Round 1 Matches 13-16

Heart of Manga vs Ultimatemegax’s Blog

deluscar vs Kansatsu~観察~

Metanorn vs The Kotatsu

Avvesione’s Anime Blog vs The Otaku’s Blog


65 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 13-16

  1. <bHeart of Manga seems to be a pretty cool, I REALLY enjoyed reading what I saw. But the front page looks horrible and the site loads slow. Is anyone else having these problems?

  2. deluscar vs Kansatsu~観察~
    I myself have been following deluscar for a while so my votes go to Kai (no I didn’t misspell Kan as short for Kansatsu but Kai is the writer for deluscar). Deluscar has a graphically enticing banner which suits the grey background. Even so, it’s very simple and easy to navigate around. I’m bad at analyzing writing styles so I usually judge on how much I gain from a post or how the writer makes me interested to keep reading and Kai does that. Not to say Kansatsu doesn’t because they do as well but I found it harder to navigate when I want to find something at random that isn’t on the popular post list. If possible Kuro, I think you should categorize your posts to make it easier for surfing.

    Metanorn vs The Kotatsu
    Oh gosh where do I begin with this!? Bobbierob is an amazing guy who is a big fan of K-On like me plus, I really love his writing and his ability clearly shows being in the Anicorpse, tackling the first episode of Nazo no Kanojo X. But Metanorn and Sekijitsu are practically bro’s and I owe a lot to Metanorn as it was the site that started everything for me. I’ve followed them much longer than any other site and I continue to because of their fun and awesomely diverse team, their innovative ideas that just keep coming and coming (I swear, when are you gonna run out of ideas Kyo!? LOLS) and well… you get the picture. This is THE HARDEST choice I’ve ever made in the Tourney but I’m really gonna have to give it to Metanorn.

  3. Finally, onto the RED BRACKET.

    Metanorn: Gotta give them tons of credit for not only surviving the retirement of their first-generation bloggers but growing even bigger afterwards.

    The Kotatsu: I approve of bobbierob’s writing style but can’t approve of his tastes. “An avid manga/anime fan, currently an animation quality whore and fanboy of K-ON!, Haruhi Suzumiya and Railgun…Dislikes plot-less mecha, GAR, and mainstream, overmilked shounen series (you know what i’m talking about).” Vote goes to Metanorn.

    Avvesione’s Anime Blog: Nice to see an episodic blog with a focus on opinions, not recaps and screenshots. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen most of the anime blogged about, including all the anime listed in the Tourney post.

    The Otaku’s Blog: Wide variety of content, entertaining writing styles. Gets the vote for having posts accessible to someone who hasn’t watched anime in a year.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m always curious about the backgrounds of people visiting my blog, so it is nice to hear your thoughts on it and to provide personal feedback. Since I began blogging a year ago, I’ve only really covered the anime airing since I’ve started so I understand that my blog was exclusive to someone like you. Do you mind if I ask for recommendations of what you’d like to see on my blog? I am eager to hear what I can do to improve the accessibility of my blog to others.

      • “It’s not you, it’s me.” I gave up watching anime for a year last March (and restarted this March). You just so happened to start up around the time I was winding up.

        One drawback to episodic blogging is that people aren’t going to read the posts if they haven’t seen the episode. Because of that a lot of episodic bloggers are tempted to ditch the niche series to blog mainstream ones. They’re also tempted to put less time into their posts so that they can cover more series. Both tactics make their blogs more accessible, but I’m against them. There are enough episodic bloggers out there to give each show at least superficial coverage. I’d rather follow a blogger who takes the time to blog something well. If you’re really good, your episodics may even convince bystanders to pick up a show just to read your thoughts on them.

        I can’t read your posts in depth since I have yet to watch these shows, but I like your approach. You get straight to your thoughts, your thoughts are interesting, and you express them thoroughly without being tl;dr. If you’re ever blogging a series I’m watching concurrently, I can give you feedback in greater detail.

        Your first impressions posts and weekly review posts are a good way to draw in a variety of readers. I’m sure that’s true for season preview posts as well, though I personally don’t find season preview commentary the least bit interesting.

        • Thanks for the quick response.

          Some of the comments I’ve received in the past are that my posts are tl;dr, so I’m rather pleased to hear you think otherwise, especially when you have limited background of the anime being written about. The length and tangential/random nature of my posts are, what I feel, one of the biggest obstacles to attracting new readers, so I’m also glad to hear you like my style of blogging. And you’re correct about the weekly reviews and first impressions posts as they are among my most popular, I just have to figure out how to advertise those to new readers and hope they stay around for my episodic posts. I hope to blog an anime that you’re watching concurrently to see even more feedback.

          Once again, thank you for your encouraging and supportive words. I appreciate the time and effort you spent helping me with my blog.

          • Sakamichi no Apollon might work. Haven’t started it yet but probably will soon.

