Round 1 Matches 33-36

Kritik der Animationskraft vs New Anime Thursday

The Manga Critic vs Prede’s Anime Reviews

Forty-Four Fennecs vs Just as Planned

Yuri no Boke vs Terminal Anime


71 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 33-36

  1. Weird situation between animekritik and newanimethursday. It’s like one blog has better quality content and the other has more interesting content. Kind of like, do you like your bromance on a hill or fishing @ Enoshima kind of a choice. Which is just to say this tournament is BS–in real life nobody has to choose as you can read both blogs.

    Same is said of Manga Critic and Verde’s. The latter is actually kind of cool since it’s not old school enough that I’ve seen many of the titles…but I don’t know if that’s something I really want to read about. Manga Critic could’ve won easily if it reviewed more novels/light novels. But I guess I should be happy that they reviewed any at all. So it’s another case of interest versus quality. I voted Manga Critic anyway just because I can actually easily navigate that site. All that made the difference was that Prede’s didn’t use categories correctly…

    Forty-Four Fennecs vs Just as Planned … One site has a bottom overlay bar, the other didn’t. One also has a post near the top about touhou music, which is a +. I guess having an anibrog tourney post is not enough… I’d recommend other blogs in the tourney to skip the meta and just go for the jugular, and post some badass stuff instead. Unless you’re going to make fun of yourself for our sake, anyway.

    Terminal Anime is interesting, but I can’t read this at work due to the layout. Maybe I’ll stick it in the feed reader? Yuri no Boke provided useful info about obtaining screening rights on the front page and I didn’t have to click on anything. Again, kind of a close call I think.

      • Ah, that’s the link I wanted.

        Yeah……. let’s just say that page you linked can be automatically generated if you used tags/categories correctly. And at any rate it would be very helpful to have that link at a prominent place.

        • Well it’s on the right side of my blog. If you’re wondering why it’s not under my banner, the reason for that is the wordpress template I’m using does not allow for that.

            • That will do for now.

              As a design tip, in this case you want to make the font size bigger for the key pages you want everyone who visit your site to know that they’re there. That’s why typically in a blog those pages will have their own level 1 heading as a top navigation bar or side bar. You might consider doing something like that.

              For a long-term fix, considering creating categories that are relevant and assign them to the “main” posts of your blog and just stick your categories on the side with an appropriate widget. I know you have a “review” category already so maybe you can experiment with putting up a category widget.

      • For example, if you did episodic reviews for Evangelion, all those posts would fall under the “Evangelion” category. However, this doesn’t apply to you as you review the entire series. What you should do instead is remove the archive links (April 2012, March 2012, Feb 2012, etc.) and replace it with a listing all those reviews you have on that page you just linked >> onto the side bar. <<

        While you're at it, this new "reviews" sidebar listing should be where the blogroll is. You want to display YOUR WORK over of links to other websites.

    • I wonder if the Terminal Anime guy designed the blog on his large screen because it is impossible to read the sidebar on mine.

      First view of the blog:
      Images in that Lupin post:

      If I go into fullscreen with my browser…
      First view of the blog:
      Lupin post images:
      Buuuut then the Ozuma images:

      I think this guy should consider not trying to lay out images in a cool way and stick with the more standard horizontal image between paragraphs or something…because it is really annoying to read through them. And the Evol girl on the side doesn’t work for me at all.

      • It’s a little “chunibyou” as far as design goes…which is par for the course so far in this tourney.

        I tried to stay away from talking about design because I’m pretty stubborn about what works and what doesn’t (it’s a pretty flexible philosophy fwiw) but there are some very graphics design 101 kind of stuff people need to pay attention to. and it’s easy if you spend the 10 minutes to think about it, or read it in a book or google it etc.

        • Yeah, I have a wide screen laptop. I didn’t anticipate that people would be viewing my blog on anything but. I’ll look into reformatting the site soon.

  2. Voted for Kritik, Prede and Just as Planned; couldn’t split the last two. Kritik and Prede are new additions to my feed reader, and I was already subscribed to Just as Planned.

