Round 2 Matches 37-40

Conspicuous klux vs Oishii Anime vs Seventh Style

Drastic My Anime Blog vs Illogicalzen

Omonomono vs A Product of Wasted Time

Ani-Nouto vs The Untold Story of Altair & Vega


71 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 37-40

  1. More notes.
    1. The 3-way contest…I’m going for 7th Style because it’s the funniest out of the three if it advances, but otherwise I don’t really care.
    2. Drastic By Blog just doesn’t post enough. I know dm is not that busy unlike Dr.N, who is actually saving lives and making good on his life unlike the rest of us. But there’s like a 6-week gap between his last 2 posts, which is just too much.
    3. My blog is not a product of wasted time, but it is. Speaking of which, the best site I saw today was this
    4. Author has been gotten back to the ball more lately but these youngins are doing well over at A&V so I’m guessing soon he can go back to his kingly duties.

    • Actually I do want to endorse Drastic My Anime Blog for being the one blog anywhere where I can have a serious discussion about breasts in anime and feel good about it.

      • Damn straight. \o

        I’m going to make an effort to be more active, now that I’m starting to get the hand of work now, but I need more anime that makes me “Feel something” enough to write without just regurgitating what happens, you know? 😛

        Thanks for the respect though. And good luck to Illogalzen as well. Hoping for an epic match.

  2. I would like to briefly introduce our blog on behalf of all of us authors at… nah, I’m just shitting you. Best of luck to Author! Just want to say I’ve always found your posts great and accessible.

  3. I never have the slightest clue what omo is saying, but he’s clearly thinking about something and posting regularly about it. And when he’s on, he’s one of the better reads we have. Compared to what looks like a pretty run of the mill episodic/chapter blog, I have to go with omo.

    Drastic is a really tough one; it’s always been one of my favorite blogs but like omo said they’ve slowed down to near-nonexistence. Sad, but Illogical Zen does appear to be capable enough to deserve the votes.

    Ani-nouto vs. Altair and Vega is a weird matchup; the aniblog world deserves to have both kinds of blogs and they’re both good at what they do.

    • I have to agree with Otou’s points.

      Omo’s clarity ebbs and wanes, but honestly if you read, say, Judith Butler, Omo is like Anime For Dummies manual.

      BigN drifted away once he graduated and became Dr.N, MD. DM00 could not carry the mantle he inherited. It’s a pity, really.

      A+V is consistently good. I was just a shade disappointed by Bitmap’s treatment of Haganai in that it was cut short. There was more material than he chose to consider, and actually I think Ani-nouto’s rear side blog (that is not accounted in this poll) filled some gaps. But without a doubt they are gentlemen and scholars on the team.

      Oh and since we’re on it, I had to ding Klux for failing to see Upotte for what it is. Voted for Oishii in the 3-way.

  4. Left side blogs:

    Conspicuous klux
    That tag cloud is insane. There are so many that could be cut out.. especially the character names and other tags with only 1 post. Next: Posts could use some formatting. Take “Animetards” for example. Bold or italics would differentiate the questions from the answers, as would line breaks. The lists above and below could be HTML lists (ol and ul).

    Because you are about to hit that “Publish Comment” button, you are made of pure win with tasty awesomesauce on top ^__^

    I think messages like this convey a lack of confidence, as if kluxorious doesn’t think the site is worthy of comments.

    Drastic My Anime Blog
    Sharpen your image editing skills or find a graphic artist, because the banner is not working. Look at the ‘e’ in Anime and the almost unreadable text below the blog title. If it’s gonna look amateurish, don’t do it at all.

    What’s with the Blogroll? Is this website an anime blog directory? I may never understand why people think more = better. I’d be picky as hell about who makes it onto my Blogroll. Oh well, whatever.

    Good job using unordered lists in About. I wish more people would explore the buttons in Edit Post and realize that formatting = win.

    Oh hi there, omo.