            Conciseness is a virtue for me, but I don’t want to force my style on you. There are many ways to keep long posts from feeling tl;dr. Breaking up paragraphs with pictures does wonders. Strong topic sentences for each paragraph also help, and from what I’ve seen you’re fairly good at this. It allows readers to skip paragraphs without quitting on the post as a whole.

            You want to be both relevant and insightful. Being tangential/random hurts the former while discussing what’s expected hurts the latter. You’ll figure it out with experience.

            168 blogs is way too much for my plate, but for those in the Red Bracket, and especially those in Group 5, I’m happy to offer advice.

            • I do consider myself fortunate to be receiving all this advice and feedback and now more than ever after you said you won’t be doing this for everyone. I’ll put more effort into solving the areas you wrote about for my future posts. Once again, thanks for your all your comments about my blog, I truly appreciate it.

  4. Kansatsu~観察~ Hmm, haven’t heard of this blog. Wait, how come it looks familiar..? OH.

    Sorry Kuro it took me a minute to realize you actually changed the name of your blog.

  5. Metanorn vs The Kotatsu was tough, but in the end, it was the fact that Metanorn has more yuri that swung my vote in it’s direction. I mean, that and the fact that Metanorn was one of the first blogs I knew of/followed.

  6. Well I promised the Kotatsu to vote for him., so yeah, that’s the only vote I did for today. I have to check out the other blogs and decide.

  7. Quick(for the reader, not for ME, you better appreciate this!) Thoughts:

    Heart of Manga vs Ultimatemegax
    Ultimatemegax has a nice enough layout. There is nothing extraordinary about it, but I have easy access to the content, and to me, that is all that matters. On my computer, it did have some performance hicckups. I am not sure why a blog on WordPress would do that. A badly designed theme perhaps? Maybe it’s just a Chrome thing.

    In terms of content, I am afraid I can’t judge it properly. Most of the stuff is outside of my domain, so, yeah, sorry. Maybe someday after I complete the Haruhi novels, I will leave you a comment or something.
    I checked out your end of season post thingy. Once more, I didn’t actually watch the anime, but the post seemed decently well written.

    Design wise, Heart of Manga is pretty good. I don’t normally notice layout and design much, but it seems comfortable and usable, so no problem!

    Posts could afford to be a bit longer, especially since you are covering volumes. But, hey, the posts seem frequent and it does not seem to be a team blog, so, I don’t mind.
    I was going to give my vote to Heart just because it is a manga blog, and as a reader of many manga (and occasional blogger of manga), I like that.
    But, then I saw that they had a post on Dengeki Daisy. I don’t care good or bad the post is, but there is a post on Den-FUCKING-geki Daisy. Take my vote, just take it already!

    Deluscar vs Kansatsu
    This is actually a pretty hard fight. I admire both of these two for being able to write so much despite being solo bloggers.
    I like Deluscar’s design and layout. It is quite appeasing to my eyes. I wish it was easier to access desired topics though. I mean, say I wanted to read your posts on Steins;Gate, there is no easy other than maybe using the tags which are at the bottom of the page. You should probably have categories for each anime/manga/game, or sub-categories under Anime/Manga/Games, etc…
    As for content itself, it seems pretty good. You could improve a bit in the grammar/typo department, but hopefully, that will come with time. Occasionally, your sentences feel slightly stiff, and don’t flow too well. Work on that.

    Kansatsu has a simple enough layout. I have no real comments there. Categories exist, but they might need to be a bit more comprehensive. There doesn’t seem to be enough for the variety of posts you have written.
    There are a few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing major. Writing is also occasionally a bit too stiff. Whatever that means. I like some of the stuff you brings up. On occasion, it would be nice to get longer, more in depth posts, but you are a solo blogger releasing posts frequently, so, it is not a big deal.

    Metanorn vs The Kotatsu
    Note: I have a bit of a bias towards Metanorn because I am Twitter buddies with Foshizzel, Aanaga and Kyokai as well.
    When it comes to Metanorn, I’d really like to congratulate Boss Lady. She keeps the blog running and is honestly one of the best team blog administrators I know.
    Content wise, Metanorn covers a good deal of anime, and is a good source for episodics. I haven’t visited enough (mostly because I don’t visit blogs often these days), but you folk have most of the bases covered.

    A few improvements if I will:
    I am pretty neutral about the design, but I do have a few nitpicks. The colorful author avatars scattered throughout the posts are pretty much a trademark sign of Metanorn, and I guess that’s good, but at the same time, it can be a bit distracting. It’s hard to read a post while your eyes are seeing so much contrast (black, white, green, etc…). Also, larger fonts please! I am going blind in my old age.

    As far as improving as a team blog goes, I get the impression that not all the members know each other that well. I don’t know why I get that impression, but for some reason I do. I haven’t read enough to be sure, but are you guys unintentionally forming sub-cliques? It’s not a big deal, but it is one area almost all team blogs can improve in (don’t worry, you are much better than a lot of team blogs). If you want an example of team members who understand one another well, take a look at THAT Animeblog(not 100% sure if this is true for the newer staff, but definitely true for the older staff).

