71 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 25-28

  1. It’s a little early, but it seems like Trzr23 vs Traveler will be the closest match out of all these. I personally voted for Traveler, since the material they discuss seems more interesting, though Trzr23 looks like a good site too.

  2. Anime Anthology; Focus is on reviews, including reviews out of season, which isn’t all that common. The content itself is fairly standard for reviews, though unlike many reviewers they don’t seem to have any problem handing out grades under 7.

    Emory Anime Club: Pretty cool for an anime club to be involved in the blogging scene. Mainly episodic posts with an opinion-driven style. I generally prefer reviews to episodic posts, so vote goes to Anime Anthology.

    The Beautiful World: Too pleasant for my taste at first glance, but they did put together an attack ad, plus they have ShizNat. Some well-written editorials as well.

    Shinde Iie Anime Blog: Hahaha, for some reason I always thought this was “shinde ii” anime blog. Mostly episodics but written with a strong style. Close match than expected, but edge goes to Shinde Iie for the style.

    Anime B&B: Wide variety of well-written posts on interesting topics.

    Anipages: tl;dr. Knowledgeable and opinion-driven, sure, but I’m not going to read posts this long. Vote goes to Anime B&B.

    trzr23: Editorialist, creative, pretty much everything I’m about to say about Traveler on Revenge.

    Traveler on Revenge: Powerful voice, versatile style, likes Touch. I like both blogs, similar in many ways, tough choice, today I’ll give it to Traveler on Revenge because it’s behind.

    /Red Bracket

  3. Now this should be interesting round, more so as a participant than anything else. I’ll hold off on voting for this round for the sake of neutrality, but it looks like I’ve found some new blogs to follow. :3

    While it’s too early to say for sure, it looks like Trzr23 and Traveler on Revenge are going to have a close matchup. As for the rest, anything can happen from now until the polls close. I’ll just have to wait it out til then.

    ….Bah, this round is going to distract me all weekend. I should really get back to doing some work, but it looks like that might not happen =__=;;

  4. Voted for Emory, Anime B&B, Beautiful World, and TRZR. Not sure why I haven’t added AB&B to my blogroll this whole time, but that injustice has been rectified.

  5. I really do like that I’m able to find out all these other blogs I never heard of or anything. (no offense its just that im not really familar witht he aniblog sphere other then the one i blog for >_> ) It was hard to choose silly me often chose based on one silly factor (someone had a post praising cali, as a cali girl i had to vote for them! )

    anime anthology vs. emory – i liked both but i kinda liked that thing atop of anime anthology that changed and showed diff posts. so i went with them.

    the beautiful world vs. Shinde Iie Anime Blog – i almost went with this cuz of the purple, and i LOVE purple. but then i saw a post in the beautiful world about cali so i had to go with em. but i rly liked both blogs!

    animeBB vs. anipages – went with animeBB i liked thier banner(s).

    trzer23 vs the travelers revenge – went with the travelers revenge. i thought thier drawings were cute, and i liked thier blog on sankarea viewers XD altho i did like the “if you like this you might like that” thing at the bottom of each post in trzr23.

  6. AA vs EAC: Typical reviews but with a nice twist onto its reviews incl. seasonals and the lost. EAC has a nice idea with an anime club blogging but in terms of writing taste, I would have to give it to AA.

    BW and SIAB: Beautiful World is nice but SIAB is just a little more nicer to read, funnier to imagine, and everything. Both were fun to look at but vote goes for SIAB for that little advantage.

    B&B vs. Anipages: Typical posts vs longer editorials with a lot of thought? Anipages.

    Couldn’t decide between the last two since I thought they were pretty similar in terms of great quality. Coin toss went to Revenge.

  7. Tenchi Fans for Truth About OVA 3 wish the best of luck to both the beautiful world and Shinde Iie Anime Blog in this matchup. I think both are great blogs, but I’m going to abstain from voting for either of you because whichever one of you wins, I’ll be rooting for you to defeat AstroNerdBoy and his pathetic propaganda machine. I’ll ask all my friends to visit your blogs and vote, and we’ll do our best to campaign for the winner in the next round.

    • (So this guy is AstroNerdBoy and we’re all agreeing to pretend he’s not just some retarded kid railing against himself, right? That’s the inside joke here? You can respond to me in parentheses so we don’t blow the cover of his hilarious scheme.)

