Round 2 Matches 45-48

Anime Gerad vs Daifuuku Anime Blog

Manga Xanadu vs Lost in America

Mono no aware vs World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko

Lower Mid-Table vs YumeState


14 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 45-48

  1. Daifuku has an interesting post here:
    Anime Gerad has interesting opinions too but I haven’t run across that one post that makes me actually want to read it.

    Manga Xanadu and LiA … really don’t care too much about either but the first blog has some interesting styles going for it. And there is the parent’s guide, lol.

    Mono no aware is great, used to be even better. Yamaguchi Hoshiko is p. neat too as i found out last round, but Martin introduced me to stuff I like (Summer of Ubume is p. coal) and being also a type-moon-tard, I am going that way.

    Yumestate is Hyoukay, I guess. Lower-mid Table only has something going for him if you watch any of the show he blogs about–Upotte, Mouretsu Pirates and Sakamichi no Apollon. /shrug

    • Reviewing old anime makes you seem old, and nobody wants the opinions of someone who’s not hip and with it. Trust me, my Walkman scores me 0 chicks.

      A lot of your articles are tl;dr because they don’t have any pictures. For your Black Gate article, I glanced at the title, saw the text, then nope’d the fuck outta there. Like it or not, visuals draw people in and give their eyes respite from text that initially seems boring as it can get.

      Your grammar is fucking shit. You haven’t studied the language enough. If English is your first language, then you’re just fucking lazy. Fix your shit because if it doesn’t follow the rules of grammar it looks terrible.

      The “there’s no such thing as bad anime” article intrigued me enough to read it, but your point is fucking stupid. You’re going to love all anime? None of it is bad? Come the fuck on. You can’t sit here and try to spin that tale. If that article was a joke, it was very poorly delivered.

      What you *do* have is a fucking personality that you can’t quite express with your articles.

      “Eureka Seven AO. All I remember of the first series was surfing robots and masturbating to Anemone doujinshi.”

      “The lack of good conversation partners is almost making me regret getting banned from all those anime forums.”

      That’s good shit. I can fucking relate. But you don’t go anywhere with the article those sentences are stuck in. It feels like wasted thought.

      tl;dr: More pics, better writing.

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