Round 2 Matches 33-36

Karmaburn vs Empty Blue

Jinx vs Kuriousity

Jinx has been disqualified due to vote manipulation

Slighty Biased Manga vs Lemmas and Submodalities

Nigorimasen vs Marth’s Anime Blog


41 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 33-36

  1. Just notes again.
    1. Karmaburn is a blog to read in your feed reader. No, seriously.
    2. Nigorimasen has potentially one of the most curious mix of content among anime bloggers, but he doesn’t write much. Which is too bad!

  2. Design/layout comments for the left side blogs:

    Have you ever wondered why newspapers have multiple columns of text? Limited width => readability. With a maximized browser window, post text spans 1355px. Set CSS max-width plz.

    I’ve criticized small font size quite a few times now, but here I’ll do the opposite. The category list font size should not match post content’s. Definitely make categories, “Permanent Link”, and “Tweet” smaller. Amazingly, post title is also the same size. That text should jump out at me. The purple BG color is not bad, but consider scrapping it to make titles larger.

    Google visual hierarchy if the above didn’t convince you.

    This site uses one of those common themes, so layout is solid… except for the waste of space atop the header. Anime B&B got rid of it, and I recommend you do as well if you can put the site title in the banner.

    One can tell from the tag cloud that this blogger has some personality, even if it’s mostly inserting memes into posts. As for categories, some posts are “Content – Dynamic” or “Content – Static”. I think it’d work better with words like transient / timeless or anime / personal. At least remove the “Content – ” part.

    Slighty Biased Manga
    Holy shit, that category list is insane. It desperately needs its own page.

    Perhaps it’s not as easy to insert images on a manga site, but at least try to. On the Collection page all of the images are linked. WHY? Just put them inline.

    You sir, are awesome for writing short paragraphs and using formatting such as bold and italics. If “Summer Conventions: Otakon 2011” utilized headers (h3) instead of bold + underline, it’d be perfect. Even without that, Nigorimasen has better content formatting than 95% of the other blogs.

    I’m into photography too. Your post style is similar to what I’d do if I had a blog.

    • Believe me, I hate the space-wasting header area of the Twenty-Eleven as much as you do. It won’t even optimize itself for a banner but forces it to be that fucklolhuge bandwidth waster. Unfortunately I have right about 0 prowess in editing themes, so I won’t be able to do jack diddly doo about it.

      However, I’m running tests on the meta blog (, and will be switching to its minimalistic theme as soon as I can figure out how to make it use a (much smaller) header image.

    • Errm no offence but, why? Yea feal puts up a lot of nice pretty pictures but its not like he authors them, any person with a search engine can do the same.

      Coupled with erroneous english (though, that isn’t his fault, I acknowledge), posts that read like a love letter to his fantasies and meaningless ‘meaningful’ posts, I really don’t understand the huge popularity. Blogging is a fan thing yea but its first of all, a writing exercise. Getting lots of hits from images and google linkbacks is kind of meaningless. People always say views are meaningless/shallow to think of in blogging, but whenever someone compliments Empty Blue, its because of his crazy hit count, never for his writing or engaging articles. Contradictory? If all anime were reducible to Yuri and Imouto, maybe Empty Blue would be relevant. Not EVERY anime is about those, c’mon.

      I have nothing against feal, and I realise this is coming off harsh, but I think the sphere is far too interconnected to speak a basic and obvious truth such as this.

          • How is it lies or slander? What did I say that wasn’t true? Its sad that people can’t be objective about a formal thing such as writing. If I want pretty pictures I’ll go to empty blue. If I want good writing, I will go elsewhere. If feal didn’t have all that artwork, are you saying he would still be as popular? What separates his writing from the untold other blog masses? I don’t think its harsh to point out something glaringly obvious, let alone slander.

            I visit Empty Blue because feal does a great service in collecting all this artwork so its readily available however, anyone that claims his writing is at the top of the blogsphere is the one lying. People need to get a grip on reality.