    I understand the login/gravitar nonsense and I don’t like it either

    Man, I hate that crap. I mean, people were calling me motsucq instead of MotsuCQ because I didn’t update the name in Gravatar. It was painful to read. 😦

    Anyway, things are good here, though I would prefer to see more images and formatting. Anything more from me would be nitpicking. Props for having a separate page for Links/Blogroll.

    I see that quotation in the Aniblog post. Since you quoted me without attribution, I’m being extra-critical of Ani-Nouto.

    Besides, everyone read through a feedreader anyway. They do not even see the theme.

    Not newcomers. You do want them coming back, right?

    The biggest fail on this site is not allowing comments. WTF?

    Ani-Nouto has a left sidebar and not a right one. There are reasons why many designs have navigation on the right, though it doesn’t really apply here since the layout’s not centered. One reason is point #2 here: 10 Usability Tips Based on Research Studies.

    The following is not a problem here, but others would do well to grasp this from point #4:

    To increase the likelihood of your readers getting the most out of your content, utilize techniques for making content easier to read. Highlight keywords, use headings, write short paragraphs, and utilize lists.

    I’m not just making this shit up.

    Yeah, I was just kidding about the first part. Maybe I should have been harsh since you say the Haganai OP sucks. 😉

    • Two things:
      – That text actually isn’t part of the banner at Drastic, though it still looks like crap.
      – The second bold-faced Omonomono is obviously Ani-Nouto.

    • I would also like to see more images and formatting. But what usually happens is that I end up procrastinating. Which usually means I end up watching some anime and I get my fill of images.

      Formatting is a trickier thing, especially since I like to ramble and it’s hard to follow that wall of text. Well, sometimes it can’t be helped.

      • BTW, it’s a very minor thing, but you tend to insert images with a flow-around that looks really strange in my browser. Usually there’s a single word just outside of the image to the right and the rest goes under. I suspect it’s an insoluble problem, which is why I always put them into their own para.

        • The text-around-image thing is something I begin doing after moving to, simply because sometimes it made the reading easier and it works with the theme I’m using. I also tested it in (Win7) chrome, Firefox and heh IE8 and it all looked fine. If it doesn’t flow for you, send me your browser info I guess.

          If you read my posts in a feed, yeah, it will display the image in-line with the paragraph. But if you are reading it in a feed I doubt you’ll care so much. You might be right, it might be ultimately unsolvable short of always putting the image at the start of the first paragraph or in its own paragraph.

          Which is something I ought to do…

    • oh wow, thanks for pointing some of the shit that I never bother to look before. I’m not defending myself but I think I should make this clear (though I have wrote this so many times in my posts before). First of all, my blog is personal. It just so happened that it was anime-oriented since the past few years. When I said personal, I really do mean personal, as in, all the shits you see is for my own convenience, like the tag cloud you mentioned. It makes it easier for me to look some of the posts, even if it’s only 1 post.

      Formatting… well, I do use them. The “Animetards” you mentioned was written back in 2009. I guess I was very lazy back then. Point well taken.

      and LOLOLOL I made that comment shit when I first started blogging back in 2006 where no one actually ever did stop by. I was new in the world of blogging so perhaps why I sounded so desperate. Heh, seriously, thanks for pointing this one out. Time to kill a mothaf – Oh nvm.

      Thanks though. The first ever constructive comment I’ve heard in years

      • That comment message reminded me of ones from other sites, which are just…

        Yay! You decided to leave a comment! Thanks for keeping me company.

        The Otaku HQ’s former message:

        Thank you for visiting this web site. Seriously.
        It’s not going to win the Pulitzer Prize anytime soon, but it’s worth a read

        … yeah.

    • Hey, you didn’t ding me for not allowing comments. Is it because I have a Twitter button that nobody uses and a Viewer Mail category?

