Round 2 Matches 9-12

Typenights vs Subdued Fangirling

Reverse Thieves vs Ephemeral Dreams

見ないで! ひとり言 vs Heart of Manga

Okazu vs deluscar


24 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 9-12

  1. Not a single comment in 8 hours. I feel so alone! ;_;

    Voted for Subdued, Thieves, JPMeyer’s blog, and deluscar.

  2. Voted for Subdued Fangirling (loved the article on Area no Kishi), Ephemeral Dreams (great writing style, and I still love that Uchuu Kyoudai article), Heart of Manga (my absolute favorite find of the whole tournament, an important site being done very well), and Okazu (I’m not interested in yuri, but the writing is solid and I appreciate a writer sticking to what they know best). Good luck to everyone!

  3. Typenights vs. Subdued Fangirling
    Both feature quite a bit of episodic-type posts, of which I think SF is the stronger. I do prefer Typenights’ blog theme, which has a sleeker look that is pleasant to the eye.

    Reverse Thieves vs. Ephemeral Dreams
    I’ve always found Ephemeral Dreamer’s approach to anime to be interesting and never pointless. That being said, I also greatly enjoy reading the always informed opinions of RT. My decision then really boils down to topic, as it seems that ED has spent a lot of recent time discussing various anime communities and meta, while RT covers some anime and manga that I have yet to see or read. I do find their podcasts quite amusing.

    見ないで! ひとり言 vs. Heart of Manga
    Sadly, I don’t read enough manga for HoM to be of any real interest to me. Despite that, I do find their site much more physically attractive than the not-so-pretty 見ないで! ひとり言, as well as better written overall. If I ever do pick up manga in my spare time, I’ll definitely put HoM on my list of references.

    Okazu vs. deluscar
    While I like Okazu’s strong voice and dedication to all things yuri, I see enough yuri in the anime I watch–I’d rather not go out of my way to read about it. deluscar has much more approachable topics for my interests, despite being a much younger blog.

  4. Tough decision because every blog on this poll has strong content and their own form of showing it.

    Choosing is difficult but if I must, I went for Typenights (they win for Korra and varied content, though subdued fangirling is a promising blog that people should definitely subscribe to), Reverse Thieves for their unique detective theme (I voted for Ephemeral in the previous round and I still love how he’s been managing his blog with a very personalized view), JPHinano because they are still win (Heart of manga is a very good manga blog that all shoujo fans need to subscribe to), and deluscar – a promising young blogger (Okazu has a very solid writing style and a strong following, I’m sure this poll is going to go head to head till the end.)

  5. Oh wow did I just see a concise-posting shoujo manga blog? One that actually did an OEL feature?
    I. am. utterly. amazed.

    Good luck HoM~!

  6. Here is how you get someone to vote for a blog:

    One time my unit and I were trapped in some god forsaken third world hell hole. It was just supposed to be a routine patrol but the next thing we know were dug in some crude fox holes surround by enough psychopaths with AKs and grenades to fill a small auditorium. We were holding our own but as our ammo ran low we knew we were about to be over taken any second. Then I swear to God that I heard Ride of the Valkyries as a AH-64 Apache appeared in the sky like an avenging angel. The sweet sound of a roaring M230 chain gun quickly made mincemeat of the surrounding terrain. Then some Hydra 70 missiles quickly finished the job of sending those unlucky SOBs straight to hell. That Apache saved our lives.

    The crew manning the helicopter that day was .

    I will never forget what they did for me that day and nor should you. Vote for .

    – Hisui

    • I’m getting the feeling that this is aimed at me, ahaha. Very well, if you want to play it that way, then here’s what I have now that I can finally focus with my finals finished today:

      It was a dark and stormy night. I was mournfully biding my time along with several others in cement cells. We had been captured, and every night, more and more prisoners were taken away and never seen again. We had given up all hope because we knew that this prisoner camp was deep within government territory and we had been left dead by our own faction…


      A guard collapsed suddenly. We got up quickly, alerted. Searching through the shadows, a husky voice said quietly, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you out.” The cells unlocked simultaneously all at once, and a mysterious person appeared. “Follow me”, he said. Wary and yet overjoyed, we followed him out of the camp to a large transport plane. “Go.” he said to the pilot as he melted away back into the shadows of the trees. “Who was that?” I asked the pilot. “I don’t know, but he made a request to me to smuggle you guys out of here. Normally, I wouldn’t have agreed seeing as we’re going up against the government, but he paid a very handsome sum. Anyway, all I know is that he called himself Ephemeral Dreamer.”

      A murmur swept through the freed captives. There had been rumors of a solo Robin Hood vigilant who interfered and helped both factions at times. Both the government and the rebellion forces had been searching for him in an attempt to recruit or capture him. But to this day, no one had ever caught him.

      That night, he freed over 300 rebels and civilians.

      I’ll never forget his actions and nor should you. Vote for Ephemeral Dreamer.

  7. some tough ones this time, especially Reverse Thieves vs. Ephemeral. Both decently written blogs but I had to go RT because they have quite the enjoyable podcast.

    • Also not to be a dick but I couldn’t get past Typenights’ first sentence, which ended with “…because there’s absolutely nothing in this episode to write about.”

      Clearly that’s not true, based on the first clause of the sentence and the fact that you did actually write something. Just the kind of thing that irks me in a blog.

  8. Seeing as how Marina is going to fuckin steamroll me in the next round, the only thing that can revive my interest in the Tourney is Baka Raptor’s Worst Blog post.

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