Round 2 Matches 1-4

Omari’s Sister’s vs 8thSin Fansubs Anime Blog

Calamitous Intent vs Amaenbou Dane~

Experiments in Manga vs Shameful Otaku Secret

Anime Princess vs Spherical Cows


38 thoughts on “Round 2 Matches 1-4

  1. Abstained from the first two, since I’m not really interested in fansub translations, scanlations, or visual novels. Otou-san gets a free pass this round for the same reason, but I still love the blog anyway. Anime Princess covers a wide range of topics that I am quite interested in. Will probably add both to my blogroll when I find time.

    Spherical Cows is an interesting and humorous blog, and there’s a clear writing voice there that can entertain an audience. I’d definitely read it, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Anime Princess just on content alone.

    • I understand how people would always see my blog as a fansub translation review site (it does get way more pageviews and feedback, and hundreds of others bloggers are doing episodic impressions), but I spend significantly more time on story analysis for shows that interested me compared to translation reviews.

      For the purpose of this tournament at least, I hope people will give it a chance as an anime blog rather than a blog about fansubbing ^^;

      • I think the thing is you approach the content material via the angle of a translation or translator. So it feels like reading TL notes.

        BTW I don’t think that is a bad thing, it just makes the thing feels like a fansub-related thing, if you get what I mean.

  2. Omari vs. 8thSin = scanlator vs. fansubbers LOLOLOL well I did not expect this to happen, but that is more due to my cursory browsing of the aniblog tourney matchups. But I think the choice is clear.

    CI versus Amaebou is tough, I like both blogs but I am biased towards choux’s work. I also prefer more words than pictures, although one can probably find fault with either style.

    SOS and Experiments in Manga: The latter has real light novel translation reviews, even if it is like, stuff that you can find manga for. Did I ever tell you how more spicywolf I read the more I disliked it? Or how Guin Saga vols 1-4 is like, a blink of an eye in terms of reading time? (Considering how many volumes exist that is only fair.) LOL. Or if you thought the Bungaku Shoujo movie sucked, the novels are not much better? (Okay I admit I would read more given the chance.) It’s pretty fluff. Digging back you get a couple pieces from Haikasoru’s early days but that’s pretty much it to the good stuff. But again it is a manga blog, with all the trappings of 90% of other manga blogs in the tournament. Useful site but not particularly selling, perhaps for good reasons. On the other hand SOS…has trojans lol. And upgrading from handjobs = ?

    No serious comments for Anime Princess or Cows, although at a glance Spherical Cows is a little more amusing and less, I dunno, wrong. A toss up really, just whatever you like by looking at them.

  3. Voted again for 8thSin and Amaenbou Dane~ (go first rounders!), as well as Experiments in Manga (great selection of titles reviewed, and fellow manga writer) and Anime Princess (very interesting articles). Good luck to everyone!

  4. Just putting this out here that if otou-san & co. loses, that’ll mean that O-New lost to a blog who lost in the second round, and we can’t have that happening, can we?

  5. A few thoughts:
    Omari’s Sister’s vs 8thSin Fansubs Anime Blog

    I can’t say much about 8thsin because it would be slightly weird trying to critique my old foe. 😛 I will however mention that 8thsin is a bit more than a blog comparing fansubs. His reviews on anime are really quite detailed. I may be wrong about this, but I think he is quite well known for his observations on Mawaru Penguindrum.

    Omari’s Sister is a pretty big scanlation group. According to MangaUpdates, they have done 250 releases of 69 different manga.
    Uhh, they might do more than manga releases, but I uhh, haven’t been able to find any other posts yet. If someone else sights a review or thought or summary or something, feel free to mention it! Having said that, most of their releases have a few thoughts written down. So,the posts are not exactly a “Here is our bitchin release, come get it you Shoujo fools” kind of posts.