  8. Basically learned of this tourney yesterday; first day of voting.

    Not one to post who I voted for, but I do want to make mention that Emory Anime Club’s site is awesome. Probably one of the best aniblogs out there. And I can safely say that after one visit. Already added to my list of aniblogs to read. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha, thanks. It’s encouraging to know that somebody out there appreciates our stupidly long posts, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Voted for Emory Anime Club, Shinde Iie Anime Blog, Anipages, and Traveler on Revenge, who earns major bonus points with me for posts about Bakuman and Pluto, and especially for liking Adachi. That’s quality. Good luck to everyone!

  10. If I tell you who I voted for, will anyone really care?

    trzr23 and Traveler on Revenge is the toughest one. My vote goes to Traveler on Revenge, but then I voted for Trzr23 by accident.


  11. Anime Anthology vs Emory AC: Both blogs have great content. AA focuses more on reviews while Emory is somewhat more of an episodic anime blog. In terms of readability, both sites can be difficult to read because they do very long posts, something that I don’t really like. For writing style, I prefer Emory’s for no real objective reason, so there.

    the beautiful world vs. Shinde Iie: I really don’t approve of how these two blogs started attacking each other, but that’s beside the point. Shinde Iie has somewhat educational and informative posts, while the beautiful world has more of a playful style of writing. I prefer the latter, so my vote goes to the beautiful world. Very close battle, though.

    Anime B&B vs. Anipages: Anime B&B offers a great variety of posts and Anipages boasts incredibly thoughtful insights. However, I think Anipages puts a bit too much thought into their posts that they sometimes become too long and unreadable. Anime B&B gets my vote.

    Trzr23 vs. Traveler on Revenge: In terms of overall writing quality, Trzr23 is the better banana, but I strongly prefer some authors to others. They have also been busy chucking out meta posts in succession recently, something that isn’t really good for a blog that’s supposedly about anime and manga. Traveler on revenge has highly opinionated and entertaining posts. His casual approach to writing is also something to be commended. Ahelo is also a Filipino like me. My only problem is that his posts’ quality fluctuates very sharply. The closest matchup in my book to date, but I gave my vote to Traveler on Revenge.

  12. I’m sorry to see that Trazor’s fallen behind. Certainly, I consider him a friend, but the reason why I connected with him in the first place is because I feel he’s one of just a handful of bloggers I consider craftsman, especially in terms of voice. His is as distinctive as any in the blogosphere – I’m surprised his site hasn’t exploded yet. I think if readers really go through some of his posts, they’ll realize how good his writing really is.

    Another friend in this round is Marina, and again, I connected with her because of the quality of Anime B&B’s posts. She’s an actual English grad student, and this background is obvious in her posts. Her writing is almost too good for a blog, but that doesn’t mean her posts are inaccessible. I really find her blog as interesting as any. I particularly like her observations on series at the beginning and end of seasons and her occasional posts about food.

    I’m not close to anyone on the Emory blog, but I’ve found theirs to be one of the top two or three episodic blogs on the net. Their posts are concise, clean, and interesting. I liked their earlier design a bit better, but the quality certainly hasn’t changed.

      • No change? The banner’s certainly different, but were there other tweaks? It looks a lot different to me, but I might just be off my rocker.

        Regardless, congratulations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’ll reply to all the comments in one go:


    @cidthekitty: If you like trzr23, you might like… trzr23! Seriously though, it’s a widget called LinkedWithin…not sure if it can be installed on WordPress.


    @@fkeroge (lol @ @s): Those meta-posts were a one-time 4-post series. It’s not like I do meta often. But thank you for complimenting me on my writing style. Learning and writing fluent English was hard as hell, 6 years ago for me…

    @TWWK: You’re way too kind, man ๐Ÿ™‚ My site may (and now I guess it never will) never explode, but that’s okay. As long as a handful of readers such as yourself are even mildly entertained by what I’m writing, then that’s enough for me. It took me a while to get to this “views don’t matter” stage, but now that I’m here, blogging feels more enjoyable. Am I…super saiyan now?

    @Mushy – My blog sucks so much I’m going to rename it trzrrulez…and you will create some piano background music!

    @anyonewhovotedforme: Thank you very much. I appreciate your readership, truly ๐Ÿ™‚

    @anyonewhovotedforToR: ToR is a great blog. It’s such a shame that we had to go head-to-head because I think both of us (yeah yeah, I’m an egoistical twat, nothing new) never got the recognition we deserved. His site has some great content as well and honestly, it’s a blog I’d follow myself. Ahelo, you’re cool, mate =]

    This round has the overall highest quality…

  14. I want to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts on each of the blogs; it has helped me see where I can improve and has also reminded me to not get lazy about my topics.

