Round 1 Matches 29-32

Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations

Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine vs Angry Anime Bitches

Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog


60 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 29-32

  1. Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations
    Oh wow. I’d never been to Super Famicom before (I think I’d seen links but never clicked them since I mistakenly assumed it was about video games) but this was really good. Ended up reading all of the Utena posts. He has some great insights. If I had to criticize anything, the posts are quite verbose and border on pretension, but they don’t cross the line. I like Assorted Explorations too (short, sweet and to the point, almost the polar opposite of Super Famicom) but Super Famicom gets the point (and a new subscriber).

    Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine
    Love the Machine looks like it has some great content if you’re into doujins. Unfortunately, I’m not. 😦 I read a few posts on Temporal Vortex, and they seem to have some good ideas but feel somewhat rambling. I’m not sure which to pick; I’ll abstain for this match. vs Angry Anime Bitches
    I discovered last week when I received a trackback on my site. When I read the link, I saw that the author of had asked me to fuck myself. He then proceeded to call my friend a faggot and tell him to kill himself. Um… ok. Constructive criticism is one thing, being an asshole is another, but encouraging people to kill themselves is quite another matter. It is completely beyond me why anyone would think this is acceptable behavior. I guess the author probably doesn’t mean this to be entirely serious, but so what? It’s infantile and hateful, and I have no desire to read it. The vote goes to Angry Anime Bitches by virtue of not telling people to fuck and kill themselves (not exactly a killer endorsement, but…).

    Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog
    Kidd, you should widen your content column. It’s really tiny and cramped. Also, maybe others like these, but I’m not going to listen to an hour and ten minute podcast. Don’t have that kind of time. The next post I read (after skipping a long list of shows being licensed) is a post about why kiddtic “loves” Kimi to Boku. Due to deep-seated personal biases I have to vote against him now. But he does have good content that I’ve seen in the past. AniRecs has some interesting content, but the writing is a bit too informal for my taste, and the posts could be shorter and more to the point.

    Hope this helps everyone in improving their sites. I’m glad I had the opportunity to discover all (but one) of these blogs.

    • Sir, you completely misunderstood what I meant. I judged you a quality man; an individual of high standing and intellect, so I expected you to understand what I meant. In essence (and by no means is this an exhaustive summary), my intent was to phrase my message thusly:

      You are a good person now, but you can be better. So kill your old self; let go of the man you once were. Shed all feelings of hate, remorse, and negativity. Emerge from the cocoon of the past and be reborn into a Butterfree of the future. Learn from your mistakes lest they repeat themselves again in your untarnished future. You are not just a man. You are human. Embrace your future as your new self and accomplish that which you set out to do.

      I apologize that this did not come across at first.

    • As quoted from the author for
      “I’m making an effort to bring it down a bit, yes. I go full bore on my fellow fansubbers because I know they can handle it and are able to understand I don’t really mean it when I say “Because you forgot a period here, I want you cut open your belly and shove your entrails into a blender.” No harm done besides sore feelings.
      These anibloggers? There are too many of them to get a good read on and it seems like a number of them have extremely low opinions of themselves. I was writing these posts entirely for the Whiners audience at first, but when I realized that these anibloggers (god I hate that word) were also reading my opinions of them and that they may not understand my style of writing (or even take it 100% seriously), I decided to tone down the personal attacks.”

    • Appreciate the comments. I’ve been trying to work on the verbosity — none of the Utena posts have hit 1000 words so far. But partly it’s just a consequence of writing the kinds of things I like to read, so thanks for bearing with me.

    • I disagree with “infantile”. There’s a huge difference between a childish, stupid douche and a witty one, even with the harsh language Dark_Sage delivers. I take the insults as being purely for entertainment value. Underneath it all, he’s far more apathetic than hateful.

  2. Super Fanicom BX-X – I feel guilty saying this, but I haven’t seen Utena. And yet, the posts on it drew me in with their inspiration and eloquence. You’ve gained a new subscriber.