        • A lot of anime and VN may be about yuri and imouto, but not every piece of writing has to boil down to these two tropes. As I said, I visit Empty Blue for the art, more than anything. Sorry if I did come across harsh but if the aniblog tourney isn’t the place for honest (constructive) criticism, then I don’t know where is.

          • Let’s be honest, I didn’t answer you properly (and ended up joking) the first time because it felt completely pointless since our views are completely different and its pretty difficult for us to come up with a mid-point, but well let’s give it a shot anyway.

            I’m not the top of writing in the blogosphere or in anything else, and that’s mostly because I don’t even want to try and write anything thought-provoking or “elitist”/intellectual. Yeah, I’m talking about the walls of text/essays that fills the various blogs around here and seems that you (and many others) like much.

            I also don’t care much about sticking too much about grammar and similar stuff (I don’t want spending time doing catch-and-release with grammatical errors), but if you report an issue I’ll fix it.

            Episodic Blogging is, for me, not a writing exercise! It’s just a way to pass time and hangs out with friends who follows the same series as me. That’s why my posts are extremely short and that’s why I answer pretty much all comments. That’s also why many unrelated comments end up in my post comment section.

            Think of every post as a way to start a discussion like some sort of a forum, what comes out of it depend on the readers interested in the series.

            I also wrote many editorials in the past, more or less popular and even here the purpose was the same as above. I got extra time, some ideas and wanted to convey my feelings to other like-minded people, never tried to be intellectual and moreover never tried to do any kind of “writing exercise”. In my free time I prefer doing entertaining things you know?! ;D

            Don’t make yourself be fooled by the organizers first words. This contest is a POPULARITY contest, not a writing one. Whoever it wins is simply the guy who got more friends and it seems that till now in this particular match I have more, but that’s it. (I’m not even trying to get people from outside my blog to vote either)
            If I lose? It just means the other blog was more popular, kudos to him and I respect his popularity and work. It means nothing in terms of writing style or quality or whatever.

            Raisuke is one of my commenters/readers. I like to talk with him on the comment section and we end up joking about this or that detail of an anime series. He seems to like to talk with me too, there really need to be much more than this?

            By the way, most wallpapers are not available elsewhere because I, yes, pick up images from the Internet, but modify them to be in a proper wallpaper format. πŸ™‚

            • I knew you weren’t being serious, just thought I’d elaborate a bit. Might as well respond to you then.

              Well no actually, I’m not a huge fan of walls of text, just because I don’t like fangasms and reductions of everything to personal fetishes, doesn’t mean I’m a stuffy elitist. Again, its not that you don’t write walls of text, its that you don’t write.

              That’s fine, you don’t have to stick to “proper” grammar and spelling and given your background, I wouldn’t expect you to be an english expert. However, that isn’t an excuse in itself for having every article go down the same route –> “Imouto are kawai no desu!” “I’d ship those two and they’d both be my waifus”. Grammar is a separate issue from content. You seem to have thought up some false dichotomy where good writing equals boring walls of text, no personality and lack of anything fun to say. This is my point, instead of being a blog, it just reads like a stream of your thoughts which are no less eccentric nor different from the other mass of otaku bloggers. As I said, what separates what you say from what these other fans say? In my opinion, not a lot. That is the difference. I don’t want walls of text, I don’t want a discussion on euclidean geometry in Eureka Seven, I don’t want philosophy, I don’t want grammar pedantry – I just want interesting writing.

              Entertaining doesn’t have to be separate from good. This is again where you’ve drawn some random distinction between enjoying your craft and putting effort into your craft. Not mutually exclusive. I guess if thinking on topics would make it boring for you, then I’m not going to force you to do otherwise, but then I fail to see why you or anyone else would debate it and call it lies and slander when someone points this out. You’ve admitted your articles aren’t predicated on good writing or looking for deeper tones, but your own sense as a fan. That’s fine. But why is it not fine to say this in the comment thread? I’ll never know – consistency is a scarce thing I guess.

