Round 2 Matches 41-44

Canne’s anime review blog vs The Otaku HQ

Abandoned Factory Anime Review vs WanAbrar

Eye Sedso vs Silence is Golden

Unmei Kaihen vs Shades of Grey


28 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 41-44

  1. I went with Canne’s, tho The OHQ is pretty okay too. It could’ve gone either way, depending on the small sample of posts I read.

    AFAR versus WanAbrar is a tie for me. I just compared their Hyouka 3 posts and I’m like, hrm. Neither are my sort of posts, although the animated gif from this show are eye crack, p coal.

    Eye and Silence… Going to Eye Sedso for being kind of different than the average anime blog here. Having images that are drastically different (dumb real life people) helps breaking up the monotony.

    Both Shades and Unmei Kaihen are fine blogs, too bad I don’t read any of the manga Shades of Grey is covering.

  2. Voted for Eye Sedso ’cause I’m a fucking idiot. …actually, you know what, I’ll just compliment the blog for once. I’ve never followed it regularly because it will never not bother me that glo doesn’t edit his shit, but honestly, the blog is entertaining as hell.

    Also voted for Unmei Kaihen because Shinmaru is One Cool Dude.

    • If Baka-Raptor is like Peanut Butter, then Glo is like Jelly. Put one of them on some bread and you are going to have a good time. Put both of them on bread, and you are going to have a great time.

      Silly analogy aside, Sedso is quite simply just a nice amusing place. Now, you might go to a site because you enjoy deep meaningful posts but, sometimes you want to visit a site because you you enjoy the character of the blogger himself. Glo’s site is like that,

      Yeah, he has some nice posts, but for the most part, they aren’t that revolutionary by themselves. Take a look at his old, but ever popular post on characters he dislikes . Pretty much every blogger writes a similar post, but Glo’s post is fun to read because he has an interesting personality and this personality is evident in the post itself, or something.

      Sorry for what you most likely deem a low-tier bullshit excuse (I deem it a medium-tier bullshit excuse), but hopefully, that helps.

      tl:dr: Sedso is not for everyone. Most like it, others don’t. ::shrug::

      • Don’t sell yourself short, Dark_Sage, you seem plenty dumb enough to like Eye Sedso!

        But yeah I guess Reiseng hit it on the head…..though I’d rather be Nutella instead of jelly.

        • Voted for Canne (of course) without hesitation. I’ve been a huge fan of Canne since the beginning, and I’ve only liked it more as the years went by. That being said, The OtakuHQ is a very good site, but hey, this is the All Star bracket, so there aren’t really any bad blogs, or even weak blogs. Take the next matchup for example.

          Went with WanAbrar though I would honestly like to see either one win.

          Eye Sedso used to be good, but damn that site has lost all of its mojo. Clipped my toenails instead of voting.

          UNMEI KAIHEN gets an easy vote as it’s an awesome blog.

  3. If you haven’t visited The Otaku HQ in a while, I invite you to do so. We have changed a LOT since the first round.


  4. Thank you for your support my friends (both vocal and silent, both bloggers and readers and also first time visitors)! *bow*

    ps. and don’t forget to support Glo and Klux (or Chii) as well!

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