    Let’s move on to Kotatsu now. I used that same theme once. Oh, the memories. 😛
    I skimmed over your Steins;Gate post. I like your writting style. You do a decent job of integrating a summary and your opinions. I can respect that. Your paragraphs are not too long, nor too short, and well spaced. I can respect that to.
    I understand you haven’t been posting frequently. Don’t worry, I am like that to. 😦 Well, being like me is not a good thing, so, maybe you should worry, I don’t know. I JUST DON’T KNOW! Anyway, keep on trucking mate.

    Avvensione’s Anime Blog vs The Otaku’s Blog
    I don’t like Avvensione’s design. It is THE EXACT SAME AS MINE! So, uhh, I obviously can not comment on it.
    I skimmed(sorry, it’s late; I want to sleep) at your First Week Impressions Part 4. Your writing itself is not bad, but you need to split up the paragraphs into smaller ones. Blocks of text are not good.
    Other than that complaint, you seem to be a good blogger. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    The Otaku’s Blog has an alright design, but it can feel a bit busy at times. Like with Metanorn, I can’t talk about the writing in any real detail, because you have a lot of writers.
    You folk did not post some stuff for quite a while between March something and April something. I am presuming that was just a one time break.

    I hope no one gets mad that I criticized your grammar despite this comment likely have 100+ grammar fails. Sorry, for being a hypocrite, but it’s late and I am using Notepad.

    Draggle and Schneiderheim were right. Writing feedback takes a long time.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to read through everyone’s blogs to write your comments here afterwards. I’m pleased to hear you like my writing and think I’m a good blogger, that really means a lot to me. I do tend to have dense, blocky paragraphs, so I am glad to receive feedback on the readability of my blog. And I thought, of all the people out there voting, that you would’ve thought my design was the best! Guess not =P

      I’m also glad to have found out about your blog in this tournament, too. It was the very first of the new blogs I favorited from this tournament and I look forward to reading your posts in the future! Once again, thanks for the feedback!

    • Ahh thanks for the input there Reiseng!

      About the team stuff do you mean like the tag teams posts? Yeah those are usually the same people together and I think that comes down to anime tastes I can write post after post about a random mecha series on Meta, but I can’t really force another that has no desire for mechs to tag along.

      I think the team shines more in the podcast when we get together to chat about anime or when we bring a guest on.

      or am I way off? xD

      • Ahh, I can totally understand the tag team posts.

        I don’t know why, I just got the impression that some of you don’t know each other that well. So, you might know and talk to 5 other team members frequently, but you rarely talk to the other 5. Or something like that. Well, even if it’s true, it is understandable. You guys have a team of like 15 people or something. 😛

        I haven’t seen your podcasts, so, I might have been totally wrong about everything! xD

      • For a short response, there are definitely no sub-cliques on Meta. Not all the members are active on twitter so you might get the impression of us not talking to some when we are having very long chats on skype/MSN. And of course, not everyone is traceable even, like Will, who moves in shadows. xD

        • Ah, okay, that’s great! I don’t really spend much time on team blogs (or any blog for that matter), so, yeah, my impressions on the authors and their interactions are likely not accurate. 😛

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m working on my typos but sometimes when I’m too tired, I completely ignore any mistakes and typos in my sentences, lol. I probably would have to work this out eventually and naturally, to the point that I can write sentences consecutively without a single mistake. For accessing desired topics, isn’t there a search function? But I do get what you mean, I do have a few ideas about this…

    • Oh, you~ Muffins for you.

      Thanks for feedback! I know most of Metanorn writers well, but not all. I am working on getting to know them better. It is a team, after all.

  8. I’ll be modifying my sidebar too. I will probably put pictures as links, like say, in order to access my twitter, instead of putting the WP twitter widget, I just put a picture and had that picture link to twitter. Likewise, I can seperate categories accordingly with the pictures. Like say a picture linked to editorials, a picture linked to figures, and the likes..

    As suggested, I also might just put add more categories for each anime/manga/VN within the main categories. It will certainly make navigating easier but sadly I’m not too fond of long ass categories list…

    • I’ve been wondering in a long time how to us pictures as link in WP. Adding more categories in posts basically means every post will become a multi-tagged thing.

          • Basically upload the image somewhere you can get the html code, Then put whatever link you want after the “href=”. So it’s like this = “href=(link)”. So if I link my twitter page, it would be like “href=!/deluscar”…. If.. I’m not wrong, I haven’t even try it myself and I believe more awesome bloggers here will be more knowledgeable then me :p

    • Yeah, I can understand the dislike of long categories. I have just been lucky I don’t have many different posts, lol.

      I don’t know if WordPress will let you do this, but you could try to do something like RandomC. They display their relevant categories (so, currently airing anime for example), and hide the rest in a long drop down.

      Or, maybe you can find away to make them expandable categories. So, for example, say you have:

      Anime »

      Manga »

      Games »

      and then when you click the &raquo , you get something like :

      Anime «



      Manga »

      Games »

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