    I would also like to ask a favor of anyone who is interested: I recently added my blog theme’s optional “Showcase”, which I currently have as a page titled, “Recommended Reads”. I wanted to make it easier for new readers to find the posts that I think best represent my style and focus. The theme gives you another option of setting that as your homepage. Do you think having that page as a homepage is a good idea and look, or do you prefer the way it is now?

    • This is just me, but I don’t feel like making a Recommended Reads section. I’d rather have people read through the content and judge the blog on its overall content rather than fawn over a select few posts.

      But I have a Content Slider thing on the front-page which came with the template…

      • I think what first piqued my interest in the option was that I liked the slider. I was playing with the idea of changing my blog’s theme entirely, but was having a difficult time finding any with layouts that I prefer to the one I already have. I’m still struggling with organization; I was worried that readers wouldn’t be able to find posts that would properly represent me since it’s currently flooded with my spring initial impressions ><

    • When I click the Recommended Reads section, I expect to only see Recommended Reads, not the most recent posts too. When I clicked on that tab and scrolled down I was confused by all the posts. A confused reader is a one-time reader, so try to avoid that.

      As for making it your homepage? No. No, no, no. Link to it in your Aniblog post and make sure it’s one of the first things people see. Just do not make it your homepage, because that’s only good for first-time readers and not those who want to read more of your posts when you make them.

      • Ah, you touch on the very thing about the Showcase template that irks me. I hate how inconspicuous the separation between the featured and recent posts are, which obviously confused you the first time you saw it. I tried to save it a bit by having that information box at the top of the page :S

        Another thing that annoys me about it is that the posts in the featured section have to be sticked, so not only do they show up in the slider, but they also take up the whole top section of my regular layout. I wish I could somehow turn it off so the stickies only show up in once place. I’ll avoid turning it into my homepage.

    • I think your typical homepage is easier to navigate, which is of course, really important. Otherwise, I’m really digging the recommended reads section. It gives your blog more of a “site” feel, if you know what I mean, and is certainly a good opening for new readers. It also feels a little cutting edge, which I think describes you well (at least in terms of the anime blogosphere).

      You may want to try it out and see what kind of feedback you get, comment-wise and through numbers.

  15. Anime Anthology vs Emory Anime Club
    Both are good blogs. I like Emory Anime Club’s episodic posts, which are well-written. Vote goes to the latter.

    the beautiful world vs Shinde Iie Anime Blog
    the beautiful world has a good, honest writing style, and I found myself loving the Utena and Mushishi posts.

    Shinde Iie Anime Blog is pretty good, too. inushinde has a good writing voice, and I like his posts too (Katawa Shoujo, Natsumachi). Close fight, but I’m going with the beautiful world.

    Anime B&B vs Anipages
    Anime B&B has a fun, light style. Marina likes food, and she writes some great recipe posts. Pleasant to read, too.

    Anipages is a one-of-a-kind blog. Animation/sakuga fans are slightly different in focus than general anime fans, as they focus on the moving pictures aspect of anime first and foremost. I’m not really a big sakuga fan, but Anipages helped me discover my appreciation towards really good-looking animation. It’s not a blog I’d read all the time, but I’ve learned a lot of things from reading this blog. Vote GET.

    Trzr23 vs Traveler on Revenge
    Not a fan of Trzr23’s layout. Found the posts not to my taste, too. I found the Thoughts on Current Anime page a bit misleading, as it contained a bunch of images corresponding to an airing show, containing a link to that specific show’s category. It feels unnecessary. Just use a categories page or something? I dislike the “You might also like” widget.

    Traveler on Revenge can rave about something without sounding like a fanboy. I like the earnest writing, and the Recommended Anime page was very unique. Ahelo is a person not afraid to put his personal favorites on the top of the list, and that alone gets my vote.

  16. Anipages is one of a kind, in that it’s not only a sakuga blog, but it’s a blog that’s actually written by someone who 99% of the time knows what he is talking about, to the degree that you get animator and director types chiming in about topics he brought up. From content’s perspective it is impossible to beat it. if knowing animation is a prerogative in your life, you really should read every single post. I’m not really a sakuga otaku but there’s just so much solid info on Anipages that it is a great reference to keep around.

    Rest of this round seems kind of close call for me. Emory Anime Club Blog’s style is exactly what I want to see for episodic blogging (hmm a certain psgels blogs just like this, but this is a better voice). I probably would have voted for the beautiful world if it didn’t state Spice and Wolf being god tier (srsly? you would do better by putting boku no pico as god tier). The last match is really just a toss up…both blogs can use some polish.

    • Also, I read anime B&B’s post on Sakamichi no Apollon, and I’m like, yeah that’s cool, but every time some classically trained musician says something like “Sentarou to gain an equal appreciation for Classical” and I’m like, noooooooooooooo screw that.

