Round 1 Matches 41-44

Lemmas and Submodalities vs Interests of a Psychopath

Riyoga’s Ramblings vs Marth’s Anime Blog

Oishii Anime vs Seventh Style

In the event of a draw, both blogs advance to the next round to compete in a 3-way tie

All About Manga vs Illogicalzen

::UPDATE:: MaskaThor’s Anime Blog is no longer an anime blog and therefore has been disqualified from the tourney. It will be replaced by Daifuuku Anime Blog, who have recovered from their earlier technical issues in time to be restored to the tourney.

46 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 41-44

  1. ::UPDATE:: MaskaThor’s Anime Blog is no longer an anime blog and therefore has been disqualified from the tourney. It will be replaced by Daifuuku Anime Blog, who have recovered from their earlier technical issues in time to be restored to the tourney.

    It appears that somebody haven’t chosen a good password and got their blog hacked… Aside from that, it’s nice to see Daifuuku Anime Blog back in the tourney and I wish them luck.

  2. Riyoga versus Marth…is a weird match. I think it is without doubt that Marth’s blog is just better in terms of most elements that most readers care about, but why is this? I think the two blogs are designed very similarly and I think there will be plenty of people who would prefer Riyoga’s content over Marth’s, but despite that I think the writing is just a better, more organic for Marth, given everything else is fairly constant and, frankly, equally generic.

    The straight-on review format is not the most appropriate I think but that cannot be helped for bloggers who just don’t consume so much stuff, or don’t want to write about anything else.


    All about Manga is a great blog and I would have considered it seriously if it didn’t declared itself to be on semi-haitus. That said, this post blew it away anyway.

    I left the first match last because it Lemmas and Submodalities contrasts well with Illogicaizen. I think it’s a nice try, to merry visual work with words, but it’s way, way too pretentious. This is like, minori-level pretension.

    That said, if Interests of a Psychopath posted more than 10 blog posts for the month of April, or isn’t a blog about moe things, or had only 1 writer, or had a knockout post in the dozen or so posts i browsed, I would probably have voted for it.


      Seventh Style to me seems like another Sankaku Complex or whatever… and they don’t allow you to use your identity without registering… what the hell?

      • The registering for comment thing aside (why do you want to leave a comment on a news blog…), let’s be fair here.

        Seventh Style is way better than Sankaku Complex to the extent that it generally does not misreport rumors and spins what 2ch says as actual news. It is also way better than Sankaku Complex in that it isn’t really just a porn site that pretends to be a tabloid.

        Seventh Style is just a moe-focused 2ch matome translation site. With maybe 10% content that is editorial in nature (like reviews?). Now 2ch matome blogs are dime a dozen if you can read Japanese, but there aren’t very many in English, with Anime News Network the most notable of them all. However ANN doesn’t even report 2/3 of the stuff because it’s either lurid, or “interest,” or more gag than news. But I think there’s a big audience for that sort of information, it is the news, after all. And when we’re talking about stuff that actually relates to journalism, I think more is generally, better.

        Which is to say, if you like headlines like “Haganai Loli Exposure Uncensored on BD” Seventh Style is the way to go. I revisited my comments after reading about the uncensored butt shots of Kanbaru in the Nise BD that just came out, because I’m curious how fast these guys work. It isn’t up yet…so they’re either not as fast as I’d like, or are just not into Kanbaru’s butts.

        Still, my point is if Sankaku Complex was even half as clean as Seventh Style the world would be a much better place.

  3. So I guess despite all things considered, Daifuuku has returned to…hand out sweets to tournament foes? Welcome back!

    I don’t know about Seventh Style being like Sankaku Complex (Ok, there are some elements there, but it’s nothing like those guys), but I do agree with the commenting system there. I’d rather comment using my regular account.

    All About Manga Vs Illogicalzen: Similar situation like Anime Picks and Kuuki No Puraido. I had interviewed Daniella who owns All About Manga and I frequent her site. I also frequent Illogicalzen’s site and he’s a writer for my site. MORE PAIN for me in this case -_-

  4. Man, I was nitpicking a lot in past reviews. Hopefully this is more useful now.

    Lemmas and Submodalities – The sidebar buttons are neat. Paragraphs are of good lengths and posts have enough images. Though, 3 images in a row is pushing it. Try getting 2 side-by-side. Posting looks to be weekly. Overall, a lot is done right here. FYI: “About” and “About Lemmas and Submodalities” have duplicate content.

