Round 2 Matches 29-32

Chaostangent vs Kritik der Animationskraft

Prede’s Anime Reviews vs Just as Planned

Yuri no Boke vs Continuing World

Desu ex Machina vs Yaranakya


20 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 29-32

  1. Best of luck to everyone in this round of the tournament. I welcome any and all constructive criticism of my blog – writing, design or otherwise – but if you would like to discuss outside of the tournament, I’m regularly on twitter (@chaostangent) and available via e-mail.

    Even if you don’t have anything to say, I hope something I’ve written makes you think, makes you smile, makes you angry or makes you perplexed for indifference would perhaps be the greatest of failures for me.

    Many thanks for your time and consideration!

    • The quality of your writing is really good, the 3-episode taste test posts read better than the plain titles suggest (how about adding a dash of creativity and wit in naming them?).

      One thing I notice about your voice: It’s a little dry, and while I’m hesitant to gauge someone’s passion solely based on their posts, Sometimes, I find myself wishing that you had a more visceral kick in your prose. The love of anime is there, but it just trickles up from somewhere. Just my two cents.

      • Re: dry tone, it’s mostly purposeful. I could be glib and say that passion is a young man’s game but I’ve seen far too many cases where being too emotive clouds what would otherwise be a good post.

        As for post titles, you’re right I probably should concentrate on them more than I do. I always worry I would err into snark (Aroduc is brilliant at this) which would misrepresent how I write which is usually straight-laced.

        Regardless, I appreciate your thoughts and will endeavour to improve!

  2. It’s hard to dislike Chaostangent’s writing style, even if he puts down things in a very formal, limited way. I think however it sort of pales to kraft when it goes beyond just the writing. I mean, who’d go read this?

    Prede and Just as planned…a bit of a toss up for me but I think it’ll come down to personality versus overall look&feel.

    Yuri versus Mecha is going to be a matter of subject matter, clout and experience. Schneider can use more regular content, that Continuing World better continues!

    Deus ex and Yaranakya are both blogs worth putting on the reader if just for the occasional analysis and the number crunching. Both are winners to me!

  3. I’ll throw in a few comments for Yuri no Boke.

    It’s a pretty great blog, and Katherine writes well as herself. She’s comfortable with her own tastes and biases, and doesn’t heckle others who think otherwise (which is a symptom of insecurity). I like people who channel their individuality into their blogs, as it makes me know that I’m reading a person. This forces a connection with a writer, who is telling their own story.

    I actually envy Yuri no Boke’s focus with its favored genre: I started out primarily as a mecha blog, and while I enjoy my diversity now, mecha posts don’t come to me naturally as they used to be.

    Now, for design. Blue is nice, and the tag cloud works because Katherine does tag her posts with care. That wasn’t so hard at all!

    In other matches, chaostangent vs Kritik der Animationskraft is orz

    • Wow, thank you! I appreciate the commentary.

      Back at you. 🙂 To be honest, I hadn’t read your blog before the Tourney, but from what I’ve read, you have developed your own voice and you do a good job of articulating what you like and dislike and why. (And anyone who likes Aoi Hana is cool in my book. lol) I like your site’s banner, and the simple white design works well.

      I do try to avoid heckling people who disagree with me, since I know what it’s like to be the one heckled.

      And I like your blog’s origin story, since mine grew out of personal blogging also.

  4. I’ve mentioned as much in other places, but I believe there is only one genuinely good writer in all the anime blogs I’ve read, including the ones for which I’ve written. His name is John Noel, and his blog is Chaostangent. The quality of his prose is unmatched, and it’s always a pleasure to read, whether or not I agree with his message. I’m really hoping he makes it through and goes far in this round.

    • ChaosTangent, eh? Yeah, he’s a great writer and anime reviewer. His ability to completely disregard the finale of Last Exile – Fam’s Shitty Story really sold me on his analytical skills. (“Pleasingly, with Sun Tsu’s teachings in full effect, battles regularly rely on strategy and cunning rather than an arms race to build a bigger gun.” vs. The entire series being based around the baddie trying to attain control of the greatest Exile of all, disregarding all strategy for a giant ship in an attempt to force a worldwide disarmament.) /spoilers

      And his Queen’s Blade post? Hoo boy, that was a funny one. He said that Queen’s Blade defies physics! OMG that is such funny lulz!!

      It’s a blog swamped in such mediocrity that you could be forgiven for thinking he swims in it daily.

      Why not aim your praise higher?

      • Many thanks for reading, glad to see you got past the first page at least! I would disagree with what you say about what I said (about what she said..) regarding Fam, I mention the ending not four paragraphs before. Similarly the QBR post wasn’t supposed to be a ferocious analytical discourse but something a little different from the norm.

        Really though they’re just examples of what seems to be a fundamental difference of opinion. I’d rather focus on broadly reviewing a series rather than fixating on specific downsides, Fam did, in my opinion, more things well than not, that the ending is a rehash of Gundam (among others) didn’t pass me by. I make no bones about being subjective rather than objective and that’s always going to lead to a disjoint at some time or another.

        In short: I know I can’t please everyone but I appreciate your time in making a judgement based on content rather than anything superficial.

    • I think the first sentence of the entry at the top of his front page is a comma splice, and I don’t think that sentence has enough chutzpah to get away with it. (You’re allowed to say that even Homer nods, but I submit that he tends not to nod at the first line.)

      • It is a comma splice; but to be fair, I’ve noticed that almost ALL anibloggers include them from time to time. It’s a very common mistake.

        • Huh, I had no idea what a comma splice was until now. I will admit I very rarely consider what I know of the “rules” of English when I’m writing despite having Elements of Style permanently on my desk. Either of you angling for an editorial job?

        • Comma splice is a very common mistake only because people do not know how wonderful semicolons are. Of course, it’s not always a mistake either…

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