123 thoughts on “Round 1 Matches 1-4

  1. I really enjoyed looking through all these blogs since I wasn’t really familiar with them, despite recognizing some of the authors.

    I try to factor not only the writing style, but also the layout of the blog, accessibility, blogger comment interaction (why would I read and comment on someone’s blog if that person never replies?), and frequency of posts.

  2. How many blogs are in this thing? 160+? These polls only have about 160 votes as of this comment. So… basically it’s just the participants voting on each other, right? I know everybody calls it a circlejerk but REALLY GUYS.

    • I don’t see what’s so bad about it. Whenever the Smurfs have their elections for city council, they don’t invite Gargamel and Azrael over to vote now, do they? Only Smurfs run for office and only Smurfs vote. What part of this doesn’t make sense?? (the fact that Papa Smurf rigs elections is beside the point)

    • Yeah, what this chap says is true. But, unfortunately, a lot of blogs (e.g. mine) don’t really have much of a stable viewership outside of other bloggers. In other words, the only people who go to said sites are other bloggers exploring the blogs of people who left comments on theirs, or people they talk to on Twitter.

      The strange thing is, a lot of people looked at this post. Today, because I am one of the participating sites, I have had far, far, far more views than normal. I would estimate that at least 500(most likely far more) people came to my blog specifically because of the tourney. 500 is a great deal more than 160…people are not voting for some reason. I guess we have not entertained them enough. I apologize for my inadequacies.

      I think we will see a difference in the numbers when the big hitters like SeaSlugs, Psgels, THAT and co come into play. That is when those thousands of dedicated readers each blog has will come swarming here. Or so, I hope.

      You are a smart person, and you made a good, valid point. I am glad you did that. Have a nice day.

    • There’s well over 2000 votes in the final bracket of last year and that had far fewer blogs competing … we’ll get there and more earlier into the matches this year.

    • I hate to add to this argument, but also note that if there are 168 blogs, there are well more than that number of voters who may be bloggers…many (most?) of these sites have multiple authors, after all.

    • It’s the worst kind of circle jerk. It’s safe to say that not every single blog in the tourney has at least one person associated with the blog that votes in the actual contest. So what we have here is a self-selected group of people voting on a selection wider than the representative voter base. And then you add the fact that most voters probably are also associated with one or more blogs present!

      Is this why psgel will always win? Because he has a real readership?

  3. SOS is really a tier 2 blog so O-New gets kind of shafted. SHAFTED.

    The rest are pretty close pickups. Found at least one blog I didn’t know before that I might stick in the good o’ feed reader. Hopefully this can happen every new set of matches.

  4. Round one and I’ve also already found a couple new blogs to subscribe to. Anyone who’s voted for me thus far, I do appreciate it, you’re all bros and brolitas.

    • BEGONE OUTSIDER!! xD Nah jokes~ Just to mention, I actually quite like your site layout and also the content you provide along with Aedes on different eroge’s so you’ve got my vote ^^

  5. lol… seems like I balanced off “Spherical Cows vs Otaku Life: Anime Review” as well (no, not gonna say who I voted for)

  6. Toxic Muffin vs 8thSin Fansubs Anime Blog
    I voted for 8thSin’s blog. The Natsumachi entries were pretty engaging and I left with a better appreciation for the series. I also liked his guide to fansubbing!

    Toxic Muffin isn’t bad, it just doesn’t have content I care for.

    Amaenbou Dane~ vs dere-moe Project
    Amaenbou Dane~ for me. I’m not an eroge fan, but the entries are well-written and the ATLAS guide is really useful for anyone reading it. I’d read this a lot if I actually get into eroge.

    dere-moe Project, OTOH, has an atrocious site design. There’s so much clutter and it’s extremely difficult for me to read the content. The huge previews at the front hurts more than it helps. The blog’s content isn’t bad at all, but the home page’s layout keeps me from enjoying the entries. I mean, when I click on an entry, it looks pretty fine.

    Shameful Otaku Secret vs O-New
    Oh, man. I’ve been a huge SOS reader since the latter part of 2008, and I regard otou-san’s writing caliber highly. The man can blog about anything and make it funny. But seeing that he’s winning by a large margin, I’ve decided to throw O-New a vote! (I know, this is terrible logic that could backfire, but!)

