67 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 5-8

  1. Doesn’t seem to be as close as yesterday’s polls but this is still exciting. Got to see a bunch of new blogs today, too, including a few pleasant surprises. Good luck to everyone today!

  2. Gosh, I wasn’t here when it started so I can’t inject some much needed drama into the situation. Furthermore, every match is already pretty decided (unlike the previous one), so I guess there’s nothing to say…

    my votes go to the highest bidder!

  3. Voted for Draggle since apparently Chikorita is an Ouma Shu nazi imposter person guy. That’s not a great combination. Draggle’s mascot looks like Patrick from Sponge Bob … so that’s a pretty easy choice right there.

    Those Damn Cartooons seems to be the stronger writer. So that guy gets a vote.

    Team blog vs Single writer … easy choice, vote went to Baka Laureate.

    No preference between the last two. Caraniel’s “vote for me post” is better and rambley and I have no idea what is being said so that blog gets the vote I guess out of total confusion.

  4. Now I’m feeling the drama. Chikorita vs Draggle is clearly the toughest choice for me (so I tossed a coin to decide – won’t tell you the result). But from the looks of things now, it will be hard for Chikorita…and to think that he loss in first round last time as well. T_T

    • I’m with you – a really, really tough decision. I love both blogs!

      I also really consider iSugoi to have maybe the best series and film reviews in the blogosphere, but the competition is stiff in this battle as well – Baka Laureate is one of just a small handful of blogs I would consider my favorites.

      Great match ups (better than the percentages would indicate)!

  5. Chikorita157′s Anime Blog vs Draggle’s Anime Blog
    Draggle’s for me. While I wasn’t very engaged in either blog’s content (I’m really more of an editorial guy, and would only read your episodics if I really, really like your style), I prefer Draggle’s loose, informal style. Chikorita157’s prose is a little too stiff for me.

    But Draggle, you might want to add more stuff in your About page! It’s one of those few places where you could go crazy and tell us who you are. And people are more bound to read you if they know about your story.

    Polychromium vs Those Damned Cartoons
    I voted Those Damned Cartoons. It’s easy to like Bradley’s writing–he doesn’t condescend, even if it’s about something he doesn’t like. I’ve read my own fair share of blogs and more often than not, these bloggers tend to gleefully tear down the things they hate. I could use a blog that doesn’t wallow in how awesome its author’s tastes are. And his post about how anime fans should stop mocking bad anime is very good.

    I read some of Polychromium’s reviews (Nisemonogatari, Guilty Crown, and ef) and they provided little value to me. Now, I don’t like reading reviews, mostly because they tend to force anime into a box of the reviewer’s specifications (“Show X didn’t do Y, which is something It Should Do, therefore It Sucks“). But Lloyd’s reviews didn’t even do that. They were just boring. There’s a lot of boilerplate or preamble in the three reviews I’ve read, and he says far too little that would set him aside from any other anime reviewer out there. I mean, why should I read Polychromium’s reviews over another blog’s?

    I may sound harsh, but the business of reviewing is pretty cutthroat. You have to offer something unique. So my piece of advice for Lloyd (and the rest of you straight reviewers out there) is loosen up and just write about anime without reviewing in mind.

    iSugoi vs Baka Laureate
    I’ve been a reader of Baka Laureate for a while, and Kriz enjoys blogging a lot. It’s very evident in his posts, whether he’s being sentimental or hilarious. The reason why I’m reading his Precure episodic posts is because they offer something unique to the table. Far too often that episodic bloggers merely summarize the episode’s plot and provide a few pithy words in whether they liked said episode or not. Kriz puts in a lot more love and it’s never a weekly chore for him.

    iSugoi is a website of caliber. The layout is very pro, and the writing is top-notch. These people are pretty serious with what they do, without being srs (you know what I mean). They even have live-action stuff! But as I said before, I don’t like reading reviews, even if iSugoi’s reviews are great. I also find the wide layout to add another level of difficulty in reading paragraphs, which doesn’t help that their articles are already formidable walls of text. Good walls of text yeah, but they’re still damned walls.

    Both are good, but Baka Laureate is the blog I’d rather read.

    Caraniel’s Ramblings vs Angryjellyfish’s Blog
    Neither are my cup of tea, but Caraniel’s penchant for terribad anime nets me a plus. I admit to finding her rant against Bottle Fairy amusing, and she keeps a list of anime drinking partners. That’s also a plus. AngryJellyfish’s interests doesn’t mesh much with mine, that’s all. Caraniel for me.

  6. I didn’t really have too much time to stalk the polls yesterday since I was super busy, but now I look at them and… the adorable jellyfish is losing?! How can that be? Jellyfish are like the second best thing the ocean has to offer (the first is of course the mimic octopus).

    And yet it is losing. I guess that makes this Caraniel person a moray eel. That’s right, I said it.

  7. this is my first time to follow the tourney…never thought it could be this exciting even if I am not in the tourney…voting for your favorite blogs and watching them win is simply satisfying 🙂 just voted for draggle,those damned cartoons and carniel… 🙂

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