  5. Conspicuous Klux is the clear cut winner in the first poll. Non Episodic, fantastic posts. Oishii is one of my favorite blogs, and I love everything about it, but klux carries that edgy, “this-is-my-opinion-I’m-putting-it-out-there-if-you-don’t-like-it-stfu” that I love. She reminds me of a female version of me at times. She also generally has great taste in anime (aside from all that BL stuff…..though I like GL as much as she likes BL….nay, more).

    Also went with Drastic and A Product of Wasted Time, because I’ve been following TJ since the beginning (well, my beginning anyway), and I just overall like his content/blog. Went with Drastic because I prefer a non-episodic blog over an episodic one, just my preference.

    And then…..Alteir & Vega. Something about it just makes me want to vote for it, despite being an episodic blog. I found the posts pretty engaging, so there you go.

    Wow I’m up next against Silence is Golden. Good luck to all!

  6. How is Ani-Nouto beating Altair & Vega?

    That site has no real content, can’t comment on, and looks like shit. I’m surprised a blog like that actually have so many followers, because it’s hard to imagine any new readers would actually vote for that crap.

      • And I guess I mean it in the “this is how content is disseminated and cross-linked between different sites look” kind of way. Not just purely from a design perspective.

      • Now that the comment with example links is approved, the next ones make more sense.

        Interestingly enough, of original “4 horsemen of Blogacopalpse”, 2 never had comments: USS Clueless and Instapundit (I think Sullivan did not either, but I am not sure). When Insty migrated from MT to WP, he gained a capability for commenting and even tested it a couple of times, but it remains disabled. Volokh did not have comments at old engines and publicly antagonized over them, in particular due to the legal bend of the blog, but eventually chose to to have them. LGF had comments from the start, IIRC. In fact Johnson was a big proponent of extremely elaborate blog overdesign.

      • Note that I gave Google Juice to 8th Sin in the context of Accel World. I suppose those ingrats are there to undermine any vote-buying accusations.

        • I have no idea what you mean by this comment… I wasn’t saying you manipulated votes.
          It certainly doesn’t manipulate votes for my site either… reference from your site didn’t even account for 0.5% of all incoming clicks I got last week.

      • More relevantly, it’s blogs like Author’s that actually recognize that there are a lot of other blogs out there, and he tries to make sense of it by linking to them. It’s quite a valuable thing for the scene and more importantly he does a pretty good job at it. If there’s any down side is that he’s probably more selective than he has to be.

        • A lot of it is a complete collapse of the backlink channel in 2010. I used to receive tips in e-mail from readers, but not anymore. And I cannot read a wide enough field by myself to select interesting articles. Also, with the intrusion of aviation my interests changed quite a bit.

      • What “actual, unique opinions”?

        Linking to random blogs isn’t your opinion. “Comparison list” and “raw spoiling notes” are opinions, but in no way unique or interesting.
        On the other hand, A&V creates original content with a lot of in-depth analysis and research. They frequently link other blogs too, but to support or provide opposing views to their points.

        “Author” certainly seems to be taking the least effort route in pretty much everything, and I don’t know why a reader should care about something that even the blog author clearly doesn’t. The number of people working in a blog is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the end product, and I’m seeing half-assed piece of crap blog winning against one of the best blogs of this tournament right now.

          • I’m not saying things should be judged by effort. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into something if it’s still crap. Like I said, end result is everything. Just because the other blog has a whole team of authors doesn’t mean they have to be exponentially better than a one-man blog to be a better blog (it was a counter argument to “Yet Another Generic Team Anime Blog™”).

            If something is done so half-assedly that it comes across lazy to a lazy bastard like me, then you’re clearly having problems.

            • Like I said, end result is everything.

              This is typically not what is meant by the way you have phrased it. It’s like what otou-san said, there’s no reason to think one site is better than the other unless you have a proverbial stick stuck up the proverbial ass.

              But this is the sort of thing most of us learned from the first tournament, who wins doesn’t really mean much when it comes to what the blog does. Just because A&V or Author’s blog loses doesn’t mean suddenly “the end result is” something. If you have any complaints tell it to the tournament organizers.