    O-New’s… quite something. Mushy has this very distinct writing voice, like he’s this dude who’s super-pessimistic but not really because he’s full of ENERGY. O-New covered Shitsurakuen, a manga that I liked (but feel really conflicted with, owing to its horrible subtext), and it’s a pretty good writeup. I guess I like the blog, though the voice and the frantic yelling could put me off sometimes. Adding to my feed reader.

    Spherical Cows vs Otaku Life: Anime Review
    Torn between these blogs. Neither really is my cup of tea, but Spherical Cows is slightly amusing, at least. So I’m giving it my vote.

    For Otaku Life, I find it strange to see some weird, uh, stuff on the top menu. They don’t really work, so I’m wondering why they’re there in the first place.

    • Thanks for pointing it out, yeah, I am missing out in the content department. I really should write more posts. I am happy that at least you think I am not bad.

      I agree with you on everything else. I try not to judge blogs by their design, but it is sort of hard to click on links on Dere-Dere’s front page. The content itself seems alright though. I don’t read/play eroge either, but I really liked the effort and time the Amaenbou staff put into their posts.

      Both Speherical and Otaku Life are good blogs(from what little I have seen anyway) and it is really hard to choose between the two.

      You summed up Mushy’s mushiness and Otaku-San’s wisdom quite well. πŸ˜›

      I am glad you gave each blog a try and that you participated. Thanks!

    • I’m now curious as to why it is hard to click on the link on the front page. Is it because there’s no visual feedback? Or it defies the traditional LIFO system that most blog adhere to?

    • Thanks for the subscription. Even if O-New loses this round (which definitely won’t happen!!), at least our mission’s accomplished. Well, our secondary mission, anyways.. πŸ˜›

    • The top menu is part of the template I’m using (I’m a failure with html, so I couldn’t design my own) and I can’t find a way to get rid of it. I try my best to pretend it’s not there. Oh well xD

    • Sorry for the weird stuff at the top of my blog. It’s part of the template I use and I have yet to find a way to get rid of it, so I mostly pretend it doesn’t exist. I don’t mind not being voted for though, since I’m really not in this to win. I just like watching πŸ™‚

    • Dear wordpress throwing a tantrum and showing me that my first comment didn’t go through when it did…I curse you and your family. If you have a family. You are a website, after all.

  7. Ah, well, part of it could just be that I am not used to it. Now that I try it again after trying it out for a bit, it is a bit easier to use, but it’s hard to just jump into.

    The first little thing is that, normally a person expects a link to get opened when you click on the big image, in your case, you need to click on the title text. Now, I don’t actually know if it would be good to make the big images as that would then make it too easy to accidentally click a link, but to click the text alone for some reason doesn’t feel intuitive.

    The next (slightly more important) thing is that there are no forward or backward arrows on the slider. Yeah, I can click on the slider to make it move faster, but that feels un-intuitive on a desktop. In other words, if you miss a link you like (i.e. you don’t click it in time), then you need to wait or rapid fire your mouse before you can click again.

    The above is sort of my main problem with sliders in general. I think sliders are a good way to present pictures, but I don’t like seeing them for links. If you see a link you like, and you don’t click it in time, then you either have to look for the corresponding circle thing (you know how many sliders have the little circle things that you can click on to jump to that image? Alternatively, some sliders have the title of the link displayed instead of the circle thingies. Check gamespot’s slider for example) or you need to press the left/right arrows to jump through more images before you are back to the one you like.

    Unfortunately, your slider does not have left/right arrows and it does not have the circle thingies either. I think you should have at least one if not both of them.

    If you really want to use a slider then I think you should make it smaller, maybe make the images themselves clickable, but definitely add an easier way to navigate through the slider.

    From what I could see, your site is well suited to tablets, though I can not verify this because my iPad does not have wi-fi access right now, but a lot of people still use desktops, so, keep that in mind.

    Also, I didn’t try too hard to log in, but I am not sure how easy it is to use your WordPress account for commenting. Most anime bloggers/readers use WordPress, so, you might want to make sure they can comment easily.

    Lastly, understandably so, sites like yours tend to have a performance hit. Not everyone has a fast computer, you may or may not want to look into that.

    I hope you don’t take offense to anything I said. I spent a bit of time working in web development, so, I can totally understand the pride one has in their own site. You have put a lot of effort into your design, and I can appreciate that! It’s just that sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. (Note: My own blog’s design is horrible, so, yeah, please don’t call me a hypocrite, I know I’m one. πŸ˜› )

    Take care now!

