Round 1 Matches 17-20

Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity? vs Hachimitsu

Shonen Beam vs Sequential Ink

Bokutachi no Blog vs The G-Empire

Maserbeamdotcom vs The Check-in Station

62 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 17-20

  1. I voted for Hachimitsu, Bokutachi no Blog, and the Check-in Station. Good luck!

    As for my own matchup, I’m pleased that Shonen Beam is pitted against another manga site! I’m pleased to have discovered Sequential Ink, so I’m abstaining from voting in this one. Best of luck, and may the best site win!

  2. Sequential Ink reviewed MM9.

    Any blog reviewing any of the SF Haikasoru novels (except Battle Royale, because, srsly) will 99% likely to get my vote.

  3. Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity?: Authors have a lot of style. That’s good. They do more meta and filler than any self-respecting blog should have to. That’s bad. Some of that meta is spent sucking up to me. That’s good. I contain potassium benzoate…

    Hachimitsu: Fun writing style. Interesting mix of editorials and episodics. Only blogs episodes she feels like and skips the rest. I respect that approach as a writer, though readers may be disappointed when she chooses to skip an episode. Gets my vote due to better content.

    Shonen Beam: Been reading this blog for a few weeks now. It totally nails the Shonen niche. Hard to imagine anyone doing it better. On top of that, Jean-Christian has a great podcasting voice.

    Sequential Ink: Fitting title, since the posts are nothing but consecutive text. At the end of the day content is king, but an intro pic per post won’t kill you. The writing style is casual and contains the kinds of insights you want from a review. Sequential Ink doesn’t lose this match. Shonen Beam wins it.

    Bokutachi no Blog: lygophile left this comment on my site: “Ur website looks horrid. What is that brown? Looks like same color as my shit. What’s with your fan art? I don’t want to burst ur bubble but I think their trolling you. Or maybe ur proud of having art with you fapping to gay pr0n? In conclusion, clean ur shit up.”

    The G-Empire: Yuri is good.

    Maserbeamdotcom: Writes in a very friendly style. A lot of people go for that, but I personally find friendly writing kind of bland. Good content though.

    The Check-in Station: Don’t know what all these ugly hashtags are doing in the post titles. Fortunately, there’s porn to make up for it. I’d recommend making the episodic posts more opinion-driven and less event-driven. Still good enough to get the vote.

    • Whoa! This is the first time I’ve heard of that comment, that was shitty of him to say, sorry to hear about that. I get that it may lower your opinion of our blog, and I’m not going to dig for your vote (which has most likely already been cast) but I just want to say that we aren’t responsible for anything one of our members says off of our site. Thanks for the feedback though!

    • Aww snap, and we all started writing episode reviews and stopped sucking up to you(come on it was just one post lol) last week. Won’t argue with your voting decision though. Hachimitsu is a nice blog but of course I have to defend my own~

    • Bokutachi no Blog: lygophile left this comment on my site: “Ur website looks horrid. What is that brown? Looks like same color as my shit. What’s with your fan art? I don’t want to burst ur bubble but I think their trolling you. Or maybe ur proud of having art with you fapping to gay pr0n? In conclusion, clean ur shit up.”


    • One of my favourite quotes: “Kicking a vegetarian is really no different than kicking a tree. They are what they eat.” – Baka-Raptor

      I personally find tremendous value from your blog.

      • It’s funny how you like that quote a lot when it doesn’t even make sense.

        Vegetables are not tress and in fact, vegetables don’t even grow on tress so I can’t see why you would make that comparison Baka-Raptor or do you just hate vegetarians with a passion?

        PS: I am a vegetarian

  4. AOIA has some distinct voices and includes very solid episodics, but I definitely prefer some authors to others. As Baka-Raptor noted, there are quite a bit of filler posts that, though interesting, kind of detract from the blog’s claim of difference from other blogs. The layout is friendly to the eyes, and I appreciate the ease of navigation. The posts intersperse images properly, as well.

    Hachimitsu’s blog topics reminds me a bit of my own, with her occasional attention to specific episodes. I much prefer an episodic post that covers an extremely interesting and arguable detail rather than one written out of obligation for covering an entire series. I also love the writing style, which is laid back but always astute. Again, the blog is easy to look at and search through, though I do wish the banner had a bit more oomph. I also kind of hate the sub-title to the blog. Hachimitsu gets my vote and subscription.