              And from the point of the “end result” ani-nouto has accomplished heaps more than A&V, on a per-day basis. Because it serves a function that is all too lacking in the ‘sphere today. Where as A&V is the type of blog that will forever be doomed to a corner, cherished by a small group of loyal readers interested in that sort of content.

        • Holy shit, you’re right. This kid just copies down what others say because he can’t think for himself. That’s all his fucking blog is.

          Goddamn I hate this fucking tournament.

          • Hey man, maybe people are more interested in reading what “this kid” writes instead of the drivel that those two other guys write. Also these vote manipulation allegations are not only vile but also disgusting.

            • [21:05] in b4 he calls my blog a piece of shit that invalidates my opinion

              In after. You people really have no variety. Also this sponsored message since hikago is too fucking lazy to deal with this admittedly retarded registration thing.

              [21:10] post this for me: “Hey guys, my favorite blog got beaten by a guy who does a better job of looking at niche opinion but let me judge him on content because he’s able to reduce thoughts to a short 200 word post instead of sperging 1000 words on bokutomo vs haganai. Do you even read or are you too busy being mad about an internet competition?”

              inb4 more invalidation due to memetic bullshit talk, IRC referenes, and digging through my blog posts for every fallacy and poor choice of topic ever.

            • I didn’t like Vega’s blog either. But if I had to choose between a site almost solely consisting of quotes and a site that put some thought (however stupid) into it, well, I think the choice is really obvious.

            • All I’m hearing is “Yeah well my favorite blog WOULD have won IF they had bothered to advertise themselves, which they did not do because they’re obviously standing on so much higher ground than you disgusting plebeians who dare to like things I don’t.”

              Yep. If life was fair, and if I had a violin and knew how to play it. Life lesson 1, kid: Those who whore themselves tend to be more popular than those who prefer to stand in the corner pretending they aren’t there. If you seriously expected this tourney to be any kind of measure of quality, then you really haven’t experienced much of this Internet-thing.

              You know what Altair & Vega also chose not to do? To degrade themselves by getting mad about an online poll and try to confront the trolls that machinated the whole thing in someone else’s favor.

            • Whores are more popular, yes, but they also tend to be looked down upon by those with half a brain.

              Oh, and to be honest, I didn’t even know of Altair and Vega prior to the Tourney, just read through them to get a feel for their posts.

          • I don’t get your point. That’s an article that tackles a specific topic, just one of many in that blog.
            Sure, maybe it doesn’t interest you at all, but you’re bound to find a topic that you care about in that site.

            And no, Ani-Nouto will not win this tournament. The only reason they’re winning right now is because A&V didn’t even bother getting their readers to vote.
            Not to mention all I have to do is make a “vote for A&V” post in my blog just like this guy ( to get A&V to win by a landslide, but I’m not going to bother when they didn’t even advertise themselves.

            • So, we had a blog that had not only itself but its friends vouching for it to rack up points versus one that is mature enough to feel that they do’t need to advertise themselves for a silly tourney. Alrighty.

              Checking out the comments, you have some respected Anibloggers and fansubbers vouching for one, and people who abuse memes and bastardize the English language defending the cut and paste blog.

              Now, after all has been said and done, they come up neck-and-neck, with what appears to be a tight race.

              I am so sure that Altair and Vega didn’t ever deserve to win. I mean, look at who backs them up, their ability to cut close to an overly-advertised blog without even being advertised themselves, and their actual original content.
              They are really the worst of the two.

        • “Linking to random blogs isn’t your opinion.”
          “least effort route”

          Exactly my thoughts on the content.

  7. Voted for Oishii because I love Chii and I can’t fucking believe anyone reads klux. Seriously what is wrong with you.

    Then I voted BigN, Omo, and Altair and Vega, all blogs I actually subscribe to, amazingly.

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