    • Let me rub salt in the wound by saying there are major functionality issues and general randomness.

      – “Trending” items are unclickable. Why do they even exist?
      – “You would had killed yourself…” first post description tucked in above featured pic and then repeated below? I don’t think it’s necessary to occupy that space just because there’s free space.
      – Random column alignment.
      – Random text placement in pictures.
      – Dead image link.
      – “In The Future”: What is this?
      – “part owned by Squir Media under the Squir Networks”: imaginary entity and subsidiary credited (quoted searches on both only leads to your blog). I don’t know if this is done for SEO, but I would not trust a blog that tries to deceive its audience by superficially trying to make itself look more legitimate.

      No offense. I’m just a mean critic, and I hate sites designs that’s all style over function.

    • I agree that their web design is a bit too busy… If you compare it with my blog, mine is relatively simple and I use various CSS3 effects to make it look attractive without increasing the browsing time. Good web design should look good and functional… not the other way around.

    • Dere-moe: sorry to be the third person to rag on the layout, but designs like this lead me to close the page before giving content a chance.

      – About / Author / etc. mouseover color (black) doesn’t really fit.
      – Trending links β€” this unmistakably looks like secondary navigation, but isn’t.

      front page:
      – Image sliders are ehhh.
      – Featured story image is not clickable.
      – Featured story image is FAR too large in height. Having to page-down (in a maximized browser window) to see more than the first post is really not good.
      – Text boxes over images need more left & right padding.
      – I hate inline vertical scrolling (Older Posts section).

      single post:
      – More margin is needed between images and paragraphs.

      – Footer section is way too large in height.
      – Font sizes are all over the place.
      – “Open Sans Condensed” is not a very readable font.

      .. And I agree with what the others said. Hopefully you take this as constructive criticism. I say scrap the layout and start over.

    • Thanks for the constructive criticisms.

      Let me see … How do I respond to this …

      The entire design of dere-moe is patterned similarly on theverge, where the entire “gut” of the site is delivered to you. I base this, since the every normal blog has the Last in first out system, that sometimes hides some of the content of the site to its viewers (If I post a week worth of Episode Blogging, then my feature post will be pushed back not to be seen by readers. This is a problem on sites that has multiple types of content. Since I do episode blogging and sometimes review. Then I can also write opinions or Thought digest. So the traditional system doesn’t suit my needs. Using this approach makes it everything visible without resorting to digging deeper in the site.

      As for the slider, which it seems that many hate does have some issues to many of you. Reiseng is right that the slider was designed for tablet in mind, that clicking the image will push the slide forward and by clicking the link will get you to your post. Its half-complete since the theme I made would not make it to the tourney (I created the slider script myself) but I made the theme easy to update so patches to those can be rolled out easily, just not have the time right now.

      8th sin: Trending topics are mere tags that often use. Lately, I stopped using it and will replace it with trending topics in twitter, but I don’t have the skill to use the twitter api as of the moment. I can make it clickable, but most of the new post will not be seen.

      About the redundancy, this is a mere choice in categories. The front page displays all of the categories I often use. My first impressions are also linked to Features, since spring 2012 doesn’t happen often and First Impressions are seasonal posts, so I place it under in both.

      Picky on my choice in mouseover is a bit much. But I am open to suggestion on the right colors, since I have my own taste in color matching that most people wouldn’t agree. I used the safest color so as not to offend people.

      Random column alignment is an aesthetic choice. It distinguishes new posts in the categories, vs past post shown in the site. As far as design goes, personally, uniformity can sometimes make readers skip contents by accident. I’m part dyslexic and I often skip or misread things.

      I don’t get the random text alignment, but the In the Future segment is where my scheduled posts are shown. This is just to note that I will post something in the future and forward-know that readers will expect something than guess if I will be posting anything.

      The SEO thing is not SEO. Squir media … well … It’s an embarrassing story but let’s just say it’s my personal signature. I do credit the skeletal theme I used to make this site and images under fair use is also just there to satisfy one of the authors writing in the site.

      I am not offended by the criticisms, I really appreciate them.

    • My first post is a bit long so I’ll break my comments…

      For motsucq: I understand your criticism about the images to be linked to the post. I had assumed that readers often click on the post title to go to a post instead of images.

      The other things you mentioned are already explained in my previous post.