    Calamitous Intent vs Amaenbou Dane~

    This is an interesting match. It’s a match between a blog that covers Visual Novels (Calamitous) and a blog that covers Eroge that is most likely in Visual Novel format (Amaenbou). I suppose in that regard, this is one of the most fair matches in the tourney so far. Not that there was anything unfair about previous matches or anything.

    It is unfortunate however, most of the nice people visiting this site don’t play many VN’s, so, the fight is wasted on us. How saddening. I myself haven’t really tried many VN’s, so, yeah, sorry, I can’t say anything here. But, both blogs look like they have had a fair amount of effort put into their posts. Oh wait, scratch that earlier thought!

    But yeah, both blogs are good and shit, vote with your heart or something.

    Experiments in Manga vs Shameful Otaku Secret

    Otou-San is a really well liked person. When he enters a room, average folk pull down their pants and kneel before him. Non-average folk attempt a cuddle, only to be whipped in their tracks by Master Kabitzin and his Sea Slug whip. As for his posts, they are simple but at the same time, very insightful. He is a most excellent blogger, and if you have any interest in anime whatsover, you should add SOS to your reader or bookmarking it or whatever you do.

    As for Experiments in Manga, well… I was given quite the shock when I visited their site. Scroll down and look at the list under Series/Francises. It is really, really long. I will however say that just because a name is mentioned there, it does not mean there is a comprehensive review or anything on the topic. The Manga Giveaways seem nice (I am always up for free things), and in general, I sense a great deal of passion about manga. Definitely add/follow this blogu if you have any interest in manga.

    By the way, I am not trying to influence your vote or anything, but Otou-San did promise Hand Jobs. Just saying…

    Anime Princess vs Spherical Cows
    This is a very difficult choice. Both blogs are magnificent.

    Anime Princess is a good,solid blog with good editorials and stuff. There is really not much for me to say. If you absolutely insist on some sort of criticism, then I’d mention that the paragraphs could flow a little bit better, but that is a minor nitpick. No biggy.

    There is nothing to say about Spherical Cows. Cows are cows, they don’t listen to what you say anyway.

    tl:dr: Vote Princess if you don’t like cows but like sloths. Vote Spherical if you don’t mind cows, but dislike sloths.

    Have a good day.

  6. I think my readers are getting bored by my blog commentary, so I’m just gonna run my mouth here.

    Omari’s vs. 8th’s:
    I’m always gonna go with 8th’s site. His site is the perfect complement to my own. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly. The USB female to my USB male. Even beyond that, his posts are the insightful sort that no one else in this tournament can match. (Let me know when you find a translator who writes about the anime they sub.)

    Omari’s site is… not really a blog. All I see are release posts, “look at what I bought” lists, and site-related posts. There’s nothing there for people who aren’t interested in the series they’re translating, so I have no interest in the site itself.

    Calamitous vs. Amae
    Both are VN-related blogs, but Amae has a much larger fanbase, and I can see why. While Amae has regular posts with reviews that are in-depth and targeted toward VN fans, Cala has less frequent posts that are riddled with grammatical mistakes and poor writing in general. If I were to choose one of the two, it would obviously be Amae.

    Amae, whether or not you win the next round doesn’t matter. You already beat out psgels in terms of community, so be secure with that knowledge. Your readers appear to be very interested in your site, so perhaps you could even pull off an upset~

    • Experiment vs. Shameful

      Let me be absolutely clear here: Both of these blogs are terrible at best. And I have no interest in reading either of them beyond this post.

      Experiments has perfected the secret of making viewers want to click the back button as fast as possible with posts that focus on volume reviews and paragraph summaries. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I am physically repulsed by the site so much that it took me about 10 minutes before I could commit to even reading an article. Maybe if every other word wasn’t a fucking link, I’d be more interested in reading what you had to say.