    Interests of a Psychopath – I’ve dialed back on header criticism, but I really don’t like the font size here. Paragraph length is good and images are used well. Image captions are a nice touch. Posting is weekly and sometimes more frequent.

    Sidebar hyperlinks need more contrast. Maybe give sidebar a white BG. Twitter image is an animated GIF. Personally I hate those because it constantly interrupts my focus, but whatever. RSS image is amateurish. Overall, the sidebar is a bit of a mess. One thing’s for sure: Recent Comments needs to move up from the footer.

    Riyoga’s Ramblings – Having the site name in two places (banner and above banner) is silly. Yes, I saw the Aniblog post. Sidebar has Twitter up top, but I think Recent Comments should be higher. Paragraph length is great, but images are not plentiful enough. New posts appear more than once a week.

    Using PNG screenshots is a bad, bad idea. I consider this a major issue. And some nitpicking: Most sites don’t need a comment policy. Your writing & tone attracts a certain type of audience, and most likely they will write however they want, regardless of policy.

    Marth’s Anime Blog – Site background is way too colorful and distracting. I don’t like the sidebar, but am not sure what to suggest aside from the usual Recent Comments advice. Using the same term for category and tag is redundant and leads to unsightly URLs like “zetman-2”. Post images break up text as they should, but there are borderline wall of text issues. New posts go up daily.

    Oishii Anime – Ooh, I like the banner. The black site BG makes for too much contrast with the off-white post BG, IMO. It’d be nice to have post date and comment count on the front page in the Anime section. Breadcrumb navigation is present and that’s usually pretty useful.

    Post format is good — sometimes. Chii makes good use of bold, colors, and headers on the About page, but I wish more formatting would go into episodic posts. Image captions are present, at least. Here we go again with assigning the same term as category and tag. It’s redundant; why do people do this? Also, I’d love to know how you avoided “-2” in URLs.

    Seventh Style – Pure white (#FFFFFF) on black makes for too much contrast. Use a darker shade of white. Found a little derp: I can click a post title hyperlink all the way to the right (in empty space). The 13 front page posts are all from today and yesterday. Wow.

    Post meta is damn tiny. Single post font is just about the minimum tolerable size. It’s too small for me, so I zoom in two steps. Small is fine in the sidebar because space is tight.

    All About Manga – Needs images! So what if it’s about manga? Surely you can think of something. This site uses the built-in WP theme, so it looks like 90% of other blogs. Not much else to say.

    Illogicalzen – Not a fan of bold backgrounds like this, so I make my browser window smaller to hide the distraction. Paragraph length falls into wall of text territory. It’s disappointing, because illogicalzen is a very good writer. I like articles like “The role of female characters in anime”, but I’d like it a lot more if the Enter key was better utilized. The posts here could really shine with some HTML formatting. Throw in bold, italics, lists, and headers to break the monotony.

    TL;DR: Presentation matters, not just content.

    • I completely agree that the title in two places is silly, but I like the theme I’m using and as I said, it looks weird without any text up top.

      I’ve actually been thinking of getting rid of the latest posts bar and replacing it with the recent comments one, since the posts that are listed are all on the first page anyways. Guess that’s extra confirmation that I should do it.

      I get why pictures are nice for posts, but the style I’m going for is a ton of text, as the title implies. And I already said it in my post, but I try to make up for this with generous paragraph spacing, so I’m glad you think I do well in that regard.

      Care to explain about the PNG deal? The only reason I switched to it was because people with encoder eyes (which I don’t have) say they can actually see the quality difference between PNG and JPG pictures. Since I found the size increase negligible, I figured what the hell.

      I’ll be honest, I actually completely forgot I had that comment policy section. I wrote that back when I first started. But I agree, it’s unnecessary, and I’m going to get rid of it.

      Thanks for the constructive criticism! …And for reading this long response, if you do.

      • If you “care” about how fast your website loads you should switch to JPEG. You would be saving around 200KB – 500KB worth data for your users.

        These “people” by the way don’t have special eyes LOL. PNG loses no quality when you compress it. That’s what its for. Of course PNG is better than JPEG. It’s like saying 2 > 1 and claiming to be a genius … o_O

        Not everyone is running high speed internet, your website is almost at 2MB already for your homepage alone. If you get a lot of mobile users, you would be doing them a huge favor.

