Round 2 Matches 21-24

Animemiz’s Scribblings vs  Anime Viking

Blog of the Hawk vs Emory Anime Club

AstroNerdBoy vs Shinde Iie Anime Blog

Anime B&B vs Trzr23


43 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 21-24

  1. Tenchi Fans for Truth About OVA 3 endorse Shinde Iie Anime Blog in this matchup. Here’s hoping you can defeat AstroNerdBoy’s repetitive cultist propaganda machine in the name of truth. I’ll invite all my friends and other real Tenchi fans to visit Shinde Iie and vote for you. AstroNerdBoy will be going down in flames and the truth will triumph.

    If AstroNerdBoy and his pals attack me for this, take it up with them, not me. I’m simply campaigning against him fair and square.

  2. Extreme general voting procedure:
    1) Anime Vikings – I liked the movie How to Train a Dragon
    2) Emory Anime Club – I have friends who go to Emory.
    3) Shinde Lie – because AstroNerdBoy is a drama queen.
    4) Anime B&B – because if you squint hard enough, it looks like a motorboat.


  3. Not really sure I should add to the weird drama going on, but here goes.

    I used to read AstroNerdBoy’s Last Exile episode reviews and I got into it with him over his stupid idea that the ship Jagannath should have been called Juggernaut because that’s the proper American way. I tried to explain to him that Jagannath made much more sense in the LE world, but he kept insisting and then went on to call me a racist because I’d said that Americans are ignorant about the rest of the world but they think everyone should bow to their wants. OK, call me a racist if that rocks your boat but then it turned out that actually AstroNerdBoy himself despises Indians because his job got outsourced or something. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be called a racist by someone who thinks my people are scum because American companies move jobs to India and thinks we don’t have what it takes to do good work. I know it’s petty to bring this up here but when I saw AstroNerdBoy’s name on the roster I felt the urge to make his bigotry cost him some votes.

  4. Guys, ignore the freakshow calling himself Tenchi Truth. Long time Tenchi fans know this person is someone who lived to cause trouble on Tenchi boards under various aliases and he has a vendetta against ANB for taking away his favorite toy when ANB exposed and permabanned him. All his talk about the truth is rubbish, he’s just out to hurt ANB any way he can, has been for years now.

    • Because you’re a dumbass would be my guess. Same goes for the person above who thought ANB would make something like this up. This is a very serious situation you have no idea about, so can your ignorant smartass commentary.

      • I just find it hard to believe that anyone (let alone three different people) would get this upset over someone’s opinion on a cartoon. “A very serious situation”? Wutwutwut.

        Anime is fun. Keep it that way and let others have their own opinions.

  5. Yeah, vote for Marina, if you haven’t already. I do some crazy and funny shit, but overall, she’s more consistent and has better language. No shame in losing to her, honestly.

    I lost interest in the Tourney about last week…so yeah, at least let me make use of the comments:

    Participate in the Remembering Love project! It’s my attempt to leave some sort of a mark behind in the ‘sphere.

  6. This round had tough choices. I voted for Animemiz, Emory, Shinde Iie and B&B but all of the blogs are very good.

    And because I don’t like to double-comment, I just wanted to say here that I have nothing against ANB, Zero or Tenchi. I simply find this little debate incredibly childish and think that it needs to stop. Kiss and make up, people.

  7. It’s a little surprising to see AstroNerdBoy with a pretty poor showing so far in this competition compared to the last time. Although I suppose his blog doesn’t have anything special to offer now, without the Negima spoiler images he was copying over from 2ch while that manga lasted. The lesson seems to be to not rely on gimmicks if you want to cultivate a loyal readership.

  8. Animemiz’s Scribblings vs Anime Viking

    Ahh, hello there. I can’t really judge the content well because it is slightly out of my domain.

    I do happen to like to talk a lot, though not on this blog, although Comments and not bot spam are quite appreciated…

    I notice you doing this in a few places. Try and avoid using though and although so much.
    You seem like the kind of person who just shoves his/her thoughts straight into a blog post. There is nothing wrong with that! But, it might turn some people away if they don’t like long posts. So, be careful. 😛

    Anime Viking
    Marow is a cutie pie. I want to pinch his cheeks. That is all.

    Blog of the Hawk vs Emory Anime Club

    Blog of the Hawk is alright….but not really to my liking for some reason. Emory is interesting because it is run by an anime club. They have some good articles, but I guess (only a guess, mind you!) but the enjoyment of posts may vary post to post (as it is a team blog) and year to year (as it is run by a club).

