss as something caused by me, because his paymasters won’t be happy with him failing as badly as he did. He can’t win, so he’s looking to use the problems with some of the other matches to shift the blame for his match as well. That’s why I wanted to expose his agenda so the organizers won’t fall for it again like they did in the first tourney.

      • If you know nothing about it, you shouldn’t have accused me of manipulating the vote in the first tourney. I think you know all about it because how else could you and your pals cause surges by hundreds of votes then, while you only got mere 80 votes now that you were under close scrutiny.

  1. Well, I guess this will give people a nice break. It was a bit exhausting trying to check out all the blogs and stuff.

    Good luck on the alternative! Don’t feel bad if you have to fall back on PollDaddy because it didn’t work out.

    It is kind of sad that it had to come to this though. I guess a few people really are taking this tournament seriously. Are you sure you guys aren’t giving away a hidden prize like a date with Scamp or something?

  2. Oh, might I suggest making a stand-alone page for this? Possibly get a dev to write it for you? I know Gargron did a couple aniblogs and has a forum or something, so maybe he can do it.

  3. Critique of Tenchi Truth’s comments:

    Comments are good with formatting… perhaps too good since he highlights every instance of certain keywords. It is a welcome relief to see no walls of text in Tenchi Truth’s content. This guy comes off as extremely confident — never faltering or showing weakness. One thing Tenchi Truth’s comments could use are images, though I’m not sure it’s possible or even desirable.

    After seeing AstroNerdBoy bold-faced so many times, the blog’s name firmly planted in my head, making me more likely to visit (and vote for) the site. This runs contrary to the spirit of Tenchi Truth’s messages. He insists that AstroNerdBoy is a terrible person and blog. Due to this glaring logic error, Tenchi Truth’s attempts at trolling fail miserably.

      • Do you have proof of that cause as I understand it, this Tenchi guy has hounded Astro since he was a moderator at the Ayeka Fanclub forums. It doesn’t make sense that he’d create fake drama in a losing cause.

        • People do all sorts of silly things for hits, and drama like this is an easy way to rake them in. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current Tenchi is Astronerdboy, especially given how much he’s trying to put ANB’s name out there. The real Tenchi might have already left or dropped this whole thing. This current Tenchi seems like a pathetic attempt to keep an uninteresting, outdated drama going for the sake of giving ANB attention. And seeing how much of an attention whore ANB is (e.g. deliberately baiting Tenchi in many of his posts)…

          • “And seeing how much of an attention whore ANB is (e.g. deliberately baiting Tenchi in many of his posts)…”

            Really? Wow. That’s news to me. Outside of the announcement post I made for the tourney, please cite some posts I have made in the last 6-months where I baited this stalker. If many of my posts bait this stalker, then it should be quite easy for you to back your claims with proof.

            • “Outside of the announcement post I made for the tourney”
              “I have made in the last 6-months”

              lol. Nice qualifications. You might as well have said, “please cite some posts and comments that I didn’t bait Tenchi.”
              p.s. I was around for the last tourney too, and you certainly seemed to enjoy playing up that drama then.

        • Shit doesn’t add up.

          You find it easy to believe that someone has dedicated 8 years of their life to “trolling” ANB by linking to his site in every post they make? That’s insane. This is the most unbelievable thing about all this stupid shit.

          As soon as Tenchi’s authenticity was questioned, this “ZeroRyoko” person posting here conveniently came in to swear up and down that Tenchi Truth is totally legit and a “serious threat”. But Google searches for “”zeroryoko” tenchi” and “”zeroryoko” astronerdboy” don’t turn up any relevant results except for this tournament. You’d think someone so familiar with the matter would have at least a post or two related to this shit.

          There’s more shit too, but the gist is, it doesn’t make sense. Something is off about this whole thing and I don’t appreciate being jerked around by anyone other than Taiwanese prostitutes in shady hotels.

          • *sigh* I’d promised myself that I’d keep my trap shut, but I feel compelled to say something since people are reporting this to me.

            Stalkers live in their own world with their own logic. Ask John Hinckley Jr. or Robert John Bardo.

            When this mess all started, I wasn’t the sole target. He targeted posters on the Ayeka Fan Club BBS. He used hacked accounts, proxy servers, and other means to come in and harass us. As members began quitting, including those who ran the forums, I was put in charge. It was then that I became the sole target of this stalker’s obsession. If you’d like to see a sampling of his stuff, look here:

            Regardless, I consulted a lawyer once he popped me a threatening MSG on my blog. The lawyer agreed that it was a threat and had me consult law enforcement, whereby I opened a case file. Every message he sends to my blog is archived and sent to law enforcement. If I had money, I could pursue a strong, legal course to uncover whomever this guy is and get him to stop.

            It is hard to believe that someone could be so obsessed with me, a nobody on the Internet. If it weren’t happening to me, I probably would be hard pressed to believe it too. However, there are insane people all over the world, and in that light, I just happened to win the lottery for obtaining an Internet stalker.

            • Let me try this again, WP having lost my first attempt.

              AstroNerdBoy, with all due respect, if this sod was really after your life, I don’t think he’d still be posting his stupid message of “truth” after 8 years or whatever the claim is. You’re making a fool of yourself by comparing a petty Internet troll to big name killers. I’m starting to think the people who say you’re begging for attention have a point, because while this chap is definitely an annoyance, for you to compare yourself to Ronald Reagan is a clear sign of megalomania. I don’t see the trigger-happy American law enforcement not making a move on the bugger many years ago if he represented the level of threat you’ve suggested. I think not only Tenchi Truth, but you too need to take a step back from this and consider if your words and actions make sense, my good chap.

