31 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 17-20

  1. Hanner’s Anime blog versus Chocolate Syrupy Waffles?

    Last time I checked, CSW Anime was winning by at least 100 votes.

    • Also note that his name is not Hanner, it’s Hanners. In fact, he’s actually multiple Hanners, hence the apostrophe post-s.

      P.S. No, that last word was not ‘posts’ with a random hyphen inserted. It’s the post- prefix prefixed onto an -s.

      P.S.S. No, P.S. does not stand for post-s.


      P.S.S.S.S. He’s a person

  2. Half these polls are biased for me simply because 1) I wrote for Bokutachi no Blog and they are a wonderful crew esp. Blindability who held it together and 2) Sekijitsu’s a friend of mine and CSW with epic Skype calls and everything.

    I don’t like lolis, but I do enjoy salads. On the serious note, Loli Salads writing a lot more interesting to read and consistent.

    Moe Fundamentalism seems to already to winning by quite a margin already so no need to boost it any further. Great site.

  3. I’m tired of the old reviewing routine, so I shook it up this time. Didn’t cover all blogs because I’m lazy.

    Nopy’s Blog
    Font size is okay in Opera, but it’s too small in Firefox (screenshots). And post meta’s font size is just ridiculous. Next: Images on this site have watermarks. What purpose does it serve? Because I think it’s pretty lame.

    “Spring 2012 Anime Round-up” post:
    “For more round-ups, see these posts:”
    .. then below:
    “No related posts.”

    Maybe the related posts plugin would work better if these posts were categorized/tagged with “round-up” or something.

    Paragraphs span 1642px in width on my PC+browser setup. This is a major readability issue. Limit content width to something reasonable ASAP if you care about this tournament (and your site). As for navigation.. what if I want to see your first post? How many “Next”s would I have to press to get there? It’d be nice to have an archive page or dropdown.

    “Site © Copyright 2009-2011”

    So your site is public domain now in 2012?

    Loli Salad
    Some PNGs are used in posts for Loli Salad. Here’s a procedure to solidify the fact that “PNG is bad for anime blogs”:
    1) Grab the second image from UN-GO Final Impressions.
    2) Save As JPG with ~70-80 quality in an image editing program.
    3) Compare file size of the two.

    My result is 609 KB (PNG, original image) vs. 53 KB (JPG, 70 quality in Irfanview). Loading time matters for a variety of reasons, so never embed PNGs. The exception is using them for layout/design reasons.

    This site uses blue and orange prominently in the theme. Green (#617C3D) seems to go with the colors (oops, colours), but it’s not the best BG color for white text.

    There’s a plaintext Tweet link atop each post. Good to have, but not at the top, and not without a recognizable icon. Why would I tweet before I read the post?

    Moe Fundamentalism
    I like minimalistic designs, because there’s no nonsense to distract me. In post content, it appears that paragraph length is up and down. Notable is “For the Love of the Logo” which has a 14-liner (in 580px width). See the Hanners’ image below for an illustration of “wall vs readable”.

    Some posts are great with images, and some could be better. I’m not reading an English paper; I’m viewing a anime website. Please provide some eye candy to break the monotony of a browser window full of text. Anyway, this guy looks to be a pretty intelligent writer.

    Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog
    Paragraphs need work here. Here I provide a visual comparison — wall of text vs. sensible paragraphing. The post used in this example is “Jormungand – Episode 4”.


    Which one is easier to read?

    From The Hardest Part About Blogging:

    There are times when I try to generalize my opinion, make it a little more conventional to avoid conflict”

    “I am as obsessive about not losing commenters”

    If you care about gaining & keeping commenters, that’s the wrong way to go about it. When you sacrifice your way with words to be ‘safe’, your writing will not be as unique and engaging as it could be. Would you rather have commenters who like 100% of your personality & style, or just the ‘safe’ 90%?

    • My related posts plugin hasn’t been working since I updated WordPress; the posts are already tagged with “round-up”. I didn’t realize it bothered people that much, so I’ve deactivated the plugin until the author updates it or until I find a new one.

      Watermarks are because a number of sites direct link to my images and use up my bandwidth. Might as well get something out of it.