      About the performance, I can’t serve every computer specs out there. I did test the site on a dual core processor, a netbook, an android phone, IPad and a high performance PC. I also focused on supporting the latest browsers, ignoring the rest. I don’t want to mind IE8 and below or the outdated firefoxes and safari. If you are talking about server performance, my webserver can handle the hit. I don’t get much traffic to bring it down, and I have cdn and caches to minimize the script run.

  8. My two cents: the dere-moe site is going for a particular aesthetic that is nice in its own way (the explosive bam sensory overload aesthetic). I do agree that the trending things look clickable, and the fact that they aren’t is kinda bewildering. but i think these are things that can be tweaked..

  9. @ Reiseng
    I’m glad you didn’t take me wrongly. Just write more!

    @ Solidad
    Remember, a layout allows easy access to content will always shine. πŸ™‚

    @ Mushyrulez
    Oh, yes!

    @ aristerling
    I’d recommend that you get someone to remove those extra stuff. It just sticks like a sore thumb, and people who visit your blog might wonder if you’re giving it the maintenance it deserves.

    Hmm. I think we should expand the comment threading to a few more levels.

  10. Man, what happened overnight? I thought Toxic Muffin was gonna pull it out, but a ton of votes came in for its competitor. Is this what people are referring to as block voting?

    • Yeah, I dunno, Jay. I suppose that all/most of the readers of 8thSins could live on the other side of the world from Toxic Muffin’s. But I don’t think that’s a satisfactory explanation for the flood of votes that changed the the match from being literally 50/50 since the beginning to having a 30-vote differential here in the final hours.

      After all, the same didn’t occur last night.

      I could be wrong. My critics probably think of me as illogical. Please, to explain. πŸ˜›

    • Not 100% sure, but it might have been because Whiners-Pro asked people to vote for 8thsin. πŸ˜› Well, I don’t mind. The guy himself never asked for votes, and had he done so, I’d have lost by a massive margin.

      Thanks to everyone who actually voted for me! I appreciate it. πŸ˜€

    • Wow, I was down by 3 votes last night when I went to sleep. And yeah, I’m sure Whiners and my site has a lot of shared readers.

      I wanted to see if I could get enough votes based on content alone to see if my blog deserved to advance, and not say anything about it in my site until when/if I made it to Group 1 against psgels (I’m sure it’ll just be a popularity contest from there on lol)

      I have to say though, I got a really shitty review from metanorn.net that made my blog seem like it’s all about fansub reviews and releases (that’s when I really started to lose my lead), so it evened things up a bit.

      • Hello!

        Had I not written my blog tourney post, I’d have likely been far worse of. I had to rely on telling people to vote for me, while you on the other hand relied on content alone. I wish I had the balls to do that. πŸ˜› I mean, I haven’t watched the episode (though I have read a bit of the manga), but how the hell do you write so much for one episode of Accel World. That is seriously awesome!

        Yeah, I should have corrected Foshiz, but I didn’t read carefully enough to realize his mistake. I made the exact same assumption when I first stumbled across your blog.

        It really has been an honor going up against someone as awesome as you. I wish you best of luck in the tourney.

        Oh and should the day ever come that I want to get involved in fansubbing(highly unlikely), I am going to hackle you for advice!

        Take care now!

        P.s. Your next fight is going to be slightly interesting. You will be up against Omari’s Sister. While you do fansub comparisons and Anime reviews, they actually release manga on their blog. Or well, that is what it looks like to me anyway.

      • I don’t think anyone would complain about you winning. Although I’ve followed Toxic Muffin for a long time, I also enjoyed finding your blog – it’s certainly much better than any such review made it out to be. Good luck!

  11. You know, being from the other side of the dimension (figure-centric-realm) this tourney seems VERY interesting @ w@)a

    Still i’ll take my time to see and vote for my favored ones.

    • Thanks~! wait a minute D:

      That said, that was definitely an interesting end. I thought O-New vs. SOS was the most popular match for a while, but I suppose that’s only because I spammed around Twitter and my blog since the beginning of the match, compared to the sudden influx of votes for 8thsin (and to some extent, dere-moe and amaenabou dane too).

      I think both dere-moe and the ameanenanbou dane blog ought to advance to Round 2. Both are definitely even, and those extra 10 votes at the end count for nothing. We shouldn’t take out a blog just because of 10 votes.

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