            • I’m partial to Tenchi’s antics since the previous tourney, because drama entertains me and he keeps on giving. That said, isn’t there a diconnect between your friends setting up a special blog to bait and make fun of the guy and you claiming here that he’s a major threat? I appreciate the drama, but it doesn’t add up, dude.

        • What Tenchi Truth is doing is like product placement. He’s throw “AstroNerdBoy” out there many times along with linking the website. If this troll is out to destroy AstroNerdBoy, he’s doing the opposite here on Aniblog.

          Either he’s incredibly fucking stupid or he’s actually AstroNerdBoy staging drama for page hits. I know which one I lean towards.

      • Dark_Sage, do you have a comprehension problem? I already said this once, this guy is well known to all long time Tenchi fans. He’s been attacking ANB for years in retaliation for ANB permabanning him after finding incontrovertible evidence of his incessant trolling of Tenchi forums, which he also did for years. This is a very serious situation that has been reported to law enforcement.

        • This is beyond ridiculous. On the one hand, we have an egomaniacal moron who claims to be fighting for some sodding “truth” about Tenchi. On the other, we have AstroNerdBoy and his friends over-dramatising the whole thing as though this chap is a super-stalker of some kind.

          @Tenchi Truth: You seriously need to get a life and stop spouting your nonsense, especially at a place that has nothing to do with your precious Tenchi. No one here gives a rat’s ass about your “truth”, you’re just spoiling the good sporting mood with your mindless campaign. Can’t you understand that Tenchi is just an anime and it’s really bloody stupid to hold a grudge over someone liking what you don’t?

          @AstroNerdBoy & friends: I’m sorry the bugger keeps pestering you, but this chap quite simply doesn’t come across as someone bright enough to pose an actual threat or hide from the law for years, so you may want to go easy on the legend-building rhetoric. There’s no point in aggrandising this moron beyond the petty nuisance he is. Please just ignore him like the rest of us are trying to do.

          • I admit, I shouldn’t have even mentioned him when the contest was announced. I was advised not to, but to be honest, I already knew what would happen and I hoped for a non-tainted competition. It was my mistake and it won’t happen again.

  4. Another thing you can do while you’re at it, is to actually be active and engaged in this whole tourney. I barely see the admins and the vote problem before was handled poorly. Be happy, spread love, make fun!

  5. I think you people need a little more perspective before you jump to snap judgements about this AstroNerdBoy thing. Warning: SRS BSNS Tenchi fan drama behind these links.

    Here’s something by a former mod at the Ayeka Fan Club, The History Of Tenchiverse Forums or History of the Tenchiverse Forums.

    The Absolutely True Ancient History Of Tenchiverse Forums is the response by the main accused baddie of that history, the person some people believe is Tenchi, … who apparently decided to aquire the long defunct domain to rub it in: Announcement from Princess Ayeka: Club under a new Miss Management.

    This all ties in with AstroNerdBoy’s drama report from the 2010 tournament ANB Enters Round 2 of the Aniblog Tournament — aka: Drama Part 2 and this one from the other side from 2009 Setting the record straight.

    If some of you think this is AstroNerdBoy posting under an alias to rake in hits, I promise you it’s not. I just wanted you to see that nearly all of what’s called “drama” in the aniblogosphere is minor mood swings compared to when people really tear into each other over anime. It pains me to see what all this has done to the Tenchi fandom. Don’t anyone let this kind of distrust and anger destroy your communities.

    • That’s actually a cool idea, but it would take far too long to set up I would think. Could be a cool idea if there’s another Aniblog. I think it would be better to start in group stages too it would move everything along a bit faster. Or maybe it wouldn’t. But everyone likes a losers bracket, especially losers……

      Then again, if the purpose of the tournament is to find new and exiting blogs, then a losers bracket doesn’t serve much of a purpose. I still like the idea though it’s pretty cool. We use them at YMCA events when we set up tournaments.

    • Poor ANB? I’d imagine Tenchi is the best thing that’s happened for his traffic in recent. At least, he is still trying to milk it this time around.

  6. Wow tons of Drama here. My own blog lost, with it going down during the voting an all XD (Hacked and what not).

    I just thought I’d throw in an offer to host the Aniblog tourney on my server if needed for next time. I love the idea of the aniblog tourney and what it does for all sites involved.

    So yeah, if needed, I can host it for free on my own server hosting.

  7. Why not do this: Instead of easily manipulable polls and voting systems, why not just get the owners of the blogs that lost (and maybe some other trustworthy people) and have them cast their votes in ballots a la Anime Power Rankings. I know this sounds circle-jerk-y, but it does make the whole competition not completely reliant on popularity. Feel free to improve on this.

  8. How about we just keep vote manipulation in and stop caring about it. I mean, if you allow anyone to vote, I could go get a ton of my buddies from class, users from a forum I run, viewers of my livestreams, or a ton of other things to sway the vote in the favor of whomever I see fit. This isn’t a true competition, it is for fun.

    Seriously, someone may have cheated, that’s a Very Bad Thing™. I understand. Even so, bringing the entire thing to a halt because of it is just blatant mismanagement.

    • If you resort to cheating in an Aniblog Tournament, in which the winner gains nothing more than a big ego, then you’re a pussy, and you should jump off your roof (safely).

  9. I say continue to use Polldaddy. This’ll never truly be “fair” no matter which voting software is used.

    Just finish things up how they began or officially cancel it. Please make a call, Aniblog organizers, because the tournament is reeking of neglect now.

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