    Assorted Explorations – You write with a fun voice and keep your posts extremely short, so they’re easy to read through. I just wish you would take more time to really explore the topics that you breeze right over. Blog layout could use some work, too. I don’t like it when the text stretches all the way across the page, but the images are oddly small in comparison and usually placed on their own lines. This is only emphasized by the shortness of the posts.

    Temporal Vortex – Your site has a very clean layout, so thumbs up for that. I prefer your editorial posts, and especially liked your discussion of folklore in anime. I do agree, however, that the longer posts can sometimes ramble along and lose focus and organization.

    Love the Machine – I unfortunately don’t have the slightest bit of interest in doujinshi. That being said, I do find your writing laid back and informed. You seem to usually only have one image at the start of your posts, which is good since they’re so short anyways. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at your banner. – I have a bit of love and hate for this site. 😛 I appreciate the time they take for overviewing the subtitles of various fansubbers. Language and attitude aside, they do know what they are talking about in terms of subbing quality. When their Fam posts were on time, I preferred their releases over Commie’s. To read Whiners, you need to remember what the name of the site is. If you’re going there to throw a fit about how they choose to voice themselves, you’re just as free to go elsewhere. That being said, I think they can cross the line by not making their intended subjects clear; sure, the criticism may be aimed at a particular writing style, but it instead comes across as an attack on the writer. I can’t help but view Whiners like a porcupine whose quills are on the overgrown side.Yes, I just called you a porcupine.

    Angry Anime Bitches – The front page consists solely of episodics, so it’s easy for me to compare them to other blogs whose episodics I do follow. Unfortunately, AAB falls short of catching my interest, as the “Impressions” sections of the posts barely touch the surface of truly analyzing the events that occurred. They’re easy to read, but I want a bit more substance.

    Kidds’ Anime Blog – I actually enjoyed listening to the beginning of the podcast. While it continued in the background, I tried in vain to find a written post that would interest me. I would probably stop by if I owned more licensed anime, but I do not. You could also work on the categories, as when I clicked on “Anime”, it only pulled up two posts. It seemed strange, given the title of the blog.

    AniRecs Anime Blog – Nice layout and color scheme. They feature good writing and an array of topics. I prefer the anime reviews to any of the episodics. The rants can also be interesting, though as they are titled, are quite lengthy. They try to break them up into smaller paragraphs, but could still include some images to ease the eyes.

  3. I guess I’ll do this again. More on layout:

    Super Fanicom BS-X – Move “Recent Comments” to the top. I’d like to know how engaged you and visitors are, and where people comment. Post meta text color (#B1B1B1) is way too washed out, and thus hard to read. Same for comment date color. Post hyperlink color is *very* hard to differentiate from normal text.

    Assorted Explorations – Persistent topbars (scrolling with page) are annoying. The text over the front page header/banner is unreadable with the that image background. This looks really bad. Post title in excerpt should link to the post (big issue, easy fix). Single posts lack walls of text (thank god) but images / paragraphs need more vertical margin. Fair use disclaimer is silly; you’re not gonna be sued. The footer is huge and messy. All these design choices are amateurish, and that’s being nice. Major overhaul necessary.

    Temporal Vortex – Excerpt images should link to posts. Post meta “By” and date text color looks a bit washed out. Associated posts thingy looks bland — it definitely should not match the look of post tags (right above it). Move recent comments & tweets higher on sidebar. Post pagination thing on front page should be centered.

    Love the Machine – No topnav is an interesting choice; it makes for simplicity and immediately focuses one’s attention on what matters. Not much to say because this guy obviously put thought into design. I feel like I’m repeating myself, but things like that thing should be on top because it’s dynamic. The widget shows that you’re alive on the interwebs and that is more relevant to me than anything else in sidebar. – (I visit this site all the time.) No paragraphs in comments is simply unacceptable. Fix this and enable comments on pages. Tell g0jira to stop being lazy. Topnav: get rid of that admin link. Sidebar: “Recent Comments” is high up, looks good, and is very useful. Front page: I don’t like image sliders but this one is actually pretty good. You get a pass on the large header section because I’m biased. Lastly, I’m not seeing an About page, but you have enough personality such that it doesn’t really matter.

