Dates, Replacement and Polls

The dates for the tourney are now available. Each poll will open at 20:00 GMT and remain open for 48 hours. There will be a 2 day break between rounds to wait for each poll from the previous round to close.

A quick change in competitors. Due to technical difficulties, Daifuuku Anime Blog have had to pull out of the tourney. They have been replaced by Anipages. The updated bracket

Each poll run like this.

Amazing Anime Blog vs Marvelous Manga Blog

Vote for whichever of the two blogs you would prefer to read. As in, if you could only read one or the other, which one would you choose.

41 thoughts on “Dates, Replacement and Polls

  1. If anyone has time to visit Daifuuku when they’re back up, please do so. It’s sad that they had to pull out from the Tourney due to unfortunate events as a great blog they are ^^

  2. Call me dumb if you wish but my GMT time over here is +10:00 so let’s say my time is 20:00 (24 hour time) or in other words (8:00 pm). What would the time be if it’s just GMT? Is it decrease by 10 hours? or increase by 10 hours?

  3. My vote goes for Amazing Anime Blog. The team there are real people and very down to earth! They make excellent reviews and always tell anecdotal and funny experiences. That alone gets them my vote.


  4. Everybody wants to be a master.
    Everybody wants to show their skills.
    Everybody wants to get there faster.
    Make their way to the top of the hill.

  5. I read some above but just for clarification. Mine is GMT+8 here. So if I should decrease it, does that mean voting will take place at around noon? (20.00 – 8 hours = 12.00)

  6. Hopefully this year Scamp can remember that throughout the tourney GMT is NOT the same as his Irish time and no polls will be closed an hour early like it happened last time. We wouldn’t want any more cases where a blogger campaigns for a final surge, but it ends up failing because the tourney staff can’t keep track of the time correctly.

  7. @Baka-Raptor, I’d love to see a post about that. I love what you did to Hanner’s last tourney. That was simply hilarious!

  8. Blah blah blah, hype post, hype comments.

    Real deal is Daifuuku being forced to pull out. It’s a shame…but hopefully they’ll be blogging by 2014 to compete then. But on the flip side, Anipages looks like a cool blog.

  9. Love the seeds.

    In all seriousness, I love the tournament because we get to see not only all of our favorite blogs competing but also new ones rising up to the challenge. It’s been too long, but best of luck to everyone out there.

    Sekijitsu first round. Love it.

    Tofu, you getting itchy excited?

    • I’m itching to get this started alright! Considering you DID declare to get a better site layout than Sekijitsu once >;D Let’s see if CSW has what it takes to win Spiral >;D Bring. It. ON!

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