              Oh I know the tourney isn’t a writing contest, I think everyone knows its a popularity contest. The thing you’ve again fallaciously neglected though, is that popularity and blog quality aren’t necessarily separate. Do you think psgels won last time because he is such a social guy? Lol, the guy is pretty much tsundere towards his own fans. He won because people were wowed by his enthusiasm and engaging writing. Popularity does for the most part mean who has more friends but actually if we look at the people who get far, blog engagement and interesting thoughts tend towards them as well. Thus popularity isn’t just from twitter retweets and facebook sheep, but actually from people loving a blog for originality/thought/wit/writing and then becoming friends. The more “popular” blogs might be popular but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good writers. Granted, some aren’t. Don’t misunderstand, I know full well most “popularity” is little concerned with blog quality, but I think its important to highlight that some genuinely are – contrary to your comment.

              Anyway, as you said, a mid-point is difficult to find with such opposing views so I’ll leave it here.

            • Exactly here is the problem that we will never agree with and is the main problem here. Blogging is not a job, it’s a pure hobby in which everyone simply does whatever he feels better for himself.
              My style of writing looks to me perfectly fine and to many of my readers, it is not for you. But do I care about what “you” think?

              Sorry, I don’t, because I’m enjoying the current experience! πŸ™‚

              The point is that beauty, quality are all subjective matters and your opinion is as valuable as the opinion of any random guy taken from the street. Sorry, there are no rules to define beauty in any literary or artistic sector. It’s all merely “a subjective opinion” of the guys involved.

              You’re terribly naive man, do you even know how many unrelated people voted in the last tourney? People included fathers, friends, family, rpg forums, facebook and whatever in order to get more votes.
              We need to add to this that votes in this tourney means nothing, any random idiot could fake vote with proxies and TOR exit-points and nobody will ever notice because of the polling system problems.
              Please at least try to read all the content around the web explaining these issues before going out and say that this tourney declared that psgels is the “most popular blog”. Do you really think that Listless Ink is more popular than RandomC? πŸ˜€


              I suggest you to give a read to this in order to see the problems of this tourney and why its all just, but a “fail” concept at the moment.

  3. Whether you care what I think is besides the point, many people have never cared what others thought, but it doesn’t negate the facts of the matter. By all means keep doing what you are doing now and if you’re enjoying it, you’re entitled to do it as you want – my initial contention was with people attacking me on the basis of slander which is, to say the least, stupid.

    Lol when did we get into beauty? You’ve tried to link beauty and quality there but the two are different. There is definitely a standard for quality though this is not so clear for beauty. Though, if we all did accept such a view as you present, all art work would seen be a black dot with people writing magnum opera on how amazing it is and the way it reminded them of they imouto waifu.
    Google, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Though, if that’s your view then I think all that site critique you take seriously should be thrown out of the window along with any bother for any advanced studies. That would be a terrible idea though. I never contested beauty is subjective, but quality certainly has quantifiable objectivity, irrespective of agreement.

    No, I never said I didn’t know that. Whatever point you’re trying to prove by calling me ignorant is failing. Go back to my comment before, did I not acknowledge that SOME blogs are popular because of their writing whilst the majority is, as you said, simply friendships? I believe I did. No I don’t think LI is more popular than RC, and yes I’ve read your article. I never said anything to contest its points so where you’re going with this, I don’t really know feal.

    Though, it continually baffles me why, when you so vehemently berate this tournament, do you participate in it? If not just to wave your complaints in the face of the creators. If you don’t like the tourney, don’t take part or get engaged. Yet, for all your complaints, you’re quite involved in it. Well whatever – as I said before inconsistency seems to be a staple.