    Angry Anime Bitches – Header is too large vertically and topnav has a lot of wasted space — condense this. Finally, someone who understands that large portions of text => readers lose interest. However, two large images in a row is taking it too far. Resize them as to fit two images side by side. I have misgivings about categories making footer so long. Try a dropdown. And like everyone else, move Recent Comments up! This section is valuable for repeat visitors.

    Kidd’s Anime Blog – The layout fucks up big-time in Opera unless I disable Javascript. As such, I have nothing more to say.

    AniRecs Anime Blog – The header is very colorful, almost to its detriment. What I mean is that my eyes don’t immediately have a clear place to focus. I’m not a fan of the grey text on grey — needs more contrast. Having “related posts” on the front page is silly; remove and put it in single post pages where it needs to be. Like most, single posts need more images to keep visitors’ attention.

    From now on I’m no longer saying that websites need additional images between paragraphs, because more sites than not suffer this problem. That and walls of text should be obvious and easy things to fix.

    • >I feel like I’m repeating myself, but things like that thing should be on top because it’s dynamic. The widget shows that you’re alive on the interwebs and that is more relevant to me than anything else in sidebar.

      It’s funny you mention that..the widget was on top until a few weeks ago, when I switched Other Reading above it. My thinking was, “These outside links are the brilliant stuff which I think people really should read, not my inane micro-ramblings.” But you make a good point…If I get more active with the idents, I think I wlll switch it back on top.

    • Update: I take back the headers thing I said about AniRecs. I was in a rush at the end of the comment and dunno why I wrote that. I should say that in single post, text color #888888 on white looks too washed out. It’s hard to read.

        • My original comment probably came from not liking image sliders. Now that I check back, your banner and topnav being purple to match makes it my favorite of all the sites so far. Very nice!

  4. Super Fanicom had more meat to the posts than Assorted Explorations, as well as much better design. Will probably have to read more later when I’m not worrying about classes.

    I enjoy Love the Machine’s writing a little more than Temporal Vortex, but the site doesn’t pop anywhere near as much. Vote goes to Love the Machine, nonetheless, since I have a passing interest in Doujin.

    Angry Anime Bitches is good, but Whiners is just better. Especially since the attacks have been curbed in favor of more constructive criticism, I find myself more drawn in by the writing.

    Abstained from Kidd and AniRecs since it was a surprisingly difficult choice.

  5. Temporal vortex is a slick blog but my god, Love the Machine. It wrote about the Dominion spinoffs. Srsly. Love this stuff. Not to mention reviews on Witches of the Sphinx. Critical hit for me. Gonna have to trawl it later.

    Also, Kidd’s anime Blog… Why don’t we just include tumblrs in the aniblog tourney and get it over with.

  6. Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations

    Voted for Assorted Explorations based on the fact that I’ve never seen any Utena, so I couldn’t really relate to anything on Super Fanicom’s site, and the fact that Assorted Explorations has the same “WTF screw this” attitude that Eye Sedso has. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine
    Both blogs have ups and downs. Voted for Temporal Vortex because I’ve been able to relate to more of their posts, and remember reading them a few times before the tournament, and I generally like their setup and writing style. vs Angry Anime Bitches
    I had Angry Anime Bitches in my original pick, but I’ve had a change of heart. Whiners style kicks ass. I like it. Can’t really explain it any farther. Both are very solid blogs in my opinion.

    Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog
    Kidd has a bad-ass picture of Durarara as a backdrop for his blog, and as for the content,….well……honestly reading this sight is a bit tough. It did remind me that I need to finish watching Murdoch Scramble. Meanwhile, AniRecs gets my vote because:
    A) The posts are great and relatable.
    B) AniRecs had the balls to use an Ikkitousen header in their AniBlog Introduction Post. The BALLS on this site!

    Yeah, I guess I’m writing reviews now….

