40 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 49-52

  1. WanAbrar vs Behind the Nihon Review
    The design really just blew the other away and there is a wider range of content. The writing is also *slightly* better.

    Silence is Golden vs Anime Strip
    Strip has far more images and they are laid out very nicely. Though it is annoying that the preview of a post shows only an image and caption.

    Anime Evo vs Shades of Grey
    A manga blogger in the Tourney… This guy has guts! Rock on, my friend.

    Mecha Guignol vs Daifuuku Anime Blog
    “A Post Wherein the Existence of the Anime Blog Tournament is Acknowledged and Voting Entities are Given Evidence of the Awesomeness of the Blog Known as Mecha Guignol.” Much as I wanted to vote for a blogger awesome enough to come up with that kind of a title, Daifuuku really blows Mecha away. Sorry, bro.

  2. Dropping by just to give BtNR a vote~ you guys really kicked posting speed up from years ago, even if they don’t have quite the Mechademia quality they used to =P

  3. As usual, Behind the Nihon Review automatically gets my vote since they write great editorial content and season summaries, although the design could use some work… but it’s not all that important.

  4. I already read Behind the NHRV, but that other blog is p. nice too. Granted I’m interested mostly for its more niche content…well, it doesn’t measure up to content but it is a pretty okay delivery.

    Anime Strip gets my vote over Silence is Golden for only one reason, it’s got more timely posts and updates for the type of content it has. Silence is Golden looks to be okay but you gotta post more than that.

    Anime Evo actually has some pretty okay posts, but it doesn’t seem to be the type of content it writes normally. Shades of Grey is really a manga blog but it has a distinct take that is closer to someone like me, and i can appreciate it. A bit of a toss up so I went for the site that looks like a blog?

    Daifuuku Anime Blog is the kind of site that can give me diabetes because it is cute. Mecha Guignol is the kind of site that can give me cancer because got some explosive flavoring not approved by the FDA. But to be honest neither is my kind of bag, even if one did brought up Arkham Horror, which is prop-deserving, and the other reminded me the best thing about Fractale, which is arguably even more prop-deserving. (Or not, depending on how you like fractals.)

  5. WanAbrar vs Behind the Nihon Review
    Nice design and just enjoy reading the content. A really nice job done with that blog.

    Silence is Golden vs Anime Strip
    Give credit to Silence is Golden in regards to the preview and think the darker background works for the site. Though did like Anime Strip’s work overall so it was close.

    Anime Evo vs Shades of Grey
    Gotta lean towards the site that focuses on anime. Besides like the overall design and the amount of pictures the posts get. Easy to find the series reviews, news and posts. Though give the nod to Shades of Grey for being a manga blog and doing well in this.

    Mecha Guignol vs Daifuuku Anime Blog
    Interesting matchup here. Leaned towards Mecha Guignol since the design just leapt out at me. Thought it was just very straightforward and attention grabbing. The title to the latest entry worked too XD.

  6. WanAbrar vs. Behind the Nihon Review
    Despite WanAbrar’s much prettier layout and design, BtNR boasts overall better and more informed writing. I particularly enjoyed their discussion of Chihayafuru. I do admit that WanAbrar inserts more personality into their reviews, though some of them are overly decorated with emoticons.

    Silence is Golden vs. Anime Strip
    Hmm, sporadic post dates or awkwardly ad-ridden layout. I’m not a big fan of SiG’s heavy use of images and tiny paragraphs, but Anime Strip is hardly any better with a very strange arrangement of images and paragraphs in their own episodic reviews. Anime Strip seems to update more often, so gets the vote by default.

    Anime Evo vs. Shades of Grey
    Yerocha offers soft drinks and cookies, so that automatically puts me in a good mood! I like the writing style and unique voice, but I honestly do not read much manga. Anime Evo is a bit of a pain to navigate if you just want to read the most recent posts, and I’m sad at the lack of editorials. The writing works, though I’m puzzled by why the phrases they want to emphasize are both italicized and in bold.

    Mecha Guignol vs. Daifuuku! Anime Blog
    Oooh, the blog I almost went up against! Daifuuku! certainly boasts some talented artists, as their site always brings me into an immediate state of kyun-kyun-ing. I love food, so all the little touches to go along with the cafe theme really bring it home for me. While Mecha also reads easily and I enjoyed the post on Shirokuma Cafe and its animal identity crisis, it was one of the only recent posts that really had a topic of interest for me.

  7. Wow, some very flattering comments here. Thanks, everyone.

    Some very interesting matches today, even aside from my own. In addition to Wan Abrar, I also voted for Daifuuku, since they seem to be one of the more interesting blogs I’ve seen.