    • @Loli salad advice

      Funny that, the png pictures in the UN-GO post loaded instantly for me when I had to wait for the the first picture that was jpg for about 7 seconds before it full loaded XD Yeah I know… my computer’s quite weird ey? Personally I don’t mind the whole png stuff, actually on the topic of png, I’m constantly using png for my posts, could I have your thoughts on how long it loads for you?

      • You probably had the png version cached by your browser. Also, if you choose to switch to jpgs, please please please just save them at 100 quality. You’re still going to save like 600 KB per image, only it won’t look terrible.

        • Also, I’m incapable of reading the things I’m replying to. But I still stand by what I said about using 100% quality jpgs if you’re going to use them at all.

        • png’s look worst than jpgs? :O What do you mean by 100 quality? All I do is screenshot, a bit of editing to make it look less blurry and then resize. I’ve done the comparison work and the editing looks much better ;D The thing is, jpg doesn’t work well if you use it as a homepage thumbnail so I just save mine on png default

          • No, no, png looks the best! But if you switch to jpg to make everything load faster, you should make sure to save them as 100% quality ones (there should be some sort of setting in your image editor for this when you’re saving a jpg). If you save jpgs too much lower you’ll start seeing the compression and stuff, and nobody wants that.

            Personally, I think png is fine unless you use a crazy amount of images.

        • Save at 100 quality .. what? I can’t imagine any reason for using JPG 100, especially from content that’s subject to varying broadcast quality and encoder whims. Do you think website visitors would be able to tell the difference between 100 and 80, or even 70? Or if they’d even care?

          • I’d think that if you have a less than optimal source, you’d want to keep as much quality as you possibly can… so I don’t really know why you bothered to mention broadcast quality and encoding shenanigans.

            I can tell the difference between 80 and 100. 80 isn’t that big of a deal if you have a really good, clear image to work with. But any lack of sharpness or clarity will make it start to look as bad as 70 does. 70 bothers me, especially if the picture happens to have a lot of different colors. And if I don’t approve of it, why am I even putting it on my blog? I don’t care if other people won’t notice. I will. There’s no way I’m the only one who’s bothered by it, anyway.

            A lot of people find my blog from Google image searches (gee, I guess that slower load time’s not that big of a deal if they’re still managing to find my ridiculously unknown blog). That means two things to me: 1. They want images. Usually people who want images want them to look good. 2. Google doesn’t matter because none of these people are staying anyway. I’m not going to do things that annoy me to cater to people who will probably look at my blog for a whopping four seconds of their entire life.

            • I mention broadcast quality and encoding, because you’re looking for perfection from something that is nowhere near perfect in the first place.

              Is the site an art gallery / -booru site, or an anime blog? If it’s the latter, then images are like sugar & spice for text, or at most, on par with text. I don’t click on post images unless they’re unusually interesting, and dare I say that many others feel the same? As long as it’s big enough to make out details, I’ve seen enough.

              People hitting the images from Google Image search — they don’t care, nor can they tell whether it’s PNG quality or JPG 80, as long as it’s not obviously pixelated. As for more compressed images on the website annoying you, I don’t see why it would if you have the original PNGs/HQ JPGs on your hard drive anyway.

              In the end you blog for yourself, so we must agree to disagree…

      • How it loads for you and me is irrelevant. If you look deeper and google {website loading speed important} or something, you’d understand why I pointed it out in the first place.

    • There’s a plaintext Tweet link atop each post. Good to have, but not at the top, and not without a recognizable icon. Why would I tweet before I read the post?

      If you’re just seeing a plaintext link, looks like you’re not picking up the full stylesheet – should see Tweet & Facebook Like icons & counters there. As for top vs bottom, top’s just my personal preference – have had them at the bottom in the past but never liked them there. Might play with the placement some more, though.

    • Oh, I don’t think the world is ready for that 100% yet

      I kind of wrote that because that’s what I want to change. And to acknowledge that it’s hard 😦 Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Quite upset that Maserbeamdotcom is losing. I love everything about it personally……I always seem to vote for the losing team…

    At least Sekijitsu is winning…

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