    • And there’s the problem, you took things too seriously while we’re here to have fun and watch some drama. You provided the drama today, thanks! πŸ™‚

      Yes, most of the art they talk of great quality (see Picasso or other popular artist of that era) looks random crappy drawings to me of 0 quality and beauty regardless of how much critic seems to praise their qualities. Hell I saw many drawing by friends when I was back in high school that were quite better than those 100 million pictures. I think many people will agree with that…
      You see? It’s subjective.

      The organizers must know the fallbacks of their system in order to improve it in the future. The logic “don’t like it? don’t use it!” don’t work well with progress. In this regard, they already know that I’m going to provide them for the next tourney a personal developed polling system with detection of proxy/TOR votes.

      I partecipated in this tourney exactly to have moments like these. I enjoyed last tourney as a reader for the drama and I’m here exactly to get more of it. I don’t plan to win any tourney, nor I’m making any effort to win it. πŸ™‚

      • And there is the problem, you seem to have a knack for seeing things no one spoke of. I’m not looking for drama neither do I care particularly if you completely disagree with me, as I said, continue to blog how you like – my point was simply that people shouldn’t be surprised by a criticism.

        Once again, you fail to differentiate beauty and quality. Even outside of this, you seem to be treating all words as univocal. Language isn’t subjective so please try not to take liberties with it. Who even brought up picasso or whatever? You literally completely misunderstood my point – almost a 180 degree misunderstanding. I’ll leave though as you don’t seem to get it.

        Having complaints =/= competing. My question was why you compete not why you complain. Its like saying you fashion shows are not real fashion shows then turning up in a sparkly dress with a big smile on your face, ready to take main stage. Its contradiction on the highest level.

        Whatever dorama you enjoy, I’m not sure I can deliver the amount you want. If someone asks me something and then says something that makes no sense, I don’t see it as drama to pose a response. People seem to take criticism as drama or have the image of someone flinging their favourite miku doll at the thought of someone not talking about Aristotle in their Natsuiro post. I simply responded to your prompts, if that’s drama, then colour me doramatic. As well as any sensible conversation, by that merit.

        Regardless, your answer still makes no sense. To enjoy reader drama and such, you don’t need to participate. Despite your so called devil may care attitude about the tournament, its clearly important enough to you to at least merit participation even when you seem to think participation is silly. I guess that’s the internet – people say one thing but actually, are/mean something else completely.

        Anyway, I’m off to bed. Good luck with your blog and your race, whether you agreed with me or not, I don’t really see this as more than a passing discussion. I’ll probably still check out Empty Blue from time to time, but as I said, for the pictures, not the discussions on which figma has the best panties.

        • I was never surprised and I didn’t even try to attack you or anything. I just answered in an humorous way because I do think tastes may vary and my blog won’t fit for all readers. Novajinx also answered humorously, but that’s when you took the bait and here we are. πŸ˜‰

          Beauty and quality in my eyes are the same. Sorry, I’m not an knowledgeable of art, but sometimes when I see some drawing other people consider TOP QUALITY I simply puke. That’s the main proof that something may be interesting or good for some people, while for others not.

          ” all art work would seen be a black dot with people writing magnum opera on how amazing it is”

          I understood your point, and yes. Some art look to me like black dot without any meaning or value regardless of what others thinks and vice-versa.

          Why I compete? If I didn’t partecipate in this tourney, would we be having this chat right now? I think not, and you can’t wonder how much I’m enjoying it.

          I’ll keep coming with good picture in order to satisfy all the surfers, but that’s sad to know, I enjoy talking and participating with ANY commenter out there, be their critic of my work or not (as long as they keep it civil). And I still think striped panties are the better, but we may argue with that on my blog if you want. πŸ™‚

          Good night and thanks for the chat.

          • Well it was clear we were never going to agree from the beginning because, striped panties always loose to lacy, black ones.

            Night and no problem.

  4. There is a difference between sharing imoutos on yuri discussions and being new. I’ve been a long standing lurker. I don’t think that really affect my view on the sphere. If anything, it just gives me an outside view of it.

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