    I don’t watch much shounen, excepting the current Hunter x Hunter (2011), so Shonen Beam isn’t a blog that really catches my attention. I do like that they have a podcast. The writing is also smooth and has little error grammar-wise that I immediately noticed. The blog’s color scheme and layout, again, are a breeze to look at, but I wish the banner/top area had a bit more individuality. I voted for Shonen Beam.

    Sequential Ink is another blog that I wouldn’t normally read since I’m not a huge manga or light novel reader. I do think that the author sounds informed and writes well, though I really wish the huge blocks of text had some sort of image to go with them. I don’t care what the blog’s title is or its theme, I still would appreciate something that would help make the site a bit friendlier and colorful.

    I do prefer Bokutachi no BLOG’s color theme and layout to The G-Empire’s; the dark color scheme meshes well with the bright pop of color from the banner. One thing about the writing that irks me, despite the very natural and relatable voice, is that sometimes the sentences tend to be strung together with commas, even taking up the entirety of the paragraph at times. Not all posts are like this, especially ones that include more summary, but it’s something the author should be aware of.

    I really wish The G-Empire would do something about the blog’s colors and background, because it’s always a headache to look at it. I really do enjoy reading his lively and goofy posts, but the tiled wallpaper is an eyesore, as is the lime green blog title. The posts are extremely image heavy, which isn’t really a problem for me except that my eyes are already overwhelmed by all the background noise. Don’t scare away potentially new readers with that wall! Also, center-aligned text really bugs me. It was your individuality and energy that won my vote today.

    Maserbeamdotcom is another blog that could use a serious face lift. Maybe I’ve just become completely accustomed to side bars or space along the sides of the main wall of text, but I was really turned off by how the entries stretched from edge to edge. Any hint of color or individuality depends on the topic images, which means there really isn’t much visual uniqueness at all. That being said, I did enjoy reading the blog and do like the friendly style that prompts reader response. This wins my vote for content alone.

    After his opponent’s sad visuals, the Check-in Station was a welcome sight. The blog is devoid of a defining banner, but since he include several screencaps throughout his posts, I didn’t miss too much for color. I also found a bit of his personality in the sidebar. Like Baka-Raptor, I don’t really understand the hashtags in the titles; are they included because the author doesn’t know that you can change the title that twitter uploads without changing the post’s blog title before publishing? The writing also includes much more summary than I like, and usually all in present tense. Present tense summaries sound very run-of-the-mill and my eyes automatically skim through trying to find the end. Reflection comes in at the veerrrry bottom with a small paragraph.

    • I also kind of hate the sub-title to the blog. Hachimitsu gets my vote and subscription.

      Aww. My aim to be ironic seems to be a hit or miss. Thank you nonetheless!

      • Mira – Hah, yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was tongue-in-cheek or what. I still love your blog!

        blindability – Not all the posts are like that; an example of what I noticed is the First Impressions Jormungand post:
        “I have very few complaints here, except maybe that the music didn’t seem to commit to any one style and ultimately ended up just OK in all of them (except for the great closer) and that perhaps the stable of characters is a little too large, and I’m worried not all of them will get fleshed out, though even if they won’t, Koko and Jonah seem like they’ll be able to carry a large amount of this series on their own.”

    • Bokutachi no BLOG is a team of writers – but there’s only two of us who are punctuation freaks: Gooney and myself. I’ll bet you were talking about me; I’m an awfully boring writer. However, I am quite confident that my writing is grammatically sound.

      But duly noted. Use fewer commas. And perhaps a few less hyphens.

    • There are a ton of non-self hosted WordPress users, it’s to expected. They can’t edit their CSS on the free user account nor do most people even know how to.

      Voted for the following: AIOIOAIAOIAIA, who knows that’s a redonkulous acronymn so I guessed it as you an see =), shonen beam, boku, and check in.

  5. Good to see that the Aniblog Tourney has provided a good platform for providing the blogs feedback. Admittedly I’ve been writing a lot of meta lately so I have to apologise for that.

    We will aim to write more reviews and less meta. I know I will, anyway.

    Please provide AOIA with more feedback. I really want to improve the quality of the blog and its contents.

