Round 2 Matches 13-16

Maschera vs Metanorn

Rabbitpoets vs Avvesione’s Anime Blog

Bluemist vs Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity?

Ogiue Maniax vs Shonen Beam


33 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 13-16

  1. I voted for Metanorn (great content and excellent staff), Rabbitpoets (close call, but I slightly prefer this writing style and site design), and Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity? (good content).

    As for my own match, I’m glad that Shonen Beam has been matched up against another good site. I’ll abstain from voting in this, and may the best site win. Good luck!

  2. “I can’t help I just hate blacks and homosexuals. I just do. They’re not good people.” Yeah right, no vote from me, Maschera.

    • Koji’s been presenting some surprisingly heartfelt posts lately (take that as you will). I think he went 180 for the most recent post purposely for visitors from the tourney site.

  3. Voted for METANORN simply because of their terrific staff and engaging writing. Not only are they fun, but they are on top of everything. No offense to their match-up but this is still an unfair tie between the two.

    Rabbit Poets is a good blog, but AAB gets the vote, simply because I found the writing more recently to be a lot more engaging and more personal. It’s a close match-up, and it’s difficult as both blogs are very nice. However, AAB has been updating more so the vote goes to them.

    Fun to read and praises AKB, Ambiguity gets the vote easily. sorry Bluemist. call it biased, call it association, but vote easily went to Ambiguity.

    Last two blogs were too hard to choose – undecided.

    • Thank you for your support! I happened to notice you said you found my writing to be more engaging and personal recently. Have you been following my blog for a while or did you happen to notice a change in my writing style from my older posts? Either way, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and provide this feedback!

      • It’s all about consistency. Your blog came on my radar a few months back and you’ve just been updating more than RP, which naturally means you mature as a writer making the posts more interesting to read every time.

        Plus, the more you read, the more you associate yourself with the blog and you’ve done exactly that. Kudos.

  4. How is the person I’m against winning? I looked at least 10 pages back and all they write is fucking anime episode impressions. That shit is boring and can be easily solved by DURR HURR WATCHING THE EPISODE. Oh well, I’m well aware people like trite bullshit.

    And if you’re just downvoting me because of racism well you need to grow some skin.

    4 whites liked this post 46 blacks didn’t like it.

  5. Abstaining from the first three votes, as they will determine my matchup in the next round.

    Voted for Shonen Beam for promptly reassuring me that Claymore isn’t ending.

  6. Maschera vs Metanorn
    Metanorn hands down. Sorry, Mr.Maschera.

    Rabbitpoets vs Avvesione’s Anime Blog

    RP is a great blog and one of the first blogs I found. Heck, I think I found them when RP was still a solo blog. Oh, and I am also buddies with Sabishu Miroku. Nothing else for me to say.

    A lot of people are very happy they discovered Avvesione. I already said what I had to say last round, so, I won’t say anymore, but Av is a good blogger with good stuff.

    Bluemist vs Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity?

    No comment on AoA, I already said what I had to say I think. Good energy, good posts, keep it up. I liked Valence’s post on Akb0048!

    Bluemist is a really old blog(7 freaking years!) and that always earns a bit of respect in my eyes. Given his age, Bluemist clearly knows who is demographic is and what kind of posts he should be writing. As for the blog design, I actually really like the new spiffy look.

    Ogiue Maniax vs Shonen Beam
    Ogiue Maniax is a really thorough editorial blog. I know I have been here before (heck it is one of the older entries on my G.Reader) but I haven’t really read many posts because I am lazy. However, from what I recall and what I see now, their editorials are very well written. They are a bit serious and verbose for some people, but if you actually want a good exploration of anime/manga stuff, then OM is most certainly a must read. They take their posts very seriously and are right up there in the “intelligent blogs” domain.

    Shonen Beam…
    When I first saw this blog in Round 1, I was filled with mad rage. Who the hell is this Jean du Fromage person, and how dare he blog Shonen in the same blogosphere as Lord-Reiseng! What nerve! Even though I had already lost by that point, I wanted nothing more than to write a smack down post. But, well, I got lazy and you know, this guy reads Bleach and blogs it to. That’s enough suffering for any given person.

    Anyway, leaving aside my silly rant above, this is a high quality Shonen blog. (Never thought you’d see high quality and Shonen in the same sentence, did you!?) It might seem like it’s pretty easy to write about Shonen, what with chapters being so short and all, but a good chapterisodic post is not that easy to write.

    Not only does Jean du Fromage (his name from now on) does a most excellent job of writing these posts. I mean, this guy writes like so many Shonen posts per week and he writes each one with a lot of detail as well. How the hell do you do such a deep analysis on Bleach! HOW!? On top of that, he makes podcasts as well. This is serious dedication. Mad props to this guy.

    I, Lord Reiseng, a Lord of Shonen and Shoujo promptly award this blog the “Brilliant, Shonen only blog” award.

    • I’m amazed that you had the insight to somehow know that I like cheese. I don’t recall mentioning that anywhere, so well done.

      Seriously though, thank you very much! I greatly appreciate such kind compliments, and I graciously accept your prestigious award.

      Just in case “how do you review Bleach?” wasn’t a rhetorical question: Honestly, I ask myself that every week. I’m not really sure. It just happens.

  7. Congratulations to Ogiue Maniax! Participating in this tournament was fun, and I’ve met some great new writers. I can’t ask for more than that. Thanks to everyone for all your positive words, constructive criticism, and for taking the time to check out Shonen Beam.

    Good luck to Ogiue Maniax in the next round!

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