        Personally? Stick to whatever you want, I just gave you the “standard practice” answer.

        By the way, your domain name and main blog name switcharoo you’re doing there is confusing as hell.

        • Well what I mean is people say they can see a difference in 8-bit video versus 10-bit video, or can hear a difference with MP3 versus FLAC, and I can’t for either. Some people can see/hear that stuff, and other can’t. I just figured pictures were the same.

          Didn’t realize that PNG made that big of a difference for viewers though (especially with how few screenshots I tend to take), so I have no problem switching over to JPEG.

          As for the domain name, yeah, it’s because the blog name used to be different. I switched the name but didn’t want to go through the trouble of changing the domain, too. My current, flimsy excuse is that rambling is the most subtle form of chaos, since it’s pretty much verbal insanity.

          • Rednights beat me to it. The difference in file size between PNG and JPG is not trivial. I mention this for bandwidth reasons and for page load time. Google looks at page load time in ranking your site, but more important is cutting down load time for visitors.

    • We have been trying to work on the design but alas, with 4 writers it’s kinda hard to arrange stuff properly. However, our theme also restricts our customization as we cannot change the sidebar colour….

      But thanks for the advice. We shall take heed

    • Interesting points, with regards to the background, I actually find it far more difficult and get distracted by block coloured backgrounds than pictures, and I knew quite a few other people who are the same, so it works both ways.

      I’m not overly worried about the whole blocks of text, mostly because for me the paragraphs are quite short and broken up by screenshots/pictures. I may look at other ways of formatting, but my writing style does not really lend itself to adding bullet points, other headings, still, worth a look.

    • Considering the number of different blogs in this tourney, as well as the different writing styles and audiences attracted by those writing styles, I say it’s a reasonable decision to not allow certain types of attitudes to infect your blog. As the tourney has shown so far, a bit of transparency and moderation goes a long way in showing off what you expect from your own blog and the people who read it. When you have to delete a noticeable number of comments that contain content that you feel is inappropriate, it makes sense to establish some transparency and policy.

  5. In these match-ups, each pair of blogs are quite similar to each other. So the layout and presentation becomes more important in choosing to vote.

    ps. I support you all the way. Chii!

  6. I voted for Interests of a Psychopath, though if you ask me the site and the writers don’t seem to have enough bloodlust/too many K-On pictures (at least 1) for them to be considered true psychopaths. Yet, even with that bit of false advertising, I do like their layout and style. AS A PSYCHOPATH, I DEMAND MORE WOIGJIOWERJGOJ!!!

    AUTOMATICALLY VOTES FOR RIYOGA AND CHII ESPECIALLY. Oishii is a fantastic blog, one of the most original. 365 posts of favorite characters? Yeah, that’s awesome, and even more awesome is that Chii is following up that year with 366 school uniforms. And easy win for Chii.

    The Red Sox won, and so I vote for Illogicalzen based on the bet I made with myself.

    Go Red Sox.

    • I try and tone down my insanity/general-disarray when posting because it doesn’t make for good reading material. Plus, I don’t like sounding like a prat. But perhaps I will try a post of unadulterated me.

      As for the other 3, they’re not psychopathic. Only me. When they joined, I simply kept the name ^.^

      (Yes, SleepyNoYume loves his K-On)

  7. Chii gets my vote, just because we live in the same canadian province, Quebec. LOL

    I would vote for Interests of a Psychopath if I could actually find a psychopath in this blog. Automatic Vote for Lemmas and Submodalities.

    Voted for Riyoga because the coin flip told me to.

    Between illogicalzen and All About Manga, I voted for the best name and that is illogicalzen.

  8. Thanks all for the constructive criticism.

    We apologize for being unable to have more posts up but all 4 of the writers are busy with our mid-terms and a more important End-Of-Year exam that is vital in our education.

    But hell, we’re happy we even got votes. And 2 digits at that! I was betting us on getting 5 votes only.

  9. I don’t have energy to comment on everyone’s blog right now 😦

    But I really liked Interests of a Psychopath! CyborgCommunist plays Warhammer 40k! He has the Horus Heresy books! And writes yuri!


  10. One vote for one of my all time best friends I’ve never met in real life, Snippettee! Go for broke and succeed where I have failed. Show ’em how it’s done Snippy!

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