Round 2 Matches 25-28

We Remember Love vs Super Fanicom BS-X

Anime Instrumentality vs Temporal Vortex

GAR GAR Stegosaurus vs

Open Your Mind vs AniRecs Anime Blog


56 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 25-28

  1. Just a few comments.
    1. Anime Instrumentality needs more content, but Temporal Vortex needs it badly, very badly. I also really don’t like the way Instrumentality reads, someone who is good at comm design can probably help you out with matching layout, color, etc.
    2. has some pretty neat review posts for the tourny. Wonder if it will continue if the blog loses.

    • Yeah, although the content is good at Anime Instrumentality is good, the design is pretty outdated and um… ugly although not nearly as bad what it was in 2010. If the owner wish, I can help redesign it as I have some expertise in CSS, but I can’t really pick the color choices.

    • A greater quantity of content, right? Or would content variety help too?

      Yeah, sure I could use the help. Obviously an improvement from 2010, so if you have any thoughts/suggestions, send them my way. I think I have you on Skype, so I’ll get in touch with you there?

    • The readers from that site haven’t voted yet – they came through very strong (maybe around 200 votes?) last round.

      Regardless, GAR GAR Stegosaurus has quite a following of its own and is one the very best, veteran aniblogs (It should be an interesting match. I’ve really been looking forward to this one!). Her content is quality and her voice is distinctive. She writes without regard to audience expectations, which often means that I haven’t watched the anime she writes about – and still, I find her writing so striking that I’ll read entire posts about shows I’ve never seen. GAR GAR Stegosaurus gets my vote.

  2. We Remember Love vs Super Fanicom BS-X
    Aggressive mecha-tard who will stab you in the chest with his massive drill vs passive aggressive mecha-tard who will slip cyanide in your tea. Take your pick! 😛

    In all seriousness though, they are both excellent blogs.

    Anime Instrumentality vs Temporal Vortex
    Both of these blogs are quite old! 3 years for Instrumentality, and 4 for TV. I wish I had been blogging that long…Like others have said, more posts for both would likely be a good thing, but this might be hard for Instrumentality since it is a very specialized blog.

    I should really visit Instrumentality more. I don’t know anything about music, but I really enjoyed Aftershock’s post on Sakamichi ep.3 I don’t really know any other blog that talks so much about music, and for that alone, Instrumentality gets my respect. 😛

    Temporal Vortex
    I didn’t say much last time, and to be honest, I don’t have much to say this time either. I will mention that I get a very friendly feeling from this place. I like that. 😛

    GAR GAR Stegosaurus vs

    This is a match between two tsunderes. I think…

    GAR GAR Stegosaurus
    What an awesome name. The banner is also awesome.
    Days makes posts on a very frequent(daily?) basis, and given that her day to day routine consists of school, army shit and in general, being a full time badass, that is a most impressive feat. The posts (from what little I have read) seem well written and make good points. They are also long (in a good way).

    A minor nitpick: The posts don’t flow as well as they could. You tend to drift off-course quite often and you jump around between ideas quite a bit to. This isn’t really a problem especially since it shows your character (or something), but if you absolutely must have feedback, then there you go.

    Not enough whining. I think I said enough last time, so, not much more to say. I actually really like the fansub comparison posts. This was actually the first blog I read a fansub comparison on. I think it was like a year ago or something (whenever Dantalian was airing)?

    But there weren’t many then, so, I only read like one…
    I find it most interesting how D_S defecates all over fansubs, and yet, he still gives them B’s. What a softie! 😛

    The actors in this match up are really interesting. I am really tempted to end my Twitter hiatus and check if a shit storm is brewing.

    Open Your Mind vs AniRecs Anime Blog

    Contrary to what Loli-Sergeant Sergay claims, he actually doesn’t post that infrequently. This blog reads like a Tumblr, and that isn’t really a bad thing. Funny guy.

    AniRecs Anime Blog
    You guys are a team blog, so, try and increase your post frequency a bit. In my opinion, it’s a bit too low right now. Post quality seems all right (work on your grammar a bit, but it’s not bad) and in general, a few nice ideas are presented.