      I eventually read “My Week in Manga” which seemed like it would have been better suited to five different tweets, considering that the content all seemed to be unrelated. The quick looks solely consist of “I liked this shit. Here’s a sentence about what it is. Now go buy it.” Maybe it’s just me, but I require more persuasion before I spend my hard-earned money on something. “Quick looks” are a bad, lazy idea.

      Shameful fares better in my opinion because it actually has articles. The writing is shit, but at least I could stomach the site for enough time to read some of what otou had to say.

      The writing itself is… creepy. Not “creepy” as in “lol, this dude faps to cartoons” (we all do), but “creepy” as in “holy shit, I hope he’s never in the same town as me”. Assuming you can get past the juvenile writing, the vapid content will let you down.

      Take the Reading Steiner article.

      I get that there are protagonists in anime without any real super powers. That’s great. But what is the point here? Even the blog author doesn’t know.

      “So what am I getting at? I don’t know”

      If you’re going to write a post, don’t write it just to have words on your site. Have more respect for your audience — make it mean something or don’t waste your readers’ time.

      • “creepy” as in “holy shit, I hope he’s never in the same town as me”

        That’s… *sniff* That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me.

      • So Dark_Sage decided to unleash his comprehensive analysis skills on Aniblog.

        8thSin: “His site is the perfect complement to my own.”

        Experiment: “Maybe if every other word wasn’t a fucking link”
        Shit, no kidding.

        “Have more respect for your audience — make it mean something or don’t waste your readers’ time.”

        Continue to comment here, plz.

    • Princess vs. Cows

      Princess… ugh.

      Acting like badass female characters are somehow “rare” must take a lot of selective thought. Every season has badass female characters, so how the hell can you honestly make the argument ” it can’t be denied that a strong female character is rather hard to come by in anime. Though, this season has been a big exception to this fact.” ? It fucking boggles the mind.

      Even not considering the blatant lies, this blog is bad. Take the article “The Joy of Rewatching Anime”

      The author starts out by shoving her audience into her own self-defined roles. “we all can almost agree that we tend to rewatch live action series more so than anime.” Fuck you, lady. No I don’t.

      She took a concept that is relevant to all viewers “Hey, you can rewatch anime you’ve already seen” and… went nowhere with it. Hey, Ios, where’s this joy you mentioned in the article title? I felt no emotion from your post and gained no insight into the idea of rewatching a series. You didn’t even say what happened when you tried rewatching a series. You just gave us “Oh, sometimes I like to watch Seinfeld.”

      Sell me a fucking story. “I watched Utena when I was 10 and didn’t really get it, though I absolutely loved it. When I rewatched it as a 20-year-old, I found that I experienced it quite differently, though there were some similarities in my experiences. Let me tell you all about this and maybe give you a reason to try watching some ‘classic’ series from your past.” It’s very simple to manage something like this, but all I got was “words on the internet” and a reason to never visit your blog again.

      For Cows, I didn’t see a point to reading anything here. There’s no insight available; it’s all just random thoughts followed by an odd review. And what odd reviews they are. The author spends quite a bit of time informing you not to read this shit.

      Casshern: “I hate you so much. This review is not meant to be read.”

      And then the author talks up Shiki as amazing throughout an entire review, but finishes up with “You may find this boring”. What? You didn’t present that argument anywhere before in the review beyond a quick mention in one sentence, but you throw it in at the end? If it’s that important a point to make, give it more space.

      • I don’t remember saying that about Shiki… I remember making a shot at Dance in the Vampire Bund in the very last paragraph, but I thought the picture just above it made it clear that it wasn’t referring to Shiki.

        • “tl;dr if your Aoi Yuuki vampire can fit into a suitcase, you know you have a great show. If not, it’s probably really boring.”

          If this was a reference to another anime, then I really didn’t get it.

          • It kind of was, and it kind of wasn’t. I really did think the fact that there is a picture of a girl (clearly in Shiki’s art style) inside of a suitcase showed that said criticism did not apply to Shiki. The criticism does, however, apply to some other show that you shouldn’t need to have watched to understand that I was saying pretty much the opposite of what you thought I was saying.

