61 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 9-12

  1. No offense guys, but what’s up with this $%#@ I hear that many polls have been open for voting before the official match time? If that’s true, I don’t see any point in voting here when those in the know can get an early fix in.

    • There was a problem with that, but its been fixed.
      All the polls that had been voted on before they were officially open have been reset

      • That would be great, but all of the polls slated for tomorrow and the day after are open for voting now. I just successfully test voted on Avvesione’s Anime Blog vs The Otaku’s Blog and it’s supposed to start tomorrow. Is it too much to ask that you open the polls when they’re supposed to start and not before?

        • Honestly though, what’s the difference? Everyone can only vote once, and generally speaking, those few hours won’t matter much; although the first four (minus mine, of course, since O-New sucks) were surprisingly close, it seems now that those were exceptions rather than the norm. Even with extra time, the winner is pretty obvious.

        • They are open a bit before so that we don’t risk having closed polls when voting officially starts. I think that would be a larger problem, honestly.
          They will be reset before the match begins if need be, do not worry.

        • @Mushyrulez

          I like your idealism, but the idea that everyone can only vote once is plainly naive. A few hours might not matter, but having a poll open 2 days earlier certainly would.


          It makes no logical sense that you can’t open the polls in time, but you can reset them in time before the official opening. If you have to open polls 2 days earlier to be sure you won’t mess up, maybe you shouldn’t be telling me to not worry?

          • Opening every poll takes more effort than resetting just one or two. And opening the polls before the voting should happen right before it starts, right? But just resetting them could be done whenever.

            But really, it’s not my system; it’s Scamp’s. I am doing my best to make it make sense, but he’d understand the reasoning better than I do, lol.

          • Polldaddy won’t let you open the polls at a specific time, only close them. Yes it makes no logical sense. But we haven’t found a better polling site so far, and it’s easy to simply hit reset if there are any votes before it’s supposed to open

          • What “effort” are you talking about? I can’t imagine it could be hard to make a few mouse clicks to open 4 polls. You have to do it at some point anyway, so what’s so hard about it? And what do you mean you can reset “whenever”? Obviously it’s not a good idea to reset after the matches’ starting time, and before that any time you can reset the polls you could open them instead.

            Guys, I’m not trying to cause trouble here, I just don’t understand your reasoning. I agree it’s stupid of Polldaddy if it doesn’t allow specific start times, but you guys talking about how hard it is to open the polls makes no sense to me. If you’re going to run a competition, I think you should do it without generating these kinds of questions.

          • I get what you’re saying about it being just as easy to open them all at the right time than it is to reset any ones that have votes, but it’s as Mef said earlier. We really don’t want the case where a poll is closed when it goes up on the site, on the off chance that none of us go online that day

  2. Voted for Anime Picks, Beneath the Tangles, Subdued Fangirling, and Ephemeral Dreams, whose article on Uchuu Kyoudai was the most enjoyable read of the competition so far. Good luck to everyone!

  3. Ephemeral Dreams VS Ace Railgun gotta be the toughest match this round. I chose Ephemeral Dreams in the end though, due to better abstract writing (Ace’s good too though, with his straightforwardness) :p

  4. AHHHHHHHHH-_-This is teh horror!

    Anime Picks Vs Kuuki No Puraido: On the one hand, I’ve known about Anime Picks and have frequented the site for some time. On the other hand, Kuuki is on my writing staff. Teh horrah!

    Subdued Fangirling: Another of my writers! Muse! Good luck!!!

    Overall, this means my allegiances have to sway to one side…^^

  5. I’ve enjoyed what schneider has been doing recently with his commentaries so I’m going to copy him (the most sincere form of flattery) so hopefully we can get some more diversity of opinion.

    Anime Picks vs Kuuki no Puraido
    Not a fan of Anime Picks color scheme, it’s blinding (also the fancy scroll bar doesn’t work with the mouse wheel). It’s also hard to see quickly what’s new as it’s all in separate sections. They seem to have some good content (I liked the “J-Culture” section specifically) but it is hard to find and all over a month old. Kuuki no Paraido has a basic and straightforward layout with episodic content, but I like the writing style. It’s rough around the edges and more a stream of consciousness, but straightforward, to the point and earnest. He has a new subscriber. (and a vote)

    The Notaku Blog vs Beneath the Tangles
    Notaku Blog is annoying to read if you have a big monitor, the text resizes to fit all the way across the screen. The list of selected posts didn’t particularly impress me, although the Mawaru Penguindrum flow chart was amusing… Beneath the Tangles has definitely established its own niche in the blogsphere, I like how they stick to a theme and have enjoyed reading many of their posts as well (although they can occasionally have a bit of a “preachy” tone, hur hur). My vote goes to them, Notaku blog had the bad luck of the draw in getting matched with a strong opponent.

    Anime Tree vs Subdued Fangirling
    Anime Tree summed up my own thoughts pretty much with his own self-criticism section. The site’s a bit cluttered, not because it has two sidebars, but because the text region is too narrow. I personally find episodic summary posts to be pointless. But I think the writing has potential if the effort could be focused elsewhere other than summaries. I’ve been reading Subdued Fangirling since she, me and animekritik were the only ones blogging Dantalian a while back, and have been continuing to read since. To nitpick, she always uses super long paragraphs which makes me skim. I would focus more on the words if they were logically divided and better organized. But she gets my vote.