  6. Really enjoyed all the new blogs this round and it seems most of the voters are doing the same as well. Figured I might as well add in my thoughts on the blogs competing today while I’m here.

    I found the post by Valence on AOIA about wimpy male leads (and using NGE as an example) to be particularly inspiring since I was able to draw connections in other anime/manga about the characters there and also see how NGE’s effect on inspiring other works, too. It really has an effect on you when you can take an article like that and apply it to things not even related to the post.

    Really enjoyed the content, writing style, and voice on Hachimitsu and spent the most time there of any of the blogs in this round. Going to definitely come back and continue reading the posts on that blog.

    Though I’m not the biggest fan of the shounen genre, I respect Shounen Beam’s enthusiasm and passion for the genre and the coverage they have for the material. It bleeds through the writing style and makes me want to pick up these manga and read them.

    Though I’ve never read or even know much about the manga Sequential Ink wrote about, I found the articles extremely readable and engaging. They seemed tailored to readers who have a limited background to the manga being reviewed which I appreciate given my extremely limited manga background. Both this and SB are really enjoyable blogs that makes me wish I were more involved in the manga community or reading more manga than I already do.

    I’ve been following Bokutachi for over a year now, so I’m familiar with their style and content (not going to say much). G-Empire was certainly interesting with their own style of posts with frequent images to create an amusing atmosphere (I always have and always will like pictures in blog posts). I found the yuri list to be of particular interest, too.

    The most difficult decision was in the last poll between Maserbeam and Check-in Station. I am a bit disappointed that both haven’t updated as frequently as most of the other blogs but the posts that are there are still valuable. I found the causal and comfortable writing style of maserbeam to be somewhat relaxing and some of the humor was worth a smile or two. The writing style of Check-In really communicates a lot of content and covers a good number of topics per post though they never appear to be too long. I also enjoyed seeing the blogger isn’t ashamed to have a pervy side to things, too.

    Overall, very impressive blogs in this round. There are quite a number of close races, so good luck to all in trying to survive to the next round!

  7. AOIA vs Hachimitsu is the hardest to decide. AOIA is more entertaining while Hachimitsu is more easing to read. *tosses coin* …congratulations AOIA!

  8. My vote goes to Ambivalence for some entertaining posts (though, all the time tl:dr doesn’t work), Shonen Beam because of them sticking to their specialty, Bokutachi no blog for old time’s sake and Check in Station for reviewing pervy manga so seriously.

  9. Okay, I don’t know but there’s a wildcard in this tourney namely, whiners pro. Whiners pro votes either can make the lead of a leading blog more commanding, turn the race into a close fight or an outright comeback victory for the losing blog.

    I’m just posting what I’ve noticed so far.

    • I don’t know about everyone else, but I actually got more referrals from the day they posted about the first matches than I got from here on the first day of the tourney. And I’m guessing they’re part of why my poll wasn’t as close as it had been near the end, too.

  10. just automatically voted for valence…the man simply has the better style so i love reading his posts…it may seem that i haven’t been too active on commenting on his posts but i really find his posts interesting…i read his post “Welcome, Aniblog Tourney readers. A personal appeal by Valence.”, and i believed him when he said that blogging was fun for him…i truly believe that on the basis of reading his posts that are really fun in nature…not to many bloggers can make that certain connection to the readers and that’s one thing i appreciate about his writing style… 🙂

  11. Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity? vs Hachimitsu
    AOIA had a good Aniblog Tourney welcome post, which pointed me to a few choice entries I immediately liked (Oreimo and Kagami’s birthday). My pet peeve is that the Upvote/Downvote widget for the comments kinda look bad. I don’t care for the episodic posts, though.

    Hachimitsu’s just okay. I like some posts, but they’re few and far between. Tough choice, but I’m sticking with AOIA.

    Shonen Beam vs Sequential Ink
    Shonen Beam is ridiculously good. Anime fans tend to look down on those who exclusively read/watch popular Shounen Jump titles and by extension, the titles themselves (despite not having anything to do with the negative image of their fans), but this is a very classy site with well-written posts and information. I can imagine the magazine info to be very useful to shounen fans. However, I’m not really a big shounen reader…

    Sequential Ink looks ordinary in comparison, but surprise, surprise, its content is much more to my alley! It reviewed MM9! Drifters! Non-shounen manga! It gets my vote.