  3. NewAnimeThursday, Prede, Keikaku and Terminal.

    This friendly/meaningless snub to Anya should also serve as a wake-up call to get back to blogging Smile PreCure, dammit. I WANTS IT.

  4. Kritik, Manga Critic, Forty-Four Fennecs, and Terminal.

    Anya has slightly more consistency than Keikaku, and I find her writing style a little easier to get into, even if she really needs to get back to actually blogging anime. It was a tough choice though. Also tough choosing between Terminal Anime and Yuri no Boke. Liked both, but ultimately I went for the former because the content had more relevance to me.

    • Thanks for your support! And yeah I’ve been in a productive limbo for the past week, but I turned the paper in today so I’ll be back blogging soon!

  5. Fourty-Four Fennec has been on sort of a weird on-and-off lately, but the writing has always been interesting enough to wait one or two days. Surely by being in this tournament alone should give enough motivation to make the posts even more interesting.

    Voted for Kritik, Manga Critic, FFF, and Yuri

  6. Kritik der Animationskraft – Yours was one of the few blog tourney posts that I read, since it was actually very helpful in finding what I wanted to sample a blog that was new to me. Thank you for the male nudity by the way; I appreciated the gesture :3 I found your posts not only very well written, but packed with personality, a feat that I still have yet to accomplish. I really get a sense of you in each of the posts that I read, notably ones on Ozma, Dantalian, Persona4, and Macross F. I only wish I were more knowledgeable of Leiji’s other works so I could read your discussions there as well. Site is easy to navigate and design just okay; I would prefer perhaps a banner that rotates with each new page. I subscribed!

    New Anime Thursday – I really like that you’ve made your mark on the blog with your own art! You’re blog is very easy to navigate, though I’ll echo some advice that was given to me and recommend that you chop off the title section above your header. Since you make your own banners, you could just as easily put the text in there. Your entries are written in a comfortable style, though there is an issue of repetition. A good majority of your posts start with “Back with….” which can get boring. I also found a bit too much summary in both the episodic and overall reviews.

    The Manga Critic – I don’t read very much manga, so I’m always a at a bit of a loss reading about it. Regardless, I found your entry, “Manga Artifacts: Love Song,” very well written. I am now actually interested in giving it a try. The blog is also friendly to new users, featuring a smooth navigation bar with drop down options, and additional helpful information in the footer.

    Prede’s Anime Reviews – I struggled with navigating your site since you don’t have a category/tag list, nor do you have a search bar. As the majority of the entries I see are either older shows or character highlights, I would have really appreciated a way to sift through those to find something of interest to me. From what I was able to read, I do think you could do with smaller paragraphs in your writing; this isn’t an issue in all your posts, but I did notice quite a few where you could break up larger paragraphs and still maintain coherence and organization.

    Forty-Four Fennecs – There aren’t a lot of posts here that really discuss anime I’m interested in, apart from music talks, the spring preview, and occasional episodic posts. The writing style varies between informal with bursts of random silliness to stiff, almost monotone play-by-plays. I obviously prefer the first. Navigation of the blog is fairly easy, and the layout functional.

    Just as Planned – I’ll certainly give you props for creativity in topics! Though quite a few of them seem out there to me, I could’t help but be interested in your results. Your hints from the Sankarea OP were hilarious to read, especially since I’ve already seen a few episodes and was impressed by how spot on some of them were. Your other posts are just as impressively engrossing. I only wish that ghastly orange background would stop distracting me!

    Yuri no Boke – That HEADER. That BACKGROUND. I want to vigorously re-do both. This is a bit of an older blog, and the layout/theme shows it. The blog could use a visual overhaul. Thankfully, the anime discussed covers both up-to-date and older titles–a little bit for everyone. The reviews are pleasantly readable and have a distinct voice, though again, I wish there were less summary. Link to a summary elsewhere or be concise/mark yours so I can skip over it to the real meat of the review.