  7. I’d love to vote for but then he told me to put my face in a pan, slit my wrists, then hold my wrists over the pan and drown in my own blood then proceeded to call me a useless shitbag and that my site is full of shitty opinions. I’m sure I shouldn’t take it seriously but I felt like I got steamrolled here =))))

  8. Came across Love the Machine months ago and really liked what I saw, but I forgot about them because they don’t post enough. They should, like, post more often. That’d be cool.

    • Thanks, I’m quite glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been a bit busy the past few months landing, and starting, a new job, but I hope to give it more time going forward. I have a huge queue of potential post ideas.

  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, The biggest quandary people seem to have with my blog is its layout. It kind of saddens me that that stops people from reading my content in which I put a fair bit of hard work in, So I got one of my friends to help me change it.

    Hopefully it looks presentable now.

    Anyway, Keep the feedback coming guys its doing me a lot of good.

    • I don’t get this either. As long as the content is accessible enough I don’t see what the big deal is over the layout. As long as there’s no rainbow-puke colors or unreadable text, I have no problems. Most blogs are running on free WordPress (not you though, kidd), so the templates being used can be customized to a very small extent. And I highly doubt that those small tweaks are going to make a difference in whether or not people like your blog. Regular readers are likely to read from Google Reader anyway.

      But that’s just my opinion.

      • I feel that aesthetics are more important for first time visitors, as opposed to long time readers. First time visitors can be quite judgmental when it comes to initial impressions of a website, even if they don’t consciously do so.

        It’s kind of like how you usually won’t buy anything from a website that looks somewhat unprofessional; people do indeed make judgements based on what they first see, and unfortunately, the first thing they see before your actual posts is the actual layout of the blog. Eyecandy helps draw people in, and from then on the actual content should be what keeps them coming back.

        For those that focus on content, blog layout isn’t the biggest deal, but no matter what there will always be that initial phase where you are completely unfamiliar with a blogger’s writing style. At those times, having an aesthetically pleasing blog is a good way to slowly transition readers towards actually reading content.

        Meh, that’s just my opinion on things. Based on how most people love slick, pretty looking stuff (such as electronics, cars, etc), I’d imagine the same idea applies to blog aesthetics.

        • Really? When I visit for the first time, the blog aesthetics play a minor, almost negligible role. If anything, they help distinguish one blog from another. And most blogs are running on free WordPress, so they all have similar templates set up, the only difference being the banner and maybe a couple of sidebar images. If I visit a blog and I like its posts, then the design should hardly matter, so long as it isn’t hindering my reading.

          Most anibloggers blog for kicks, and the earnings are chump change, so we’re not really marketing anything except our content. Eyecandy draws people in? I’m yet to see a blog where people visited just because it had a good layout. If you mean images on posts (screencaps and stuff that draw visitors from Google Images), that counts as post content and not blog aesthetics.

          This is my opinion and my perspective. I saw a comment somewhere around here where someone said they voted for a blog because it had the better banner image, so meh, what can I say…

          • Don’t get me wrong here, I also do believe content is king. After all, who would want to visit a site that’s all glamor and looks but no substance?

            I’m just saying that good/friendly aesthetics are a nice way to compliment what you already offer. In the end, bloggers blog not only for their own satisfaction, but also so that other people will read whatever they write. It’s a way of getting a conversation going, and have some friendly banter over common interests.

            Keeping the target audience in mind and making the experience as friendly and visually appealing as possible is a part of the blogging experience, or at least that’s how I see it. It’s a small factor, sure, but one that conveys that you do care for whatever viewers come and see.

            Well, that’s just my philosophy on blog design. Note that I do completely agree with the logic of what you’re saying, and if anything, I wish that purely good content was the standard for appealing to readers. But the fact that some people do make judgements based on appearance is the reality of the situation, and is the sole reason why things such as marketing exists.

            One thing I would like to say though: making a blog look nice is one thing, nitpicking about minor little details such as a font size is something else. For a hobby such as blogging, perfection isn’t necessary nor required.