    Ephemeral Dreams vs Ace Railgun
    This last one is a tough choice, since I enjoy reading both these blogs. AceRailgun’s color scheme is a bit hard on the eyes. For the writing, AceRailgun is too informal for my taste (not that well organized, long, stream of conscious sentences, but it doesn’t flow as nicely as Kuuki no Puraido’s) and Ephemeral Dreamer’s is a bit too formal and stiff (seems to like to use big words combined with simplistic sentence structure – somehow doesn’t work out well for me). These are minor complaints though, I do enjoy reading both of their blogs, it’s just interesting how their writing fits in opposite ends of the spectrum. If they combined their powers they’d be unstoppable. Anyway, it’s a tough choice but I’ll give my vote to Dreamer because his posts topics tend to catch my interest more.

    This is a lot more work than schneider makes it look, not sure if I’ll keep doing this… Also, everyone’s “vote for me” post today was lame (except for Dreamer’s which wasn’t really a “vote for me post” so much as a yuri bonanza). I thought everyone would have more fun with this like I did…

  6. Anyone who write this:

    “It’s not anime so all you people afraid of new things better run because Avatar Korra reviews are here to stay. The art makes Ghibli look like children’s drawings, the animation puts Fate Zero to shame, the music puts Guilty Crown to shame and the nostalgia makes Persona 4′s Persona 3 crossover episode look like fan fiction written by a 13 year old girl.”

    about The Legend of Korra (or anything really) deserves a vote.

    Just sayin.

        • Just nitpicking here as a fresh type moon fan, I hardly doubt their ‘animation’ puts Fate Zero to shame. We ARE talking about ufotable here and they’ve done a great job with that series (EXCALIBUR!!!) but, personally I think that it’s completely fine for an ‘anime blog’ to post something like ‘Legend of Korra’. All in all it’s still animation ^^ and yes I do like Avatar

  7. Voted for Kuuki no Puraido. I think I always default to single writers over team blogs of large sizes in this tourny. That and AP’s design is very outdated. AP’s writing is probably better since it’s more professional and varied I suppose, over that of KnP’s personal writing, but it’s not something I would care to read because it’s not very current.

    BeneaththeTangles over Notaku. I’m sorry but the “gentiles != genitalia” comment on Notaku’s blog had me laughing for a while though, but BtT has a unique spin to it.

    Subdued over Tree, because Tree tells us to vote for Fangirl o_O. He’s seems to prefer videogames, I don’t blame him.

    50/50 on the last two, I went with Ephemeral on the end though. No particular reason, I thought they were pretty balanced match up.

  8. I’m starting to feel like an overly-selective jerk for only being so much as interested in 3 of the 11 blogs so far that were new to me. Oh well. Ephemeral Dreams is intriguing, able to embrace recent series without relying upon the tedious Random C (and it’s derivatives’) formula of “This happened, it was okay,” reaction posts. I wonder if those are so plentiful because people truly feel they need a wide variety of those, or if because summaries are easy writing? If there has been one supreme value of this tourney for me so far, it has been to sort the analytical wheat from the lethargic chaff. (Not that I begrudge anyone their preference for the latter. It’s merely a personal taste.)

    Now if only I could find the proper time to read through all these new, interesting postings.

  9. Anime Picks vs Kuuki no Puraido
    Kuuki no Puraido gets my vote. Layout’s easy to read, and the episodic posts are brimming with Kuuki’s opinions. Now, I may not agree with them, but they make her posts unique and her own.

    Anime Picks is a pretty large site with a wide range of articles to offer. Sadly, I don’t find anything in it that interests me, since there are lots of con news but I’m nowhere near the area to care about them other than the mildest sense of academic interest. Design is a little on the ugly side. Get a banner without jpeg artifacts, please.

    The Notaku Blog vs Beneath the Tangles
    I voted Beneath the Tangles. Its entries are deceptively accessible (don’t be fooled by the “Christian” tag), and are brimming in positive energy. TWWK has some terrific work in the Parents Corner page, in service to both anime and Christianity!

    The Notaku Blog isn’t bad by any means. It has a modicum of amusing posts (check out the Mawaru Penguindrum plot map), and Notaku generally makes a decent job at making you care about his writing. But I know which blog I’d rather read.

    Anime Tree vs Subdued Fangirling
    Subdued Fangirling. I didn’t like reading either blog that much, but Subdued Fangirling has the (massive) advantage of having a good layout that’s easy to read. I find the entries harmless, though. Cracked up a bit about that stab at Shizuno from Saki not wearing pants, but aside from that there’s little to write home about.

    Anime Tree would benefit a lot with a wider layout and less image clutter. I’d be more forgiving if all the images had a unifying theme, but it’s just a mishmash of pictures that the bloggers think are cool. Content doesn’t interest me–posts tend to repeat the show’s plot, and my tastes are distant from what the bloggers like.

    Ephemeral Dreams vs Ace Railgun
    Ephemeral Dreams offers me more relevant content. Posts are well-written and it’s clear that Ephemeral Dreamer does his (or her? writing voice is more on the feminine side) homework. Nice Chihayafuru and Lagrange posts.

    As for Ace Railgun, I’ve had difficulty in getting into it. Not by any fault of the blogger, I’m just not feeling his entries or their topics. The banner/site mascot is really nice, though .

  10. I hadn’t read either Notaku or Beneath the Tangles before today, and I ended up voting for the former. Notaku’s got a fun sense of humor and seems to have good critical instinct as well. (Plus he likes Pavement!)

    The writing on Beneath the Tangles is technically proficient, but the few topics I skimmed through felt inconsequential. Anime characters in hospital beds? Fanfiction about anime characters getting married? It leaves me asking “so what?” That said, Christianity is an interesting theme for an anime blog, so at least you guys are unique.

  11. The most difficult one for me is Ephemeral Dreams vs Ace Railgun. But in the end I choose Ace Railgun for reasons I’ve forgotten. :\

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