  8. Left out post frequency due to laziness. Obviously it’s more important than anything written below.

    WanAbrar – Some posts consist of images which are solely animated GIFs. Props for having the patience to make them, but they are distracting. In the header, “Anime, Figures, Games & More” on the top is practically unreadable. Overall, great design. CSS rounded corners and gradients make for a polished look.

    Behind the Nihon Review – Slick tag cloud, but I use Flashblocker. Shorter paragraph length is needed to help readability here. Formatting: Some text is underlined to make it stand out. Most people associate underlines with hyperlinks, so that is not the best idea. Use bold instead. Also, hyperlink color is hard for me to differentiate. Lastly, image captions text is tiny but it’s a nice touch as always.

    Silence is Golden – Should use a darker shade of white for text color because there’s too much contrast with the black BG (#222222). Posts have a lot of images mixed in with captions — very nice.

    “Please do not directly link to my screencaps”
    Is that really an issue?

    “if you want to use the screencaps in your own blog please ask my permission first”
    Now this is just silly. You’re not the copyright holder.

    Anime Strip – No sidebar and no text excerpts here. Shizuo throws lots of labels on posts and there’s an archive link in the footer, so in a way, navigation works. Front page post images should be linking to the post.

    In two posts that I read, text is squished between left and right images. It looks bad. Otherwise, good image quantity, and I like seeing bold and hyperlinks in posts.

    Anime Evo – IMO the header and image slider take up too much vertical space. Next section down: The “Go to ..” buttons don’t stand out enough because they match the look of section headers. Sidebar: That Current Series thing is a neat idea — it immediately tells me about your current anime interests.

    Posts: image quantity good, image captions present, and some post formatting is used. Paragraphs need shortening, especially in that Anime Con post.

    Shades of Grey – Paragraph length is debatable. Maybe it’s less important here; I don’t follow manga sites. … Having trouble finding things to pick on. The blogs this round are looking neater than last.

    Mecha Guignol – Now that’s an unlikely combination of characters on the top right. I like that you put Blogroll on a separate page, because I’d only check out such links if I already like your site. “Top 50 Anime Series of All Time” is 10 pages? Forget navigating that. Also, why is the URL “top-23-anime-series-of-all-time/”? Design is solid except for one thing — post date. Black on red like that is very difficult to read.

    Daifuuku Anime Blog – The Hyouka 01 post has 3.3 MB worth of images for two reasons:
    – PNG images — this is a really bad idea.
    – The images are embedded at full size and downscaled by the browser. 1280px images are not needed in a space 600px wide. What happened to WordPress making resized versions?

    I’d pick on font size too.

  9. Just wanted to throw my good luck wishes to everyone in this round, and give double my thanks for all the people who’ve critiqued and commented on my site here.

    I am definitely very closely listening and extremely appreciative of all the comments and feedback.

    Good luck to my opponent, as well as everyone else!

  10. Oh behalf of the Nihon Review staff, I would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all the comments and input we’ve gotten about our blog. We’ve taken note of some (of the many) things we need to work on and will definitely discuss with each other how to improve the site.

    Thanks for giving our writing a look.

    Good luck everyone!

  11. You know, I remember going to sleep and noticing there were some matches that weren’t close. Now I notice there are many close matches in waking up!

  12. Only voted in one match (arena?) this time: Mecha Guignol vs. Daifuuku. Daifuuku wins, hands-down on site design and team management, etc. because that stuff is hard (I would imagine). Also, I’ve met some of their team members IRL – very nice people. Mecha Guignol seems like two guys who just blog for the fun of it and write whatever it is they feel like writing about with the side effect of entertaining their readers. I can relate to that. And they end up doing a pretty swell job.

    No, I’m not telling who I voted for.

  13. Thanks everyone for the votes and/or constructive criticism – we’ll take it to improve our blog.
    I’ll also admit that I check this page way more often than I should be. *stares at homework*

  14. I’ll pitch in to say something about Mecha Guignol:

    I don’t agree with Landon all the time. More often than not, he rubs me off the wrong way. His writing has this arrogant, self-assured air in it, like someone in love with his own words. But I keep on coming back to the blog anyway. Not everyday, or every week, but I sneak in a visit every now and then. I may silently rage at the points it’s making, but Mecha Guignol’s entries are actually very good–they’re full of character. Polarizing the readers works more than boring them.

    tl;dr I’m tsundere for Mecha Guignol, so yeah. Vote for it.

  15. @Daifuuku Anime Blog … We use the same theme, I didn’t think it was possible to cutesify it, well congrats you proved me wrong. That’s a nice touch with the light snacks and utensils hanging from the banner =)

    • Great minds think alike! Thanks! Our design team took quite a while to cutesify it – especially adjusting the post width, fitting in the giant banner, and the dangles took especially long. But all that work it was worth it.
      Word of advice, if you ever get a design person or team, GRAB TIGHTLY ONTO THEM AND NEVER LET GO.

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