    Terminal Anime – The first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to read the side bar because of the giant render behind it. I felt bad skipping right over your ‘About’ information, but I honestly didn’t want to fight to read the text. The layout is fine, but I suggest raising the categories up above the archives, since they matter more. You have a way with memorable titles, as quite a few caught my attention and pulled me into reading the full post. I giggled quite a bit reading your discussion of Pirates and hair gel (as a girl, she’d do better with a silicone shining/smoothing serum).

    • On the top right there is a link to all my character spotlights, and there is a separate link to all my anime reviews. I only write about two things, less known anime and specific characters. It says “List of all my anime reviews” and “Who is That and Why Should I Care?” (character spotlight list. I honestly have no idea how else to make it any easier to see and use my site. But then again I’m no export on stuff like this. But thanks for the constructive criticism. I shall take it to heart.

      • Ah, well I apologize about completely overlooking those links. As I’m not the first one to miss them though, you might consider them a bit inconspicuous. Perhaps label them simpler with “Anime Reviews” and “Character Highlights” or something. “Who is That and Why Should I Care?” is wordy and a bit misleading for someone visiting the front page for the first time.

  7. Kritik der Animationskraft vs New Anime Thursday

    Hmmm…Uggghhh….errrrrr…..tough tough tough. I like Kritik for it’s writing/the last post on Mysterious Girlfriend X, but other than that post, I can’t really relate to any of the other posts. New Anime Thursday’s an art student andd……oof…..this one it tough. As an art student myself, I’d like to give my vote there….
    and I will, but not because of the art (this isn’t called the ArtBlog Tournament). I’m giving it because of more relevant posts, not to mention the unique feel that the site has, when combined with the art.

    The Manga Critic vs Prede’s Anime Reviews

    Prede kicks it old school. Very few other blogs are kicking it with the old school, and I can actually relate to some of the posts. no contest that Prede gets it.

    Forty-Four Fennecs vs Just as Planned

    Why on earth should I vote against Just as Planned, and give a vote to Fourty-Four Fennecs?
    Anya writes:
    “I’m a psychotic yandere lesbian trap with a thing for Gundams and majoring in Political Science. YOU CAN’T GET ANY WEIRDER THAN THIS!”

    Oh…okay then.

    Yuri no Boke vs Terminal Anime

    Any yuri based blog automatically gets a first round vote from me, because I love yuri like I love my dick……every night when it gets dark.

    Yeah, I went there.

  8. Aaaah Anya, I really wish I could vote for you. I was introduced to Just as Planned two years ago with his match against Star Crossed and ever since I was a subscriber. I enjoy his anime experiments. Your banner could use a lot of work, too 🙂

    Did not know any other blogs so I voted for content: AnimeKritik (Leiji Matsumoto), The Manga Critic (Kami no Shizuku is numebr 3 on the year end list), and Yuri no Boke (well, because of yuri)

    • I don’t want to be modifying someone else’s work for my banner, so I’m using unmodified screenshots until my drawing improves. Also Takane = ❤

  9. These reviews are sort of like practice for me. Yes, a lot of stuff so far is minor and there’s a bunch of nitpicking. I’m trying to make this better each time. I will go easy on header spacing now… sorry to the blogs reviewed before. Also, I changed my mind since last time — I’ll continue to say “needs more images” and point out walls of text because this can’t be stressed enough.

    Kritik der Animationskraft – I hate small font sizes. Perhaps most people don’t mind, but my eyes are terrible. With sizes like this I always zoom-in one or two steps. (Look at comment font size.) The layout is 760px wide. No one uses 800×600 monitor resolution anymore, so why not expand horizontally? Front page post headers should be much larger, and top-margin would provide better spacing for the posts. Colors are good except for image captions (white BG, black text) clashing with the dark theme.

    New Anime Thursday – Another site using that common WP theme. Move social & comment widgets up in sidebar. Image caption font size is tiny, but actually writing them is good attention to detail. I’m iffy about left-floating images because it breaks the vertical flow in reading posts. But right-floating images are a nice change from images always breaking up text. No “older posts” link or archive link.. fix this.