    AstroNerdBoy vs Shinde Iie Anime Blog

    Both blogs have frequent posts. I respect that quite a bit.
    I like how you write long-ish posts, but to be perfectly honest, I’d prefer it if you put more of that length in your thoughts than your summary. If you really want to make long summaries, you should probably show a bit more of your opinion in them. It is kind of boring to read descriptions of episodes especially if it’s an episode you watched just a few hours/days ago.

    I am not going to say anything because I do not wish to inflate Inushinde’s already massive ego. He is a horrible person.

    note: For serious people, that was a joke. Inu-chan is a good kid….probably….

    Anime B&B vs Trzr23
    B&B has excellent quality and Tzr23 has excellent community participation and stuff (good posts here to by the way). Them both seem like good people, you won’t go wrong voting either way.

  9. Finally some previously reviewed blogs show up.

    Animemiz’s Scribblings

    Without a doubt, you can read anywhere you choose, but definitely places where you can find confort, ususally ends with a stack of manga being read. As Spring hits this hemisphere, how about reading outside spots?

    I hope English is not Animemiz’s first language, because it’s clearly lacking. For a Master of Library Science graduate, this is amazingly ironic. Suggestion: drop the manga and pick up some books that were written in the English language.

    Anime Viking
    For me, this one wins by default. Anime Viking has far more interesting content anyway. One thing the site would benefit from is a “more posts” link at the bottom of the front page.

    Blog of the Hawk vs. Emory Anime Club
    Hawk: What’s with the referral links at the bottom? Front page shows 0, 1, 0, 1 comments. Assuming this reflects viewership (it does), it’s WAY to soon to be messing with ads, referrals, and so on. Based on content… Emory Anime Club, hands down.

    AstroNerdBoy vs. Shinde Iie Anime Blog
    lol drama

    Anime B&B vs. Trzr23
    I reviewed these blogs before focusing on images, paragraph length, and all that readability stuff, but Anime B&B wins there. Also, Marina responded to (and actually changed) something based on my initial criticisms.

    • Sorry to ask you this, but don’t you have any type of criticism? I’d like to know what to improve 😦 (besides, well, better frequency)

      • Okay. The content in Recent Posts / Comments looks too uniform. With Recent Posts, it’s difficult to tell how many posts are listed lest I mouseover and count the separate links. It needs something to differentiate list items. I’m thinking bullet points, varying color, and/or bottom-margin. Next: overlapping categories and tags are silly. I still dunno how you and others avoid “-2” in the URLs.

        I see that h1 and h3 are used in the anime world posts. h1 should be reserved for the most important text on the page — like single post title or site title on the front page. Point being.. never in content. Also, instead of styling headers manually, why not fix ’em permanently by editing CSS?

      • Wow. The difference in terms of design/usability is like black and white. Now I’ll pick on the new design since you asked.

        – The white text color (#FFF) makes for too much contrast. Tone it down to something like #DDD or #CCC.
        – The “Latest From Blog” / “Blog Entry” part of the header is 80px of wasted space. It’s just… useless.
        – Same for the blue section above it. If you remove those two parts of the header, it would be nice and compact.
        – Same for the footer (“Thanks for visiting!”). What’s with all these things?

        Front page, category pages and so on need to show post date. It’s kinda important. Also, consider having the excerpt text wrapping around (under) the image. I’m not sure if it’ll look better, though.

        So.. why did you comment here instead of Round 1 Matches 45-48? I’d see the comment on the RSS feed.

  10. Congratulations to Shinde Iie Anime Blog for bringing down AstroNerdBoy and his pathetic promo blog. This result proves yet again that you can’t control honest fans with propaganda and lies. The truth will always triumph in the end, those who sell out to fat cat paymasters can’t hide it by continuing to lie. All real Tenchi fans know that OVA 3 was a megaturd.

    I know AstroNerdBoy is now going to claim the match was tainted because his pals were already saying that at his so-called review blog. The problem with that pathetic spin is, with his vote count he wouldn’t have won in any of the Round 2 matches so far. He can’t blame me for his unpopularity because it’s impossible to force a low number of votes in these polls. Too bad he showed his hand two years ago when he jacked up his vote count because he was scared of me rallying the fans against him. You can see the result without him being able to cheat now that everyone was paying close attention. AstroNerdBoy should apologize for his slander that I supposedly manipulated the vote last time. I would never cheat like that and I would never vote for that turncoat even if my life depended on it.

    Kudos again to Shinde Iie Anime Blog. You can count on the grateful votes of real Tenchi fans in the upcoming rounds.

  11. There seems to have been a drop-off at the start of Round 2. I think comments were/are coming in more slowly.

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