    • I’m being harsh on layout because it’s reality. Yeah, I’m nitpicking too. But many visitors decide whether to stay or leave within seconds. If the design has issues, then more and more people won’t even give content a chance. Trust me when I say I’m not the only one with thin patience. If design has no major derps, it still takes a lot for a site to hook me. Walls of text (not @ your blog) are the next big thing for which I immediately decide to leave.

      It’s easy for someone to look at their own layout + content and feel comfortable with them, but as they say for web dev and programming, you do not think like your users. I agree with what Tsuki said — this is about capturing first-time visitors.

  10. Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations
    Very different blogs. Super Fanicom is a neat analysis machine with reasonably accessible posts (accusations of TL;DR are laughable; do you truly believe that you could just skim these posts?). I’ve known these guys for a while and they have lots of fun writing about their favored shows, a far cry from the stereotypical dry writing of academics. I hope that more blogs approach anime a little more deeply and critically as Superfani does.

    Assorted Explorations is a Tumblr blog. I don’t hate Tumblr, but it’s a rather bad platform for an anime blog. Commenting is nowhere near as robust as WordPress or Blogger. The layout doesn’t hold up well when maximized on my monitor (20.5-inch, 1600×900 resolution). I find myself largely indifferent on the content. While it seems to be aimed with discussion in mind, I have little to discuss with the blogger. Consider adding more thoughts into your posts, so that readers have something to actually talk about?

    Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine
    Temporal Vortex has great design. I love the whitespace, and the entries are no slouch either. Only thing hurting it for me is that foomafoo’s interests only tangentially cross with mine.

    Love the Machine, now this is a blog to my taste. Philosophy? Metametafiction? Strike Witches? Japanese covers of Western SF books? Subscribed and voted. vs Angry Anime Bitches
    Angry Anime Bitches are angry. I’m almost disappointed that they aren’t as angry as advertised? Though one girl (I’m assuming it’s a girl, since this is a blog supposed to be composed of bitches) has this batshit insane Oginome Ringo avatar, lol.

    I actually want to read an angry anime blog, one that’s really angry (even screaming), but justifiably so. Angry Anime Bitches turned out to be pretty normal. Not uninteresting or boring, just normal. I think the banner is too… big? is an interesting case. Fansub reviews aren’t common in the aniblogosphere, because I they’re tough as hell to do. Imagine having to watch an episode several times, with huge fluctuations in fansub quality? Man, I don’t envy Dark_Sage’s work at all. It’s really detailed, most of it is time-consuming, and the mere fact that he keeps at it is already admirable.

    I have an honest question, though: Why do fansubbers use disagreeable language to drive home even the simplest of points? Like they drop a bomb of fucks at the slightest mistake, and call everyone else (even people from the same team) a whole array of synonyms for shit.

    Fansubbers seem to have their own way of conversation, which involves a lot of barbs and jives. They seem to relish calling each other names all the time. This manifests in the fansub reviews themselves, and in the ABT posts (even before Dark_Sage toned them down). I suppose you turn that irreverent way of speaking into your own writing voice.

    It’s just that more often than not, I find that it obscures the very thing that Dark_Sage is trying to say.

    Say there’s this bad line in a fansub that’s brought to our attention, with a couple of derogatory names thrown in for a good measure. Is the foul language really necessary? I’ve read my fair share of blogs that cuss and throw shit at others, but this is one of the few instances that the cussing gets in the way of my reading. As an outsider, the language comes out as off-putting for me, and at some point I just tune it out and roll my eyes whenever an instance of “fag” comes up, while trying to digest the essence of the post (i.e. is the fansub good? are these lines good? etc). It’s only funny half the time. The other half is a chore at best, and annoying at worst.

    Still, I find the fansub reviews useful, as I exclusively subsist on fansubs for my anime diet. Voting, but I’d like to be enlightened on this strange and alien behavior of fansubbers. (Yakk deculture!)

    Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog
    Kidd’s Anime Blog has the unfortunate practice of not adding a “Read More” link to its posts (what’s that thing called again?), so you see all the entries in their entirety. This is bad. I’m mildly interested at the posts (Ashley Williams writeup was pretty cool, I admit), but please consider adding a jump to all your posts with reasonable length.

    AniRecs Anime Blog. The writing is a bit all over the place sometimes. I like the editorials, they’re pretty honest. A slight edge gets it my vote.

    • I would like to confirm that, yes, DS does talk in the language of fansubbers. We’re an odd lot, especially us editors (if you don’t have a god complex, you shouldn’t be editing).

      • I would like to refute that. Why are you making us all look like jerks? 😛

        It’s just that the most vocal ones don’t give a shit about anyone else. Myself included. There’s going to be shitstorms everywhere we go when we talk about other people’s work. It just can’t be avoided.

        I tend to try to let my critiques and “evidence” speak for themselves though.

    • Thanks man.

      accusations of TL;DR are laughable; do you truly believe that you could just skim these posts?

      Yeah, this sort of thing used to depress me. But these days there are enough bloggers doing longer, more involved posts that I don’t feel out of place anymore.

  11. I decided to add an extra category call “Editorials” which should make it easier for readers to find the content that is not a podcast or license announcement.

    I’m also working on adding the “Read More” tags at this very moment. Again, thank you for the feedback and for everyone who felt like they couldn’t get a good idea of what my writing is like here is a link to the Editorial Category page.

  12. Voted for Super Fanicom BS-X (good review choices), Temporal Vortex (great site design and nice tastes), (provides a useful service, and kindly spared me from evisceration), and AniRecs Anime Blog (interesting articles on good series). Good luck!

  13. hmmmm tis interesting how everyone voted AniRecs but I’m suddenly losing O.o . Didn’t want to do this but

    *In loud command-like voice* MOBILIZE! TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE PLUS, damnit! even every contact on my mobile phone!!

  14. A bit late with this, but some quick Comments:
    Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations
    I read Super Fani’s post on Cowboy Bepop and it was a great read. There were some excellent points brought up. I am sure the Utena posts are similar.
    I loved the post analysing Assorted. I wish someone had done that for me!

    Assorted Explorations
    I really like Jay’s short and quick approach to posts. But more than the short and quick approach, I like how he gets opinions from all over the place. As Pontifus pointed out, this is a great way to keep track of the blogosphere, and it also serves as an archive of sorts of the opinions of the blogosphere. Most EXCELLENT!

    I added both blogs to my G-Reader.

    Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine
    Temporal Vortex: I only skimmed the Shows that ended in March post. It seemed pretty well written.
    Love the Machine: I don’t read Doujin, so, I can’t really judge you I am afraid. 😦 I will however note that the post on Stoicism was most excellent. vs Angry Anime Bitches
    Some weird internal sadistic part of me actually enjoys the “blog critique” posts D_S has been publishing as of late. At the same time, I can see why many bloggers would not like them though. As for the fansub reviews themselves, I am glad people bother doing that. I say that, but I almost never bother reading them (Sub-Desu for Medaka Box anyone???).

    Angry Anime Bitches
    I don’t see much anger, but I do like the general layout and overall “feel” of the blog. I say “feel” because you know, it is kind of hard to touch a virtual entity.
    You guys have a lot of coverage eh. I normally like blogs that don’t do a summary + impression styled posts, but in a team blog like yours, with posts as long as yours, the format works quite well (though it doesn’t appear to be used by all the authors, which is perfectly fine). I am just happy you devote more than 2 or 3 lines to your opinion of an episode.

    Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog

    Kidd’s Anime Blog
    A good deal of it is out of my demographic, but I enjoyed the post on Journey.

    AniRecs Anime Blog
    A few interesting posts here and there. Not much else for me to say that others haven’t already.

  15. > 68.74% (310 votes)
    Angry Anime Bitches 31.26% (141 votes)

    What a differences!. lol
    *check the other polls voter count*

    Round 2 when?

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