    The Manga Critic – Looks professional. Not sure about moving up recent comments, because what’s atop the sidebar is presumably important. Overall, excellent design choices.

    Prede’s Anime Reviews – Walls of text => close tab. Almost skipped reviewing because this is a *major* issue. Same 760px width as “Kritik der Animationskraft” — not bad, but why not expand? Posts: again, left-floating images are not really working. Install a BBCode plugin so you can use spoiler tags instead of putting stuff like “(***Spoilers Over***)”. .. I can’t handle these text walls anymore.

    Forty-Four Fennecs – Front page would benefit from top-margin between each post; it looks vertically cluttered. Also, Recommended Posts in the sidebar needs margin between images. The black background contrasts too much with the white foreground. Looks like you’re tweeting today. Move this and recent comments up higher so visitors immediately see how socially active you are. Good job using HTML headers ().
    Nitpicking: I dunno how you got “anime” as both a category and tag, because the second one becomes “anime-2” if one tries. I can see this happened with “yuri”. Anyway, having the same term as category and tag is redundant.

    Just as Planned – Another common WP theme. Front page has no “older posts” link. Intentional? The URL is “page/2/” if anyone’s curious. Episodic posts do well with the number of images, but “Twilight of the Golden Witch” needs more. Find any images to break the monotony of reading — anime websites aren’t books. Also, consider writing smaller paragraphs. The About page is pointless as it is. Fill it in or remove the link in topnav.

    Yuri no Boke – Posts need images desperately. And use some HTML formatting as noted below. Sidebar is quite long. The blogroll shouldn’t have so much space between links with that many listed, but whatever. Recent comments shows up empty to me.

    Terminal Anime – Sidebar needs a solid background color, because transparency has text over the background image, and it looks very bad. Same for topnav. Posts need more images, and again I’m iffy about left-floating images. The MPD post in particular is a mess because of this. Paragraphs probably should be smaller. Layout feels lightweight; I prefer that to “busy” layouts.

    To everyone:
    – Link excerpt images to the post, not the JPG. The Manga Critic is the only site that got this right.
    – Format your content! Use bold, italics, lists, HTML headers, and so on. Headers especially. They make posts easy to scan, differentiate topics / sections of text, and give a logical flow for my eyes to follow.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I’m hosted on though, so don’t have as much control over the interface. Had to wrestle with that sidebar for a long time, and it erases the line break tag so can’t put margins.

      • I see, “Monthly Postings Keeper” is archives. I’m impatient and didn’t realize it at a quick glance. Maybe it’s just me. Creativity is nice, but for usability reasons, sometimes it’s good to have familiar terms.

    • I use wordpress. I don’t have control over such things. I admit I write a lot, but “walls of texts”? I’m sorry. But I am writing reviews 😦 . I guess it’s not for everyone.

      “left-floating images are not really working.” I don’t know what you mean by this. They look fine to me. Care to explain?

      • Let’s take your Aniblog Entry. You have 3 pictures in your post, 1 at the start, another the end of the text, and the last one after the posts you linked.

        The way you formatted it your text looks like a “wall of text”. It’s hard to read when text is clumped up like that, especially if you didn’t break things into paragraphs. He’s not commenting on your writing style, he’s talking about a USABILITY problem.

        What you should be doing is

        1-2 Paragraphs
        1-2 Paragraphs

        You want to casually place related pictures in your reviews. You don’t need 20 pictures, you can break up text easily with 3 – 4 large pictures that fill the width of the column.

        Many of the things this guy suggest is very easy to fix on a non-premium WordPress account.

        Hope that helps =)

        • Thanks for explaining that, heh. I’ll keep this in mind. I don’t think my reviews are like that really. I admit my Aniblog Entry is kind of like that. Thanks for the help.

  10. Voted for Kritik der Animationskraft (great taste), The Manga Critic (fellow manga site, and great article on JManga), Just as Planned (very interesting experimental viewing posts), and Terminal Anime (excellent Hunter x Hunter article). Good luck to everyone!