    Take care everyone.

  3. If you think overwhelmed GAR GAR Stegosaurus 253/170, you’re sadly mistaken. In actuality it was a dead heat, ~80 of Whiners votes were scripted in by yours truly courtesy of Tor. I think it was slightly less than the ending difference, but I’m not sure as I didn’t record the exact numbers.

    The biggest joke is that the organizers were left completely in the dark about this, even with nearly 1/3 of one side’s votes being fake. I wasn’t even trying to make it difficult for them to detect, doing in two fairly ditinctive surges that lasted 30-40 minutes each day.


      • But the ABT crew said they knew what voting fraud looks like when they disqualified CSW!!!


        In any case, I just wanted to prove you right 😉

    • It’s possible this is also just an attempt to frame, who may have won legitimately.

      That said, I witnessed both surges, and can confirm that they did exist. Whether this was actually true or not can’t be confirmed; it seems like all this is trying to do is cause more stress for the tourney organizers, which is pretty mean. Then again, one can hardly say they were well prepared.

      Nevertheless, on a final note, there’s not much to do to defend against something like this. If any of us wanted to try something weird, we could, and nobody would find out.

      • Checking for proxies and TOR exit nodes is possible with a dedicated system and is very simple. Won’t allow you to tell who’s manipulating the polls, but its very easy to clear out the “unnatural votes”
        Of course, that’s impossible with Polldaddy, but we already knew that. 😀

        • Took the words out of my mouth. 🙂

          About poll quality… I suppose you get what you pay for. Wish I had alternatives to offer.

        • In the future, I would consider consulting with the guys at ISML. Crisu and his staff run a pretty tight ship when it comes to poll checking from what I’ve seen.

          • I already asked them and they seems to be interested in getting some help for the next tourney.
            There are many variables to consider like users using TOR or other multi-endpoint VPN at home or at work (like me for example. My IP will always jump between a set number of them I have configured. I think they are like 10-15 from different countries last I checked)
            Trusting the voters is fine (I would never use any kind of technological advantage to win in a contest), but sometimes is better to be wary of random ragers who will do anything to make their “opinion” win.

            The best solution is permanently ban from being valid votes any Open Proxy or Tor Exit node. That would reduce the impact of the rigging massively.:)

      • They may still have won legitimately, by a very slim margin.

        The idea wasn’t to cause stress for them for the heck of it, but to challenge the CSW disqualification where they claimed such certainty in knowing what a fake surge would look like.

        • We didn’t ‘claim with certainty’. We said it was suspicious. Perhaps we should have done a better job of communicating that part and that it was under investigation. I apologise for that. CSW were disqualified due to repeated unsporting behaviour, not due to ballot stuffing

          • If you got the impression that they were kicked out for ballot stuffing, then that’s probably out fault for poor communication. Similarly we didn’t mean to accuse them of anything. We simply stated the poll had been closed due to vote manipulation, although I can understand how one might assume that was an accusatory statement. Things were very hectic around that post, so misinformation was everywhere.

            I suggest you read the explanation in post in question again, as most of your statements have been addressed.

    • If true, you did a remarkably good job of hiding it. The vote count jumped up when Whiners posted about the poll, with slightly less hits than when he posted last time, with even less votes for him than his last poll. The hits coming in from Whiners remained fairly consistent with previous iterations of his posts too.

      We didn’t really need you to prove that the vote count could be manipulated. We were already aware of that and are looking at alternatives. The tourney is just for fun, and if your idea of having fun is this, then there’s little we can do to stop you

    • So…you manipulated the voting and sunk GAR GAR just to prove a point? If true, that’s pretty rotten.

      Day has one of the very best aniblogs and has a strong, loyal following (she had more votes than all the winners this round OTHER than Whiners), so it’s possible her site could’ve gone far. That is, if it made it past this round…that is, if it had a fair shot.

      Congratulations – I hope making this point was worth it.

  4. Next time, let’s have a consortium run this tourney from a dedicated system with a traceable polling system rather than the faulty polldaddy. I’m sure most of us consented to participate in this tourney for fun and getting to know new blogs rather than bitch please, mine is bigger than yours.

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