    Bokutachi no Blog vs The G-Empire
    BnB’s writing is all over the place. I find it merely average, and nothing really captivates me. Inoffensive, at least.

    The G-Empire offers more content of interest, but the layout is flawed, I can’t even see the “Older Posts” link on account of the tiled background image obscuring it… Writing quality is more or less on par with its competitor. Tough choice, really, but I don’t like how The G-Empire’s use of unrelated borderline NSFW images to grab attention. Try not avoid that, please? It’s irrelevant, and makes you look cheap.

    So yeah, BnB.

    Maserbeamdotcom vs The Check-in Station
    Maserbeamdotcom is a pretty good site, but I don’t like the wide layout. Too wide and it’s a chore to read just one line off a paragraph. That’s really the dealbreaker here. I’ve no issue with the content, it’s good, but forcing me to read wide paragraphs will just make me throw my hands up and go elsewhere. Also, the blue hurts my eyes after a while.

    The Check-in Station does episodics rather weirdly, screencaps are heavily edited (not a bad thing, mind you, just surprising), etc. I don’t care for the episodic content. But I really liked the Pervy Manga Review! I think DonKangolJones and I have similar tastes, but he doesn’t quite write posts that interest me… yet. Voting for this one.

  12. Whoa, I get home from vacation, and suddenly it’s AOIA’s turn?

    AOIA vs. Hachimitsu: I don’t have to say who I’m voting for here. Sorry, Mira.

    Shonen Beam vs. Sequential Ink: This is the first time that I heard of either blogs. I hardly read any manga, but Shonen Beam gets my vote for being easier to read.

    Bokutachi no Blog vs. The G-Empire: In general, Bokutachi has better writing, but they mostly write about stuff that I don’t really care about, like that “I am drunk” post, and there’s the hashtags for post titles. The G-Empire has a very off-putting visual theme to be honest (as much as I like Yuri). OG also fills his posts with too much images for my taste. G-Empire still gets my vote as OG was a supporter of mine since I was a newbie.

    Maserbeam vs. The Check-in Station: This was the hardest for me. I had a bit of an argument with Maserbeam a while back, but that is what led me into checking out the blog. The writing’s simple and friendly, but a bit hard to read because of the intimidating look of walls of text. The Check-in station has an assortment of posts that are pretty fun to read, but I mostly skipped through the tl;dr episode summary parts. I also quite like how they take ecchi manga seriously. I voted for The Check-in Station because it’s a lot easier to read.

    • Just checked your blog for the first time and I gotta say, you’ve earned a new fan. That you’re having fun blogging really shines through and leads to far more genuine and entertaining work. I’m glad I found your blog. Sorry about some of our (BnB) content not appealing to you, depending on the individual members the mix can turn out well, or it can go badly, which seems to have happened for you in this case. Still glad to see your criticism, it does ultimately help us improve on our flaws. (and yeah, I don’t like the hashtags for post titles either, I don’t get why some of our writers do them at all) Thanks for the feedback!

      • While I say that I don’t care about some of the posts at BnB, there are also a lot of posts that I liked: the ones with a personal touch like that Persona 4 preview post were really fun to read. Try to make more of those. 🙂

        We’ll also do our best to improve our blog. We’ve received a lot of feedback, and we are more than willing to listen to our readers. I say, may all anime blogs improve in the duration of this tourney.

        • Thanks, that Persona post was one of mine, I do want to do more stuff like that in future, so it’s good to know people like that kind of thing, it does motivate me! I agree, I hope this leads to positive growth in all competing blogs!

  13. Ken of Sequential Ink here. Just wanted to say thanks to those of you those of you who either swung by my blog, voted, or posted some feedback here! It’s much appreciated!

    Also wanted to thank Jean-Christian for being incredibly gracious and kind with his words both here and on Twitter.

    Also, my picks for the round were Hachimatsu, BnB and Check-In. I abstained in my own contest.

    So, thanks again!

  14. Okay, more plain background and less tiley thingamabubs.
    As for the way I write, I will never, EVER, change my writing style. I’m a fanboy first and foremost not a professional author. I’ll address this in a later post.

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