  11. Match 33: You know what I don’t like? WordPress bloggers signing off with their own usernames despite being the only writers on the site. It’s a personal tic of mine, no offence, but it seems very redundant, like you’re writing a diary entry or something. But back to the criticism: Stylistically there is a great difference between the two blogs, and as such, my vote goes to Kritik.

    Match 34. What is an anime blog? Blog being a log of our thoughts and whatnot, no? Which is why I don’t follow too many fansub or review blogs. Prede would win in the personal factor. Yet The Manga Report has better style. I’d hate to say this, but the only reason I’m voting for Prede is because I know him on Twitter. Sorry dude.

    Match 35.Anya is an interesting person who hails from somewhere in Michigan which sounds ripped out from a storybook. Yet her posts are personal…too personal perhaps. Every 2 posts there is at least one mention of lesbian, yandere or trap. The writing’s just like how an actual, normal blog looks like: full of onomatopoeia and emoticons. Just as Planned has interestingly …different ways of watching anime. Vote goes to Just as Planned for style points.

    Match 36: Look, yuri blogs are something I can’t have enough of, okay? I’m wearing yuri goggles all the time, in a relatively conservative island nation. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll vote for Yuri no Boke. She’s definitely a huge fan of yuri though, but the design ticks me off a bit. Same goes for Terminal Anime: the feature images are too small to catch attention. It also suffers from a problem my blog faces: attempting to differentiate themselves from other blogs. Terminal Anime’s aim is to show the themes and trends of anime, from their own perspective, presumably an unique one, it seems. Yet the posts start to seem contrived and ironically, becoming a reflection of what we already know. I’m abstaining from this matchup.

    • Signing off with your own username is a scraper-related choice, but that usually means you include a link to the post within the original post itself, and it usually is added to the start of the post instead of the end.

  12. Brief impressions for Match 29
    Kritik der Animationskraft has quality content, but there is no content that is relevant to my tastes. Also I think this blog could use a better theme.

    New Anime Thursday
    Content is more relatable, but the writing needs improvement as parts of it sounds awkward. Also, too much summary in the episodic posts, need to tone it down. Aside from that, it’s nice that you are focusing on some art.

    Because of this, I’m going to abstain my vote for this match. I wish both of you luck…

  13. I agree with omo, choosing between the first two is too damn hard – I almost don’t want to choose! Each one has their own style and it feels odd to pick one over the other. Vote went to animekritik, because he does have this outlandish style that I like. Take nothing away from NAT, but I just love blogs with gimmicks and niches.

    Not going to differentiate between blogs based on banners, layouts and minor design flaws.

  14. I felt badly making a choice between The Manga Critic and Prede. The Manga Critic is smoothly-written and has a respectable level of coverage for its topic. Prede is admirable for covering more obscure titles, and the writing isn’t too shabby, either. It really came down to a cleaner and more functional layout and slightly more enjoyable writing on the part of The Manga Critic for me, but I can see why the vote is presently as close as it is between them.

    Regardless of the ultimate victor, they’re both fine blogs, and they’ll be a pleasure to follow in the future. No other matchup has left me as positively conflicted.

  15. While I dont like making choices based around blog/site layout there have been a few times in this tourney where I have because certain layouts have made it incredibly difficult to read posts. I am not a fan of having pictures as part of a paragraph, since it breaks up the flow of reading for me, but then again, if the post is interesting enough to make me read to the end, then it has been successful.

  16. Very tight race between Prede and The Manga Critic. I voted for Prede because of his focus on old school anime and though I am not a fan of dark backgrounds with light text (makes it a bit hard to read), I prefer his content.

  17. Wow…congrats, Prede!

    I love Prede’s site, but I’ve gotta say, his match with the Manga Critic probably demonstrates the excitement (practically none) this tourney has caused in the manga community. I follow a couple of dozen manga sites, and the Manga Critic is among the very best (and most well read); it’s as well done in its niche as almost any of the aniblogs that have been up for voting in the first round.

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