    • Well, in my aniblog post I mentioned how the first anime blogs I started seriously following were RandomC and Star Crossed anime, so yea… You could say that they were my inspiration for my currently writing style on the club blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • With Anipages losing it really reaffirms two things that I believe to be the case from the beginning:
      1. aniblogsphere are full of people who really don’t know much, with relatively low media literacy rates. Maybe it has to do with a lot of them being pretty young and not have had the education and experience. Nor is that a major problem given the average person on the internet. It’s something to keep in mind if your goal is to make a popular anime blog.
      2. this is a very visual crowd. but you all knew that.
      3. we look to blogs to entertain ourselves. the overlapping subset of people who entertain themselves by educating themselves and via the anime medium is pretty small compared to people who read blogs because they are entertaining. It is not unlike the growth of podcasts and videocasts where it is probably easier to be entertaining and achieve better penetration (as it requires less literacy skills) despite that you may need to spend 30-60 minutes with such things to get all that you will take away with in the form of a blog post that can be read in 5 minutes. it’s just people killing time, so to speak. So it comes down to which one you enjoy the most.

        • Really? I’ve always thought that the longer it takes to get to the meat of a post/video/what have you, the worse it is (which is why I never watch podcasts, even if I may be losing out on much). I think the majority don’t prefer Anipages because they’re long-winded, and that they don’t want to read through as much.

          Of course, when you’ve got thoughts that immediately grab a viewer’s attention (even through yellow journalism), then, length doesn’t matter.

          P.S. When you get uninteresting thoughts, a long length, and uneducated opinions on nothing at all… you get O-New! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Quick design criticisms:

    Anime Anthology – Post excerpt images should link to the post About us and staff should be one page. Also, what’s with that WP topbar?

    Emory Anime Club – Too many screenshots in episodic posts. Minor: condense that sidebar. Make categories be a dropdown or have a dedicated categories webpage.

    the beautiful world – Use recognizable icons for Twitter/tumblr and remove those unrelated images. Writing content on sexuality = win.

    Shinde Iie Anime Blog – Move the “Hello there!” text to the about page. The “Twitter Updates” widget should be better higher up, as it’s dynamic and relevant. Also, you have two search fields. And personally I’d keep politics out of an anime blog.

    Anime B&B – Condense wasted space in the header. Sidebar: “Recent Entrees” (misspelled) seems redundant because all of those posts are on the front page anyway. Good call with the category dropdown. You’ve done a lot with categories and tags, so a category / tag cloud may be very useful. But try it on a dedicated page, not in the sidebar unless you expand its width.

    Anipages – The entire layout is left-aligned. It isn’t the 20th century anymore.

    trzr23: A 200px RSS icon on the sidebar? That alone is bad enough, but it’s not even a transparent PNG (see the white edges). Sidebar author thumbnails are too large too. Post meta (“Posted by..”) contrasts too much with the white BG color. Maybe rename Authors to About in topnav, as more people recognize / look for the latter term.

    Traveler on Revenge – Layout is okay, but posts desperately need more images between paragraphs.

    • Thank you very much for checking out our website and the feedback. We are always trying to find ways to improve. I’ll be sure to tweak things around to make it a little more user friendly ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love that you focused solely on design. Thanks for the feedback, though I’m not sure if I can do anything about the header since the size is predetermined by my theme choice. I don’t like text to take up the entire banner, so I try to balance it out with the graphics. Can you be more specific?

      And “entree” is just as commonly accepted as “entrรฉe”, but I’ll change that up so there’s no room for confusion.

      • The top part of this can be cut in half by eliminating whitespace, but it’s minor I guess. The entree thing, maybe it’s just me. Was trying to review 8 sites in a reasonable amount of time.

        • Hmm, I’ll look into seeing if I can chop that white section off, though I’m afraid that it might not let me. I did think it fairly redundant to have the title both above and in the banner.

    • “Too many screenshots in episodic posts.”
      This is just due to laziness on my part. I’ll usually narrow down my screeenshot folder to anywhere from 50-100 images, and I’ll just throw it online because I don’t feel like narrowing it down any more. I guess it would be a good idea to get a standard screenshot number so that load times are more consistent.

      “Minor: condense that sidebar. Make categories be a dropdown or have a dedicated categories webpage.”
      I’ll have to give this idea a shot, though we’re fairly limited on our ability to customize the blog due to being university hosted.

      Thanks for the design tips, definitely something to keep in mind during this tournament. After all, first impressions are the first steps in the battle for votes >:D

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