            Oh well.

    • Aedes and I were very surprised, and happy that we made it to the second round. Win or lose, we’re glad that we got the opportunity to spread the word of eroge out there. Hopefully we were able to ‘corrupt’ a few people out there to join our community =3.

      Thanks for the kind words.

        • Muahahaha!!! It’s all part of my evil plan XD. I’m trying to get you all to meet lots of cute girls and get into relationships with them so that…
          Wait a second. It sounds like I’m doing you guys a favor at this point. Somewhere down the line I lost myself >__>

          LOL thanks for the vote

  7. Match 1: I think Omari’s Sister’s the closest thing we have to an actual, pure ‘blog’. Meaning it’s literally her online diary. Dear diary, I bought these today. Dear diary, lots of people from so and so come visit my site. It’s even weirder when you consider that most of the posts are just releases- does that really qualify the blog for being an anime blog? I mean, at least 8thsin is interesting due to how they compare translations, but I don’t see much reason to declare one blog better than the other. Abstained.

    Match 2: I have a personal vendetta against people who don’t use ‘read more’ tags. Other than that, the two blogs have similar subject matter, only that the latter focuses more on eroge. Calamitous Intent is really full of fandom- that part I liked- but after a while the transition between ‘Chaos;Head is a serious visual novel which raises several notable philosophical questions’ and ‘kyaaaaa this boy is so cute in this manga’ leave me confused: what is the focus?

    Amaenbou Dane: Aero and Aedes get my respect for actually doing team posts on a team blog. Like, often. It doesn’t come across as contrived or forced yet it does count across as ‘lists’ at times. They get my vote and my subscription. Via email, of course.

    Match 3: Experiments in Manga is deeper than SOS, I dare say. Deep in their sea of words, that is. One reason why I dislike people who don’t use the ‘readmore’ tag: makes everything harder to read. Makes me want to tl;dr. Not to mention it makes the website seem cluttered as well. Most of the posts are ‘quick takes’ which do little more than to express one simple sentence in the span of an entire paragraph.

    SOS’s style wins me over.

    Match 4: Abstained without comment.

    • Glad you like our blog ^^.

      Though doing team posts are fun, but they’re normally quite hard to do. The reason being that most of the time we aren’t playing the same eroge, since we have difference tastes.

      Haha I know that our last couple of joint posts have been basically like lists. We’ve experimenting with various types of posts because we’re a pretty young blog and we want to see what’s interesting. In the end, we are very casual writers. Our main purpose of writing to to try to ‘corrupt’ people into playing eroge =3.

    • “One reason why I dislike people who don’t use the ‘readmore’ tag: makes everything harder to read.”
      Huh? Care to explain this?

      • like on the front page: it makes the post list seem cluttered and then it gets hard to read due to the huge chunks of text which just dissuades me from reading. Having a readmore tag gives me choice and a simplified list of posts to choose from.

  8. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten out of this aniblog tourney so far, it’s discovering the existence of fansub-comparison blogs. I’ve always noticed errors in fansubs (sometimes obnoxiously bad), so it’s nice to know that blogs like 8thsin and exist to point them out. They’re both fun to read too, which is an added plus.

    Of course, when it comes to Dark_Sage and the blog I write for… well, let’s just say the feelings aren’t mutual lol. His post ragging on my Tsuritama post was surprisingly fun to read, and just shows I still have a long ways to go.

    • I’ve learned so much about the anime fansub scene between Whiners and 8thSin. There are comments scattered around blogs about groups sucking and what-not. Now, I know which groups really do suck, and what their reputations are. All of this helps me to choose quality over crap. 🙂

  9. Sure is a lack of (non-Dark Sage) criticism around here for a certain blog that’s losing. Are you guys sure you don’t think my blog is the best one in the universe?

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